The Coronavirus has a divine spiritual origin and is affecting people who have corruption issues.
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Dark messenger

The Religious Origin and Purpose of Coronaviruses

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Short disclaimer: My information about the coronavirus is derived from mysticism, mental intuition, meditation and my own understanding of spiritual evolution based on having come through a Kundalini awakening. Much of this consists of hypotheses and speculation surrounding earlier divine revelations. Social media networks have also been actively censoring alternative theories or speculation about the coronavirus, so it’s unclear if I will share it this way. I please ask that anyone wishing to incorporate my information, research or perspectives should either contact me and seek permission to use my work or provide proper attribution, citation and accreditation where applicable. Please do not copy my work or attempt to pass off original details or ideas as your own research or opinion.


This article explores the spiritual origins and purpose of coronaviruses, particularly as it relates to the beginning of January 2020. My information includes a combination of mental intuition and evidence from Kundalini regarding human evolution, which suggests that the virus has an evolutionary purpose for interacting with humanity and is not just a random chance phenomenon.

I’m not new to the idea that diseases can have spiritual causes or origins, this line of thinking was one of the first and possibly most profound things I ever came across when I delved properly into spirituality for the first time. Some diseases, for example, appear to be for karmic reasons and some may even be seen as a punishment of sorts for a type of spiritual transgression against another person. The resulting personal suffering from experiencing disease as a whole can be used as a catalyst or motivation for change, inner growth, self-development and better decision making. This theory suggests someone through disease can develop their mind, consciousness and inner being in order to ensure the offending actions or original mistakes are not repeated. This approach can limit the harm caused by reoccurring problems within a population. It became apparent to me a number of years ago that many diseases are deliberately intended to assist in re-orientating certain patterns of harmful or negative human behaviour, sometimes referred to as egoic behaviour or source of ego within mainstream spirituality, and in many cases, these diseases may need not become fatal and are in fact entirely reversible should the body not be irrevocably altered through major surgery, particularly if one should one be prepared to learn the underlying reason why the disease has come about in the first place.

There is a huge knowledge gap yet to be filled by medical science surrounding the idea of karma and that lots of diseases are in fact deliberate, they’re not random, accidental not due to inherited, faulty or mutated genetics from birth and whilst doctors and scientists can usually over time discover and attribute many numbers of biological changes in the body that account for these diseases. Whilst this enables them to understand how the disease comes about and which systems are affected, this is still a limitation on thinking and fails to grasp the greater karmic and philosophical reasons for why this might happen in the first place and why it’s important. For example, why are viruses and diseases so prevalent in our world right now? Even in developed countries which have otherwise already mastered much of the essential necessities of healthy food, diet, exercise, sanitation and hygiene.

I reason that many diseases have an underlying spiritual purpose, these are not a random occurrence or nor were they programmed into DNA from birth, certain diseases come into existence with an intelligent goal at a specific point in one’s life when it becomes necessary to shape or reorientate human behaviour for a spiritual and evolutionary purpose. I believe the overall goal of this is to assist in the process of bettering the quality of humanity, this is what the Christian religion and spiritual concept of ascension are all about and why people who are existing in higher versions of reality are largely free from disease and human suffering due to creating karma through poor choices, thinking and behaviour in life that otherwise results in transgression.

Divinity did not create the Earth or design the human experience in order to be so underwhelming for the ordinary person that they would willingly afflict the population with a completely random chance of disease and suffering resulting in personal misery for many, that is to say, there’s often a higher purpose and invisible string-puller behind much of our collective suffering of this nature, including coronaviruses I might add. People are expected to seek out and resolve their sources of personal suffering during their lifetime, including any diseases or chronic health problems and in doing so this functions as a passive evolutionary process that guides humanity along a set trajectory and path of becoming more evolved people. The end result of this process is to create a higher world without dysfunctions of the mind, ego-personality simply by following a divine plan or the will of God. Once this goal is achieved whether it be personally or collectively, most of our current diseases would disappear and cease to become relevant and ensure lifetimes are unimpeded through disease. As egoic and sinister behaviours disappear from the population then so to do the corresponding diseases that represent this, also disappear.

We can determine through evaluating disease that there are many things that are disharmonious and not in alignment with the will of God and that many of these such things are not accepted within a divine reality, they’re tolerated to a degree on the physical world to allow for learning and evolution to occur, but they are never the less considered and linked to the violation and result in a type of impure energy many refer to as impurity that creates or results in the formation of ego, this energy forms as a dark, sickly and unpleasant feeling of energy that sits within the subtle levels of the astral-body, often this can be felt at the middle belly area. I once had an angel of light appear and stand next to me, this darker ego energy or impurity within me physically appeared to flicker away from my body in a very tactile way, almost like dark flames or smoke effects and my own mind also quickly became filled with the corresponding thoughts it represented. Some of the reasons people do yoga as a spiritual practice are to address ego level problems, remove impurity and address the underlying problems or issues this darker residual energy in the body actually represents.

This dark unpleasant energy can very quickly and easily be created through an act of sin or violating another in a very harmful or hostile way. These sources of ego often come into our awareness through our own mind and attention when interacting with an area of the body, often I find this is through body tension, tightness or muscle constriction that naturally draws our attention and focuses the intuitive mind there long enough in order to retrieve diagnostic information about our own state of health or wellbeing and includes the reasons why we hold tension. Through practising meditation and searching the body for the precise reasons why there are disorders, disharmony and disease, the information about the underlying nature is unearthed and processed from within the body and mind leading to a reduction of impurity.

A person who is not very conscious or aware in their mind or consciousness would be likely to routinely miss or ignore this intuitive stream of information coming from the mind and body and as a result, faces the greater likelihood of something becoming disharmonious or going wrong in their body on a physical level, increases in ego, impurity and tension incrementally over time lead to chronic conditions and disease, for example, a hip or knee replacement is usually attributed to this process. It is during a spiritual awakening sometimes known as Kundalini Awakening that the ego and darker parts of the spiritual self are confronted in order to be addressed and resolved. Kundalini is intended to spur on a person’s natural evolution much more quickly than would otherwise normally have occurred through lived life experience alone.

I noted that as a person successfully goes through the process of awakening their Kundalini and completes major stages or spiritual trials and tests, something which can take many years to complete, will eventually become predominantly free of most of their sicknesses, illnesses and diseases owing due to expanded self-knowledge, development of being and much higher consciousness than the rest of the population. Through obtaining the direct personal knowledge of karma and the sorts of things that result in poor health one slowly becomes enlightened. Much of this pertains to a particular spiritual or karmic cause through having sustained a trauma, whether this is through tighter tendons, muscular contraction or impure energy underlying a problem such as cancer. The Kundalini process also helps one to learn about and overcome the common cold and flu, some of which can be linked to things like hostile behaviours and spiritual connections to others in the mind that either requires releasing or concluding with a satisfactory agreement and with, they are to do with how we relate to one another both physically and in the mind and bring one to the point of surrender.

A person who completes a level of Kundalini successfully can reach a point of development where they will simply not likely to develop any of the most common viruses any longer. This suggests to me that viruses are directly linked and correlated with patterns of harmful human choices, thinking, actions and behaviours, this is something that can be overcome through self-development and this is what ascension is all about and is best talked about and understood in terms of human evolution, again the main purpose behind having activated Kundalini in the first place. A person is only able to remain healthy and well balanced in their being through a better understanding of their spiritual expectations and Gods higher will which is what I believe enables disease to be reduced to a bare minimum or even eliminated entirely through managing one’s own life in a way that respects spiritual laws and doesn’t manifest physical illness in the body. The keys to ascension often come from a spiritual practice such as doing yoga, prayer or meditation from which a person can learn.

My own experiences to date have shown me that certain spiritual beings are sometimes prepared to connect to our reality and be with us in our mind (psychic space) and they’re often prepared to warn or even tell someone when they may be susceptible or approaching risk of going down the wrong path and manifesting particular disease or chronic health condition into the body before it occurs, they may even tell or show what is responsible so that it can be avoided. This intuitive information comes in the form of dreams and occasionally the intuitive stream of mind and thought that one receives, sometimes this is heard whilst falling asleep, waking up and occasionally after a sustained positive interaction with another person and this help is offered as a way of showing gratitude or appreciation. During dreams, the mind intelligently re-creates and translates complex messages into helpful context and meaning through symbolism in order to help someone understand the message being communicated so that they may respond to this information thereafter accordingly in a way that will enable someone to help themself.


So how is any of this connected to the latest Coronavirus? Many diseases when scrutinised reveal themselves to be intelligently designed by other beings familiar with knowledge of advanced genetics, karma and their programmable effects upon the human body, the psychology of the way a human being would likely respond to a set of imposed conditions and the outcome they are looking to achieve. They know far more about ourselves than we can appreciate any many of these creators understand how suffering can be used to shape and manipulate healthier choices. I believe someday our own humanity will also be capable of this level of mastery, self-understanding and genetic engineering, but such a thing would likely not be allowed until reaching a significant evolutionary milestone as else we could destroy ourselves in the process.

The Dark Messenger

The other week as I was waking up in the morning a dark spiritual being appeared to approach me at my bedside and I perceived the inwardly spoken words “Coronavirus only loves certain people” and I’ve been contemplating what this might mean ever since. Examining this message from a purely human perspective may sound odd and even morbidly sick in terms of what it might suggest, but based on my own interpretation at this time from a spiritual perspective, this type of evil being was simply acting as a messenger and exists to confront the evil within humanity. This dark messenger spoke in a dark and sinister undertone, it appeared to me as black and shadowy in appearance, a dark angel or an evil messenger¬†of some description.

So who does this virus ‘love’? Presumably through the act of preservation or grace and why? Even our own health experts were at this time making the point that most people will not get the virus and those who do get it, it will not become severe, however, a small percentage are succumbing to the virus or developing further complications such as pneumonia and respiratory distress, in fact, I was told quite clearly that the very elderly, regretfully, drown as a result of being put on ventilators, something to be learned from unless we create the same conditions in the future.

Is the virus forcing people to stop or give up something harmful? This is the main reason I have been contemplating and could suggest that many people who are contracting this disease may be doing something that is so far removed from the divine will of the planet or the world that this virus is being used as a higher intervention which is intended to either shape or change something within a person, within our societies or in order to clear up certain issues that are having a detrimental impact on our world and only as a last resort to seek to remove the person from the world.

Many are already aware that of the things that cause harm to the body in the form of poisons, toxicity, radiation, pollution, contaminants, blunt or forced trauma, when looking at psychological needs and mental health, things like emotional trauma, lack of love or severe mental health problems due to misuse of the mind. However at this time many of the spiritual aspects which are more to do with respecting sin, karma, transgressions and becoming mindful of aligning with personal spiritual expectations, only then will such people be able to navigate their lifetime without developing a serious disease or illness such as cancer or coronavirus.

Are there any other examples? At one point I heard a lot of mental chatter pertaining to one of my own family members potential or risk of catching the virus simply connected to “too much property” ownership (a spiritual expectation), which could be interpreted more generally as ‘greed’ or parasitic behaviour, in one sense this was a form of transgression, many of these properties remain vacant or in an undeveloped state and have remained like this for many considerable years. I wanted to add something based on the feedback of some who were concerned, to reassure that there are fair expectations that if you own money or wealth then you’re certainly entitled to own multiple properties, but must be careful if they are funded by the public or simply taking up and occupying residences that other people could be using, especially if they are never being used.

I do not believe higher beings would be so cruel as to outright initiate a deliberate and malevolent process that would be capable of randomly or indiscriminately culling members of the human population without a good reason nor something that could be falsely interpreted as killing for the sake of killing. Many individuals incarnate onto a world with a future purpose for being here based on the knowledge or achievement of what they will one day share or create and are thus very likely to be immune to such a virus so long as they do not become seriously inwardly corrupted. In my personal case, I became a ‘clever dick’ simply by understanding my own illness and reaching a certain level of enlightenment, it wasn’t an expectation I was born with and prior to 2009, I knew very little about spirituality or its impact and direct connection to human health.

It is very likely that divinity is trying to change particular individuals or effect changes to society or population groups as a whole, even by way of such an insidious method as an intelligent virus. So could is it that those who are unwilling to change something are the ones actually dying from the disease? Is there evidence to show that it’s the immune system of a healthy individual that is combating the virus, or is it merely remaining inert in some people or in a deactivated state? At the time of writing this, I observed that young children seemed largely unaffected by the virus, perhaps they have yet to develop any sort of serious issue or immune vulnerability or deficiency and so are thus protected from such a virus.

Could the virus be facilitating a period of cleansing by bringing things to the surface? Or is it possible that the virus exists for no other purpose than sowing chaos for evil’s own sake? Is a being such as God choosing this moment to inject a viral outbreak into our world merely as a realistic way of facilitating drama, story, excitement, emotion and adversity within the world in order to make our experience more appealing in some way, even if it kills or harms innocent people in the process? Whilst the pandemic was something new and there was lots of hype to accompany it in the beginning, however, it is difficult for me to remember such a time that felt more lifeless, boring or oppressive than it is today, we have become that lower world dystopian reality and it’s unlikely the people behind the virus were unaware of the risks or the human element to decision making.

If it does have a spiritual reason for existing and should infect merely through contact, then why should it have such an inefficient means of being disseminated? Coronaviruses and flu-like viruses frequently appear in Asia where many are now speculating that transgressions or crimes against local wildlife being used for food or medicine are unintentionally causing upset, imbalance and discordance in the natural world and affecting the natural relationship and synergy between humans and animals resulting in these viruses deliberately and intentionally coming into being to afflict a population responsible for the harm.

A couple of fleeting inner visions and a string of dialogue later revealed that there’s definitely some sort of purpose behind the virus and it is not just a totally random or coincidental occurrence. People who have serious inner being issues sooner or later will develop some sort of disease or condition to teach them by way of experiencing karma through suffering in order to make the person understand on some level that incompatible choices or behaviour come with harmful consequences.

It seems both possible and logical that coronaviruses are just another tool that can be utilised as a part of a spiritual intervention that is somehow intelligent enough to only affect people acting discordantly or causing so much impure behaviour or transgressions. At this time I can only really speculate what these spiritual issues might be, but the physical trauma and expression caused to the faces of people through acts that create karma correspond to many different types of underlying malevolent problems and reveal varying and different degrees of corruption within individuals.

Whilst I can’t tell anyone how to immediately cure the Coronavirus, it’s likely immunity can be created through spiritual practises such as meditation, especially if you are able to isolate and identify the specific issues in order to address the reasons why someone would have the virus in the first place, this is the challenge and leap of thinking required to combat a virus. I was told a few of these and I’ve already begun to identify a number of them and it seems a logical and appropriate response, could begin to reverse the harmful effects or damage to the body. For this to be able to occur I believe one needs to be able to affect these as inner changes through adjustments to core beliefs, to be able to change one’s mind for example and bring about changes to the quality of one’s own consciousness and inner being so that they do not align with or resonate with corrupt behaviour.

I believe this can be done through spiritual practises including prayer, submission or surrender to God and the divine will, this is more easily achieved through the practice of surrender, this is something that yoga seems to facilitate using poses of the body such as the prostrated position which assists in releasing fears from the mind and body and it’s not coincidental that it resembles a prayer position. I believe the worst outcome of not complying and choosing to align with a higher will or decision or at times completely surrendering one’s will to a spiritual expectation in the worst case can result in a loss of life. The quicker the inner work is done then the quicker the outer recovery is likely to occur. There are probably other things that need taking into account such as other underlying health problems and many may have lost their lives through no fault of their own due to being connected to a ventilator for a prolonged period of time or being unable to seek medical care they may have required for other things.

Is it possible that these viruses could be affecting different people for different underlying spiritual reasons? I genuinely believe some of the Chinese are being called to give up hunting and eating their indigenous wildlife, such as the example of the bat-soup that showed up in our newspapers, believed to be the source of the outbreak. However, I do not believe that a virus that it is heavily hinted at having been designed by divine beings would be capable of unfairly killing people, especially if it bore no relationship to the original transgression(s) it may have been created for, more likely there is a different virus for different reasons and it’s unclear how truly effective or accurate our virus testing is and whether or not it can distinguish one similar virus from another or provide a conclusive diagnosis based on existing methods.

One morning a few days after being given the original message I had a dream interaction with a young woman and was either allowed or able to overhear a different male voice which said “You’re at risk of contracting coronavirus”, and the reason briefly stated “White Lightning” after a brief pause. At first, I was confused about whether or not this might mean a vulnerability to viral contamination due to improper hygiene and sharing a drink with other people, however, I later reasoned that I’d have had very little reason to need to know about this, I did not know the young woman in question personally and just anybody could have fit into this category through coming into personal contact with another person. It seems more reasonable to me to believe that the real risk was due to some sort of linked behaviour, possibly a bad addiction to cheap alcohol in this instance? There are apparently now many different variants of coronaviruses coming into existence, I believe identifying and curbing corrupting or harmful behaviours is what is necessary for these coronaviruses to be resolved, vaccination for all variants seems highly unlikely or unrealistic.

I do believe there are physical signs that can be used to identify the groups of people who have been dying to the virus, so far I’ve been studying and identifying common patterns of facial trauma which seem to be being caused for spiritual reasons rather than environmental or diet, and it seems probable that these could fall under the category of sin, a type of serious immorality and are a cause of divine transgression.

After a British newspaper published a photo montage displaying a number of dead victims back in Spring and I noticed that the majority of the faces in this particular photo collage had very significant signs of impurity, they all had either partially or wholly transformed faces to the extent many looked quite sinister for reasons I could speculate. I know a serious act of sin or sinning causes ill health, this is how karma at the level of the body works, but over time this leads to an increase and significant build-up of bodily impurity, it produces sinister-looking eyes, cancers such as lymphoma form in the neck and face which together are responsible for partially re-shaping, deforming and negatively transforming the appearance of a face of a person who behaves in an impure way, cancer is definitely not how the sinister appearance occurs, but it does result in deformation and an unsightly appearance.

This is easy enough to see if you know how to look and have a spiritual education or mindset and I believe there’s enough scientific evidence to assert and eventually validate this phenomenon really does exist and occur, this really requires a scientific study of intuitive appearances and karma. Even shown on more recent montages of coronavirus, many victims have signs of what look to be lymphoma cancers in the neck and face producing deformity and slightly or somewhat sinister expressions around the eyes and face, but it needs to be understood that from my perspective, cancers usually have a karmic spiritual origin even if some can be linked to sets of genetics, I believe they are genuinely linked to things like harmful physical behaviours, choices, attitudes and thoughts produced by the intentionality of one’s own mind and being.

I’ve come to realise that most people have at least a bit of ego or physical trauma for various things, and I am now certain this is cumulative, something that at our level is a normal part of life’s lessons and evolutionary development. However as moderate issues begin to stack or a more serious issue comes into existence then the worse a person will typically begin to look due to their level of impurity, this remains until the point they begin to re-identify away from negative behavioural trends and choices in order to heal and reverse the damage through removing sources of impurity, in time we will be able to identify all sorts of harmful human qualities and issues that are not part of the intended divine-human experience based off of examining the trauma it produces.

If the virus is for a religious or spiritual purpose, then it means we are likely to see more of these viruses in the future unless we act and change. I have my doubts about over-vaccination being able to prevent future outbreaks of viruses without changes to people and society simultaneously occurring, without this we’re likely to continually see new virus strains appearing from time to time or look like from our perspective that they are intelligently mutating or bringing new viruses into existence. Complete immunity to these viruses I believe will come through aligning ourselves with certain higher spiritual laws and expectations, principles such as love, and by minimising our acts of sin and transgression and just like physical pollutants need to be minimised, so does our inner being need to be regularly purified to prevent further harm.

Much of this information at the time of first writing was predominantly speculation, there were a few odd intuitive things here and there that have come up such as the strange shadowy being. I still do not understand whether the virus manifests directly within an individual or whether it really is being transmitted from one person to another through contamination, but I do suspect it comes into existence directly within the body and is not spread to people through water droplets. I’m very mindful of the original message that alluded to the idea that only certain people are deliberately being affected by the virus and I would obviously very much like to know more precisely what this underlying criterion is in order to learn which people are safe and what makes someone more vulnerable or susceptible, this would then mean we could safeguard people and make informed decisions and interventions to nullify the adverse effects of the virus.

This article has since undergone several revisions since it was first written, I’m now happy with it, but I’ve also since written several other articles relating to the coronavirus, some of which are also in need of further revisions, but already published and still readable at this time.

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