The natural world has an inherent aversion to all perverse forms of sexuality.
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Natural Sexuality

Nature’s Aversion to Perverse Sexuality

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This article explores the topic of perverse sexuality, which is traditionally understood to include things like homosexuality or same-sex relationships, paedophilia, bestiality and incest and in recent times people who claim they have a trans-gender inner identity. I’m attempting to look at this topic from the perspective of human evolution, particularly with reference to the psycho-spiritual evolutionary phenomena known as Kundalini Awakening. The main argument I’m attempting to put across in this article is that nature itself has an inherently strong aversion to all forms of perverse or bad forms of sexuality or sexual expression and an inherent bias towards healthy sexuality and bonding between male and female couples.

In more recent years the transgender phenomenon is something else that has also challenged the traditional ideas of sexual normalcy, this has introduced further distortions and unnecessary complexity into the affairs of human sexuality, society and gender, often discussed under the label of gender identity politics. None binary is the idea and belief that there are more than two genders within the present human species. In time I believe part of the mystery of the underlying causes of gender dysphoria will be accepted as mental health-related problems, for example, the idea that some young children are likely merely pretending to be the opposite gender, someone was prepared to share this with me in my mind. More complex ideas concerning gender-dysphoria may reveal themselves to be the nature and relationship of the consciousness that is inhabiting the human body. The idea that someone would pretend to be something other than themselves is not really new at all, I also believe conditions such as dementia are connected to mental health problems such as old people pretending they’re dying in order to illicit sympathy and attention.

There is compelling evidence and scientific proof that I hold with a high degree of certainty which alludes that sexual perversion is really responsible for a lot of diseases. However, there are minority groups and some individuals who seem to be hell-bent on destroying the human species from within through disease in order to satisfy their own distorted and diseased way of seeing the world to the detriment of the whole and these people should not be allowed to dictate policy, whether it be in educations, government or police. I believe many of my conclusions even when scrutinised can stand on their own outside of any purely religious interpretations and the information presented is both compelling and can not easily be unfairly judged or dismissed as prejudice towards any particular minority sexual group or sexual orientation, particularly when this is seen from a place of medical, scientific and evolutionary inquiry; I further believe people are more likely to want to listen, hear and believe this when the message is not loaded with unfounded prejudice.

Can the words of the Bible be supported scientifically? One of the most often quoted lines from the bible about sexuality is: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Chapter 18 verse 22[1]. This statement provides contextual and historical evidence that there may, in fact, be something in existence akin to higher laws governing humanity; this includes the concept of sin or spiritual transgressions, particularly as they seem to apply to human relationships, sexuality, karma and human behaviour and how these things may in fact be responsible for disease in the body and mind.

However this article is not a religious one, my evolutionary perspective comes from Kundalini, but what is Kundalini? It is a form of highly refined and pure spiritual energy that serves the function of an evolutionary catalyst, it is located within the tailbone of the spine of every human being and possibly every animal with a spine. I experienced the effects of this energy first hand which I looked upon as being part of a spiritual awakening. This process was ongoing and went on for a number of years between 2010 and 2017 whereby I seemed to undergo an intense inner transformation. It was through Kundalini that I was introduced to the reality of subtle energy, something that is capable of flowing within the body and chakras. The chakras are hidden energy centres storing information the mind can access, the metaphysical anatomy is traditionally recognised and understood in eastern spirituality in places like India. During a Kundalini awakening, it’s normal for psychological content surfacing such as past traumas and deliberate lucid dreams that come with spiritual teachings through the closed personal space of dreams, dreaming and visions. Some of this is also accompanied by periods of spiritual crisis and psychosis as various interactions with spiritual beings and other human beings take place in the mind through a type of projected psychic landscape resulting in inner disorientation.

In recent years I have been studying trauma through a spiritual lens and its influences upon the mind, body and consciousness with a special interest in understanding how and why the faces of certain individuals are subject to an involuntary transformation in close relationship and connection with something called ‘ego’ or ‘impurity’ which you may read more about in my article A Critical Study of How Impurity Changes the Face in which I conclude that physical beauty, developed human form and attractiveness is a strong indication of an evolved individual. In this usage and context, ego may be understood as a type of dirty and impure spiritual energy or impurity for short which is formed out of mental and psychic energies from the mind of oneself or received from the mind of another person or spiritual being. This dirty energy contains information about the negative ego content such as personality and character flaws and aspects of a person which are out of alignment with evolutionary goals and these are outwardly reflected in a series of progressive degenerative changes to the face and subtle nuisances of facial expression that denote unwholesome or sinister qualities.

I began to use the term Ego Balancing as a way to describe this process of analysing, diagnosing and identifying sources of ego through what I consider to be advanced methods of facial study, analysis and observation using something that later revealed itself to be physiognomy but was unknown to me at the time. My methods looked at changes to facial symmetry, shape and expression in order to diagnose what I describe as inner spiritual problems. Even quite early on I made the observation that people who exhibit or express perverse sexual behaviours, such as homosexual sexual relationships seem to sustain a lot of traumas that include degrading changes and effects to the body, particularly in the face where distinct and noticeable defects are present. Later on, I also learned that spiritual trauma corresponds to a type of energetic impurity that can be found and even released from the body using a body-scanning exercise. I found that during a sustained meditation and when surrendering one’s ego, a reflex action is created that causes the spine to back to flex and the neck to lean back and look up, something that assists in releasing impure energy in line with the physical respiratory tract.

It’s as clear as day to me now that the faces of those affected with a spiritual affliction become increasingly bloated, tone and muscular definition begins to disappear and the face starts to resemble more of a ‘featureless ball’ rather than a precisely contoured and defined egg shape due to loss of cohesion and spasticity in muscles, particularly noticeable in the neck and face but also affects back, chest and abdominal muscles. In cases of excessive perversion, the skin and muscles in the face also begin to sag or droop heavily and fall away from the face making the face seem undeveloped and more similar to a young infant or baby.

Inflated or swollen muscles at the sides of the head change the shape and profile of the face making it look overly simplified and rounder or bulge more than it otherwise should, something that can be indicative of a mental health problem. The defining crease that runs between the nose and cheek appears to be one of the first things to change and disappear as it becomes ‘swallowed up’ by puffiness and small cancers. I’ve also noted changes to eyes including the muscles immediately beneath the eyes as well as what seems like muscular bulging to the cheeks which seem to be caused by immoral things such as sexual perversions. Indeed, many of the characteristics I have described here I believe are closely associated with a harmful category once widely recognised as sexual perversion. I believe many of these changes are intended to intuitively communicate different degrees of impure choices, behaviours and make someone seem comparatively more impure or sinister than other people, people who otherwise don’t engage in perverse forms of sexuality and look more healthy and attractive by comparison. It should however also be understood that there are many more general causes of ego or impurity, and not all changes are necessarily related to a sexual perversion, but by using side by side comparisons with a healthy person it should in time be possible to isolate which trauma corresponds to which impure choice or action and thus we can build a more complete map of the face and body as it relates to health and wellbeing or lack thereof.

What is interesting to note is that these changes appear to take place amongst boys and men practising homosexuality with few exceptions, only ranging in degrees of severity of its effects, this adds strong evidence to the case that this was never intended nor is it supported by nature the same way a heterosexual sexual relationship is between males and females as heterosexuals do not sustain these facial trauma patterns for this reason, however it appears they can fall victim to other forms of sexual perversion. I believe this demonstrates a clear and deliberate aversion to perverse sexual relationships in nature and natural evolution by way of the mind deliberately producing physical trauma to the physical body in order to show something is harmful, suggesting that they are not adhering to higher divine laws about respecting the inherent morality of human sexuality.

In women and girls, the possible reasons for a negative transformation through sustaining trauma defects contrasts to the males in some key areas, for example, it appears that girls after puberty and women who practice forms of shared feminine sensuality or perhaps engage in certain sexual acts between themselves are not affected by this trauma the same way that males are, porn stars, erotic dancers or sisterly fraternity doesn’t produce perversion trauma. Crucially, however, a same-sex lesbian relationship between two women as compared to a male and female relationship does produce very similar if not identical types of facial trauma patterns as the males do when affected by trauma through same-sex relationships creating an equally unappealing appearance in the face. This demonstrates that there are two distinct attitudes towards sexuality in men and women and what will and will not create trauma due to the karmic consequences of a harmful act. It seems that females who use sex and sensuality between themselves with other females as a form of play, pleasure or enjoyment for bonding versus women that establish a pattern of homosexual relationships and thus seem to introduce distortion or perversion to the natural expressions of human love and sexuality.

What is somewhat confusing is that some people who outwardly identify as heterosexuals, both men and women, girls and boys, may also show similar perversion trauma patterns due to sexual perversion which seems to be a broad effect that applies to different groups of people for different beliefs and distortions about healthy sexuality. Small changes resulting from trauma are also sustained to the face and these can occur for many different reasons pertaining to the creation of an impurity sometimes referred to as ego, of which not all have anything to do with any sort of perverse sexuality, however, it’s possible some defects in the face could be mistaken for perversions if misinterpreted or misread and this is probably likely as it’s still a fresh area of study and medical research.

Sexual perversion causes a lot more harm than just to appearances, the heart wall muscles and heart organ itself becomes contracted and tightened and hold onto a form of negative energy in response to certain events or triggers causing a person to feel disconnected or cut off from love or emotional warmth in the upper body which can lead to mood and emotional instability. When the heart is affected in this way it makes the human experience feel dull and lifeless.

The lower body in the pelvis, thighs and hamstrings also become contracted and pulled tight causing tension friction and burning that creates the sensations of worry and anxiety to be felt in the form of stress and tensing muscles which are connected to the hip bones, these can only be released through confronting the information in the mind, often during yoga. The root chakra also becomes partially or totally blocked with impure energy preventing the free flow and passage of subtle energies into this part of the body used for sharing love, energy and emotion between men and women. It is not very pleasant to receive unclean energy from a person who habitually engages in dirty behaviours. Trauma is created and afflicts many of the different muscle groups in this area of the body, trauma is often only slowly and painfully released through careful and deliberate massage, sometimes through purifying spiritual practises such as yoga and meditation. In more severe cases Kundalini energy is used to burn away at the impurity lodged in the root chakra and during this, it may precipitate a period of spiritual crisis due to intensified fear and heightened energy as the person learns to confront the causes of their various traumas, with strong fear being something that can precipitate a manic episode.

The conclusion that stands out from this observation is that same-sex relationships actually cause damage and harm to the human body. Many of these physical deformations result from things such as AIDS, Cancer, Coronaviruses and micro-traumas to muscles and soft tissue in response to spiritually harmful and degenerate practices, however, this bio-degenerative process can be reversed through a process of ego purification, something someone seeks to do during a spiritual awakening. When the energetic component of a source of impurity is removed from the body, the physical damage begins to reverse, part of this is the healing of micro-muscular changes in order to restore the degraded physical appearance back to normal. Presently, distortions as a result of gender politics in more recent times are actually causing a lot of harm to certain people, even if they don’t recognise or understood what has taken place, one of the main disputed areas concerning progressive and liberal views of sex education in schools.

I believe this acceptance has resulted from different groups of people who, unfortunately, have successfully managed to create and establish a self-identity out of a primary source of sexual trauma, in this case, it results from sexual perversion and this can be demonstrated through physical and photo observation of a person and changes to the body that occur in response to such things. These particular groups differ somewhat from other identifiable perverse categories and behaviours traditionally considered wrong, perverse or obscene such as paedophilia, bestiality or incest which are predominantly still things that society as a whole has mostly managed to maintain a firm grip and boundaries around based on a stable system of accepted morality, whilst other groups have been allowed to openly practise perverse sexuality, establish new identities or form pride, groups. I conclude that such things are in fact self-harming and significantly contribute towards bio-degeneration as well as causing harm to the health of the rest of the population who might be pressured into accepting something from peer groups to their own detriment.

The natural world, science and spirituality when coming together, all appear to be saying similar things on the issue of sexual perversion as it relates to human evolution. Sexual perversions are just one of the many things necessary to confront during one’s spiritual journey and evolutionary ascent, particularly during times of Kundalini awakening. In Christianity, these are precious forgotten teachings about things that must be overcome in order to ascend and move into higher planes and levels of existence and human consciousness.

So is nature homophobic or trans-phobic? I believe nature is simply following the natural order of life, evolution and the desire of our divine creators. There is already clear enough evidence that perverse and corrupting forms of sexuality are something healthy people should not do or entertain in any form unless said person is to risk a sort of spiritual corruption and damage to the mind, soul, consciousness. Spiritual corruption comes with many harmful consequences to the health of various kinds, however, it is the facial distortions, disfiguration, and signs of trauma such as cancer and changes to the voice, which are some of the most overlooked symptoms of sexual perversion, these provide some of the most obvious signs there is something wrong with a person and their beliefs.

There are social and political implications affecting all areas of life-based on the conclusions which can be drawn from this information, examples include media, entertainment and education in particular, but I’ve not touched upon any of these in any great detail but I might consider discussing these later in a different article. If you found this article interesting or compelling and you’re looking to heal from spiritual problems such as sexual perversion, you may read more about psycho-spiritual health topics on my dedicated blog called Psycho-Spiritual Support which was set up as a place to publish health articles and resources in order to help and assist people in healing, with a special focus on helping someone to go through a Kundalini awakening and emphasising on working through unresolved and unhealed traumas, often caused in part due to a lack of spiritual understanding relating to the areas of karma and disease and how the mind and body really work together.

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