Ascension is the spiritual evolutionary process of moving into a higher quality reality by way of raising the vibration of the soul.
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Understanding Ascension

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Ascension is the result of the natural progression of an individual’s spiritual evolution and development rather than biological evolutionary change and adaption based upon survival needs and in Jungian psychology could perhaps be thought of as the process of ‘Individuation’. This spiritual side of our evolution can be measured by both an inner vibratory frequency and spiritual light essence of the inner being of each person by way of a conscious, sentient and intelligent subtle energy field that internally pervades the physical body, whist it is difficult or not yet possible to measure with existing technology it can be felt and experienced when the body itself is used as the sensory organ for sensing subtle vibration and electromagnetic energy fields.

One of the main obstacles to spiritually evolving and ascending is the deliberate or unconscious and inadvertent creation of negative spiritual energies that generate ego, most often created by people in ignorance of its existence or moments of unconscious behaviour, these impure energies vibrate at a lower frequency and they keep a person’s vibratory rate to a low frequency in order to distil crude ego from pure being and this naturally separates the different levels of evolving people from undeveloped to the well developed. The creation of ego-impurity is connected to a whole range of negative character traits, poor behaviours, bad choices and at times reactionary, conditioned or triggered responses due to physical, mental and emotional stimulus often grounded in a fear response. Ego in this context is said to be all the things that separate one from the divine consciousness or God (Ego Separation).

It may help one to understand at this point that there are many other none physical embodied intelligent beings that have a more total, holistic and complete overview of a person and their lifetime from their perspective. These beings operate from a higher vantage point one may call the spirit realm as it outside of our physical reality existence in order to observe us unobtrusively and function in a none interfering way. Some of these highly intelligent beings are intricately connected to our inner evolution of the psyche consisting of mind, soul and consciousness and they have created both individual and collective road maps for us to follow consisting of realistic spiritual goals that you are expected to meet during your lifetime through achieving greater self-awareness, expanding consciousness and spiritual self development. When these things are achieved or spiritual lessons are integrated either through learning or a spiritual awakening, the ego begins to dissolve or the inner being sheds away ego energetic impurity (a form of subtle energy and psychic spiritual impurity) from the body that causes the vibration of a person to rise to a higher frequency.

By actively engaging with the ascension process it is possible to transition spiritually from one dimension to another, usually from a lower quality reality that seamlessly merges into a parallel higher quality reality (to ascend) where there are significantly less ego and egocentric created problems and attitudes amongst the population, however the reverse is also true known as ‘falling’ spiritually. This is how individual spiritual evolution can progress without impacting the rest, similar to graduating from one school into the next. In this higher dimensional plane the ambient energy frequency vibrates much closer to the frequency of pure love which one can tangibly feel and breathe in, here one is said to be closer to God, the divine and the spiritual light source. The spiritual light is both literal and symbolic and it represents the best of that which is to be sought or achieved for a living creation such as humanity.

Ascension is very much based on the spiritual principle of oneness and this assists in creating and refining a better overall experience for everybody by coming into alignment with a divine or higher will that operates under a unified hierarchical structure of leadership that influences those who willingly agree to follow. This philosophy allows one to transmute ego into love and changes chaos into divine order or harmony in order to bring about a faster transition into a higher created reality referred to as an enlightened or ‘golden age’ of planetary experience.

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