Predicting the evolutionary foundations of a new social order based on the ideals of inner purity, love and an objective higher morality.
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Dove of Spiritual Purity

The Emergence of A New Social Order

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This article discusses the idea of creating new emerging social order based on spirituality that seeks to achieve and create an ego-free society (Ego-Zero) through acknowledging that there does in fact exist a higher authority, principality and divine power that oversees our worldly and spiritual human experience and who defines the higher laws concerning what are and aren’t considered transgressions and any of their resulting karmic consequences to personal health and well-being.

I believe that presently those developed nations are the best equipped to understand this process scientifically and philosophically using a model based on spiritual purity and karma at its core with the aim of achieving a dissolution of the collective ego in order to set ourselves up for becoming an ego-free society over time, this equally as important and comparable to something like the reduction in waste and human-generated pollution, only that this is an internal process concerning a person.

Through resolving attachment to ego and through growing knowledge, awareness and developing ourselves into higher states of consciousness can begin to spur on our spiritual evolution. This is done in part through the removal of ego and impurity from the body that corresponds to the choices and behaviours we each make. Once the ego is collectively healed can decisions and changes be made that best reflect and suit a country and its population, regardless of the country as it would seek to remove sources of immorality and defective character attributes responsible for nationwide stagnation and lowering the quality of human interactions and choices across all areas of life.

In the future, the creation of ego and impurity is likely going to become backed by a scientific body of knowledge and understanding as certain impure actions and choices almost immediately result in a negative transformation of physical appearances which are visible for all to see within the faces of everyone. There are many things that fit into this category that might concern the proper or improper use of things like telling lies, levels of personal hygiene, communication in areas regarding things like swearing and reactionary ego behaviours.

Under this system, if it were to naturally arise, the members of society with the ‘most ego’ and unresolved spiritual issues would be seen at the lower end of the natural process of evolution and in general they would be responsible for sharing and creating most of the disease and karma. They would represent the segment of society with the most problems that trigger the disease. I believe such people with a significant ego would eventually be subject to more judgement, scrutiny and risk facing growing unwanted attention and stigmatisation due to being perceived at the lower end of society with significant levels of ego.

If you have read some of my other articles on this blog, by now you may hopefully be aware and understand that the different levels of high ego are reflected by micro-muscular changes to facial shape, form and expression, which I reason are deliberately intended to make a human being look unwholesome or impure in the way they look and something that can be identified through a process I’ve taken to calling Ego Balancing. Once the effects of excessive ego are widely understood amongst a population, this isn’t going to be a desirable way to continue to live without either individuals taking corrective measures or society as a whole introducing ways of informing or educating about the worst types of ego issues and as we look around it should be possible to identify what the worse offenders are and the problems that they are responsible for creating or causing, which would at the same time allow us to improve society as a whole.

On the positive end of this scale, will be those with the least ego or the most purified mind, spirit, consciousness and inner being owing to more developed awareness of higher principles, ego and karma. who will be assisted in rising to the top of society as these people either already or will come to represent the most desirable, natural and evolved state to reach in terms of the concept of achieving and becoming one’s own personal best, which balances and takes into account both the desire and joy to live with the idea of contribution and return based on individual role and character expectations?

Unlike existing or traditional social models, reaching or obtaining a state of spiritual purity does not care about personal levels of wealth or existing social group labels and classifications such as “rich”, “poor” or “working class” as it is capable of acknowledging members of every group across the spectrum without prejudice or discrimination. Based on this model the lower ego-impure and higher ego-purified from every area would respectively in theory once reorganised receive their appropriate social status and recognition. One of the main areas of spirituality and psychology that are likely to facilitate this transition is psycho-spiritual health, this is closely linked to spiritual-evolution and an understanding of something called ‘ego’, depending on the context in which this word ego is used, it is often used to denote a type of impurity or impurity of being that results in the creation of a type of negative-energy that sits within the body itself, interacting with the mind and slowly transforming the body either in a positive or desirable way or in a negative or undesirable way as a result of karmic consequences.

Traditionally it has been the role of religion to teach about Ascension, this refers to an inner vertical path of personal and collective evolution that would eventually either transition and shift society into a more ordered and harmonious state or enable the individual transcendence by ascending an individual from a lower reality into a higher reality by way of inner vibratory frequency raising that enables one to transition into a higher dimension. In essence, a person is seeking to copy the higher reality in order to become compatible with the higher level of reality that already exists, but in either method, this would enable evolution to continue for everyone at the level most appropriate for each person.

Anybody that has either undergone or been through a serious or prolonged spiritual awakening such as Kundalini may already be in a position to better understand this, in particular, many of this group will also have encountered ego and understand what this is, however teachings on ego have become spiritually mainstream thanks to spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle. Where is the science for this? I’ve been in the process of compiling research, analysing empirical information and personal experiences from Kundalini that links the creation of ego with a type of discernible facial trauma that I refer to as micro-trauma. These micro-traumas correspond with the creation of excess tension and different subtle expressions of the face intended to communicate the state of ones inner being. This has a direct relationship to the mind and body connection that produces a transformative effect upon the physical body that results in an unsavoury or undesirable appearance to one’s appearance and facial expression in particular.

Due to what I can foresee in the scope of this emerging advancement in understanding between the relationship of ego, impurity, spirituality, psychology, philosophy, medical and intuitive science I know that it will eventually become possible to correlate and more correctly identify the specific behaviours that result in micro-trauma to the body based on what both spirituality and science have to share when they are united. Items that can be identified which produce clear signs of impurity will shed light on the most serious of issues and so far they appear to fall under the category of sinister issues, however, even many minor and moderate issues also have a cumulative effect in terms of negatively transforming the appearance of a person resulting in looking unwholesome.

It is my belief that everybody regardless of their sex or gender is naturally inclined and seeking to obtain their best possible physical appearance, regardless of whether or not it is seen as a priority in their lives. Many are already doing this naturally, however, it is likely to increase even more when the relationship between appearance and karma is understood and acknowledged, most probably scientifically as this holds considerable weight in shifting perceptions and beliefs in addition to this the understanding of evolved sexuality and energy blending based on higher principles of love poses a highly desirable goal to reach, whilst understanding that impure ways of being will typically result in certain types of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, sadness, and even despair that may lead to either spiritual crisis or spiritual awakening.

By seeking to know, learning about and correctly identifying sources of ego and healing the various issues and maladies within the population, a society will readily begin to transform positively over time with many health benefits to be lived and experienced along the way. The impetus and motivational catalyst in this instance that makes this prediction possible is the acknowledgement that impurity of a spiritual type and differing degrees does in fact leads to undesirable transformations of the body causing a person to look much more “ugly” or “unattractive” at the very least than is otherwise naturally inclined or possible owing due to better balancing of the individual ego, however, there is good news for those affected by the ego in negative ways, these defects are only semi-permanent and reversible in precisely the same way they were made, by re-identifying inwardly the mind will reverse the harmful changes resulting in a positive transformation of appearance. Impure attitudes, choices, actions and ways of being can be re-identified by acknowledging what they are and taking measures to resolve them and it seems many people probably will pursue this, else risk facing a possible backlash as a result of wearing one’s worst issues openly for all to openly see and with new evidence, understand what they are.

So what precisely are these revealed impure issues? Some issues will refer to an inner spiritual corruption and communicate a malevolent intent and might concern the desire to commit an act of terrorism before it happens, more moderate issues may concern things like selfishness, greed, sexual perversions and predatory behaviours and many of these fit into an important existing framework of ‘sin’ and other Christian spiritual teachings. Lesser issues of ego and karma might include things like telling lies, excessive self-pride, arrogance, vanity and narcissism, but even these if they are done to an excess result in visible impurity in the face.

For the most part of the time, I believe people have either lived in ignorance of the consequences to health and the body through karma or possibly believed they may have been getting away with these things without causing harm to themselves. The mind changes the body based on how one behaves inwardly, even to think about or seriously entertain certain things has the potential to introduce a damaging effect and over time I have been able to discern a number of basic trauma patterns and what they may correspond with. In the course of time, it will be possible to identify many more issues eventually leading to societal changes. As facial recognition technologies improve it is also probably going to be possible to identify people who have serious specific issues and then it would be possible to take an intervention to warn or possibly even isolate that person. Right now this is not realistic, too many people have too many problems and the understanding has not yet matured as presently I believe there’s a lack of scientific research to back it up, until now.

I’ve concluded from going through my own Kundalini, an evolutionary period of awakening that the more spiritually evolved and self-developed members of society who may have already actively chosen to become free of their ego and impurity and as a result they will have the least easily recognisable facial trauma patterns or signs of facial dis-figuration. These people are probably already more highly regarded and it would seem would naturally make the more desirable role models for young people and better relationship partners.

This is all part of a spiritual body of knowledge called Karma and alongside the emerging development of an intuitive science behind the causes of ego that I’ve mentioned could become used in order to understand whether someone has a spiritual problem or issue or not, this is a technique or method I refer to as ‘Ego Balancing’ at this time, I can’t think of anything better to call it, but it incorporates a lot of facial analysis and psychological approaches and spiritual understanding in order to identify inner issues in people concerning their unhealed ego. Once something is identified, from here it may just be a case of taking measures to heal and purify these harmful aspects of the self and ego in order to solve personal ills that manifest as problems elsewhere.

As we are all still part of an evolving world and very many people have easily discernible ego problems that even they are yet to seemingly acknowledge themselves or understand, even based on what their own mind is sharing or telling them, as not everything is observed or acted upon, there is still going to be a considerable while to go, but some of the information necessary for this is already here and more is coming with a possible impetus for change could be through a better understanding some the causes of mental health distress along with what is truly based on love which will act as a catalyst for change.

When a society collectively heals its ego the society will eventually shift and transitioning into becoming a ‘higher’ healthier world. I know this is precisely what other developing worlds are also looking to achieve in seeking to become free of ego as it is natural and in alignment with existing evolutionary goals as it improves the quality of the human experience and the world. It seems inevitable that civilisation is going to advance to the next level spiritually rather than merely technologically as individual facial trauma and those blighted with ego impurity start to reveal the worst issues hiding in the shadow of every person.

How to begin cleansing existing ego and achieving a state of spiritual purity is something that would need its own article to discuss, however, yoga, meditation and prayer, in particular, are likely going to be some of the most beneficial and effective tools used to achieve this and so if you haven’t already been taking spirituality seriously yet and you don’t want to become caught out by later harmful consequences then now could be the right time for you to start doing some these activities as part of a spiritual practise, which will have the benefit of reversing the physical degenerative effects of karma and signs of excessive ego by removing impurity from the body.

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