A warning from a Horseman of the Apocalypse and Why Covid-19 was a religious disease as part of a divine intervention to combat spiritual corruption.
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Is Covid-19 A Religious Disease?

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This article will expand upon the religious theme of the coronavirus being part of a biblical or religious pestilence, something I believe was used as part of a divine intervention to combat causes of spiritual corruption, here I go into more details and I explain some of my main observations and conclusions whilst also including my early sources of direct intuition from spiritual beings.

From day one some Christians were referring to the coronavirus as follows; “God is punishing people for their sins”, whilst some will argue that religion says this about anything bad, after conducting some of my own research and further investigations about spiritual corruption and impure behaviour, I genuinely reached the same conclusion and I believe the virus is playing the role of a biblical pestilence or religious disease and thus is a form of divine intervention. A pestilence is a type of disease or plague that specifically afflicts people with spiritual problems, these are the group among the population that are engaging in something considered very harmful in the divine sense that human laws alone cannot thwart due to the way people use their free will to make decisions.

I believe this Covid-19 pestilence deliberately affected the most corrupted people and is being used to impact and limit the number of people engaging in very harmful or immoral behaviours, things that Christian’s might consider to be sinful or could be reasonably justified from a divine perspective; an example of this would include sex trafficking. I reason this was done as part of a balancing act of managing people on Earth and was done as part of legitimate “spiritual warfare”. Knowing that our world consists of both good and bad people, the worst of the virus is being given to people who were either engaging in something evil or keep tripping upon a common transgression such as seducing somebody. People who are not engaged in these sorts of spiritual problems are said to be walking in the light of God, which means these people can accept or even embrace the idea of a divine world existing and want to be in alignment with God’s vision.

Somewhere there is an unrecognised connection between spirituality, science and the body, something that I believe in time would quite convincingly prove my conclusion using intuitive study and understanding and empirical observation, especially as it relates to the human face. These changes seem to be connected to things like immoral choices, impure behaviours, bad attitudes and lifestyles that are based on ego or violate spiritual laws and they tend to represent things that are considered spiritually impure rather than being caused by things like stress or fatigue. As a person does evil, then so does the person begin to look evil, in much the way the fictional character Emporer Palpatine did in the Star Wars movies. You can learn more about physiognomy and the Ego Balancing process I use from a separate article I wrote in the prior link, feel free to read this at your own leisure.

I arrived at the conclusion that the virus was interacting with people probably engaging in something immoral after I started to study the photos of the dead victims, most of which were presented in the form of newspapers, television and Internet spreads.  Whilst doing this I made a critical observation that significant numbers of people dead or infected were being affected by a type of spiritual facial trauma, something that religion calls inner body “impurity”. Impurity is created through immoral thoughts, actions, deeds, unnatural desires or behaviours based on ego or evil choices. These things create impure psychic energy or residue within the subtle layers of the body, this has to be worked off, and until this is processed through the mind and body it isn’t easily removed, although some suggest this is where things like holotropic breathing can help.

There are slightly different interpretations as well as some ambiguities over what things result in spiritual corruption, partly this is a result of human moral relativism, but they’re also cultural and religious differences regarding some of the interpretations, however, to see what criteria I have created and consider to be spiritually corrupting and what is really causing coronavirus (and other things) I created a separate list within the article: What is spiritual corruption?

My main observation was that the faces of corona virus-infected people have taken on a lot of cancer and have a very impure or unwholesome appearance, some of these changes are rather subtle and hard to notice to the untrained eye, however, some of the afflicting signs are more obvious by comparison, such as corrupted, evil or impure eyes, however, many issues can be present for different things and they appear to be cumulative and will add up over time. The things I’ve studied include changes to the eyes, skin and facial muscles on the face, some of which I believe is incorrectly mistaken for the consequences of obesity rather than unwholesome behaviour whereby muscles seemingly become slack and stretch out of shape, for example, by not working. This would indicate that many of the people who have contracted the virus have one or more significant issues that may have warranted and justified the need for the virus, which is intended to make someone surrender. However some of the deceased people appeared so sinister that they appear to be afflicted with demons, this is a complex spiritual phenomenon that denotes sinister and evil behaviour in people that simultaneously results in mental and psychological problems in addition to the aforementioned changes to appearance.

Science and spirituality have not yet learned to collaborate with one another to the point that demons have been scientifically validated or identified, in fact, at the present time most I suspect would simply laugh off the idea as ‘quackery’ or ‘pseudoscience, even by people who consider themselves to be spiritual, but who are not religious and might consider this to be religious none sense as they hold onto corrupted views and beliefs such as sexual perversions being reimagined as progressive lifestyle choices, however through studying and knowing about karma and how it damages the body I’ve learned to see disease in a whole different way.

Demons are just one type of serious impurity that causes harm to the body and mind, however, by studying trauma patterns and marks in the face it is possible to identify many individuals who have a demon or similar range of ego issues. I have encountered this phenomenon myself on a number of occasions due to things that I now know are linked to lust and addictions to such things as Internet pornography. Once you’ve been made aware that such a thing exists it’s easier to begin to discern individuals who have one, it may take quite a leap of psychological understanding, but rather like the traditional ‘magic eye’ picture books, in time you may learn to see by attuning yourself into this intuitive level of information that appearance offers us, whilst a literal picture of a cartoon devil or demons isn’t going to jump out at you, but you will begin to see impure expressions that are imprinted upon the faces of many people and in time learn to discern what their causes are.

So who is most susceptible to the virus? Well unlike the virus itself, demons come into existence at the time of a significant impure deed and they can be felt as sickly energy in the mid-belly and tension stored in one or both sides of the face in the cheeks, the negative energy and tension produce a corresponding change to facial expression and changes to the appearance of the face. Some impure energies only last for a period of time and can be worked off, however, other more serious ones require more work in order to release them through spiritual practises and it also becomes necessary to become aware of a cause such as an addiction and de-attach oneself from this behaviour. This requires a degree of conscious growth and awareness on the part of the person along with willpower, courage and determination to change from within which eventually allows ones own consciousness, mind and inner being to re-identify away from harmful behaviour. Sometimes these energies disappear on their own after a sustained period of good or positive behaviour, paying back an accrued karmic debt, but some of the worst may require a ritual act of exorcism to engage with the energy or unclean spirit through the mind, which at times can briefly override vocal cords causing the body itself to speak the reason for the impure thought or deed.

I named the technique that I use analysis of facial trauma to identify inner issues: Ego Balancing, this is something I believe many people would potentially be interested in as it helps to validate and connect the concept of a religious or spiritual impurity with degradation and disease of the physical body itself. It highlights how sources of harmful behaviour or “ego” start to change and transform the appearance of a person, particularly noticeable within the face in unpleasant and noticeable ways once you know what to look for. Spiritual impurity is already well acknowledged in traditional shamanistic cultures and in the tantra community, also sometimes linked to the idea of “evil spirits”, it might also be referenced as an ‘impure energy’, whereas in Christianity the worst forms are commonly referred to as demons and some of these can be exorcised by linking with the mind.

One of the main things at the core of all spirituality and religions are helping or assisting people to clear away these impure energies from the body and mind through ritual work or spiritual practises in order to consciously grow and acquire knowledge of pure or right ways of being. In tantra, it’s possible for purification to take place through sharing sexual energy received from a close partner or trusted member of the opposite sex, this is used to purify or cancel out darker karmic energies which are considered to be ‘fear based’ and usually caused by an act of sin or transgression. In Christianity, I also observed how the rite of baptism is used to bleed impure energies out of the head or crown chakra, which would have corresponded to harmful things done in the past.

Kundalini awakening is an existing but not widely known evolutionary process that can help with the removal of impure energies and assist to correct the underlying behaviours connected to them through heightened intuition and inner learning. These impure energies are frequently connected with what is really responsible for creating sickness, disease and illness in the body and in this case I’m using the knowledge that impure energies transform the shape and appearance of the body, I even connected it to people who died of the worst coronavirus, suggesting this fits into a pattern of evil or immoral behaviour such as child sex trafficking. It is the rising of the Kundalini serpent that comes during one of these awakenings and assists in consuming these bad energies and releasing stored trauma, which is why the serpent is seen as a symbol of healing in both ancient and modern medicine and the combined caduceus one of evolution. When snakes feature in the caduceus it relates to spiritual evolution and various medical bodies use the single staff with a single entwining serpent to represent medical professions. The staff of Aesculapius is something that was used at Ancient Greek Asclepion healing temples. The serpent as a spiritual entity also has a shrewd ability to look into a person and both see and identify sources of evil within someone’s life and through this ability, it offers us intuitive information or wisdom about the nature of human diseases.

I found it interesting that the word corona originally references the sun’s corona, something that the spherical shape of the virus seems to mimic, this could be interpreted as a type of purifying light or fire which might reflect the greater purpose behind the virus, which is assisting in purifying humanity either by death or ensuring someone unlearns a harmful pattern of choices or behaviour.

If people were to understand that impurity and immorality go together to create negative karma and that this is the probable reason why people are really dying of coronavirus then something like this may spark as a catalyst to have more people turn inward for answers through seeking God. This could initiate a greater period of spiritual awakening within the population and it has traditionally been Christianity that has filled this role or the teachings of Jesus Christ. It would seem that prayer genuinely could be one of the most effective treatments for those afflicted with the virus along with yoga and meditation, but it requires the individual to either surrender their problem and accept the solution or be prepared to let go and release an issue or attachment, which can take trust and time to heal, owing to feelings of vulnerability.

The following are just some of the intuitive thoughts and reasons I’ve received from different but unknown sources regarding the virus:

During meditation, someone suggested to me “there were too many elderly people in care homes without anybody visiting them any longer”, this may have been alluding to or suggesting that there may come a point where a person or family is no longer benefiting from remaining alive in a physical incarnation or that their health naturally quickly declines or deteriorates as a response. I believe like others that they are not exempt from impurity, but observation might confirm this as it’s equally likely that some of the people in our care homes will also have some problems connected to impurity. Whilst this explanation sounds plausible to me, I couldn’t say it’s true with total certainty, but this may have been an underlying complication of why people in care homes were dying from the disease and many who might have otherwise had a coronavirus anyway may have been mistakenly having coronavirus wrongly declared as the cause of death.

By this reasoning, if you do have loved ones in care, you probably need to be visiting and interact with them semi-regularly and at least to a minimum extent else, I believe there are spiritual reasons why some people would choose to die, even if physically healthy, which may, for example, be a voluntary choice to free themselves towards the end of a lifetime, however, this shouldn’t be assumed.

In terms of pestilence, the idea that someone or something would deliberately infect, hamper or even cull a segment of a population might sound horrible and unfair, especially in our day where tolerance is preached, however, this is likely why such choices are communicated alongside depictions of evil beings like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who during this period alluded that sexual perversion was going to cause disease to overwhelm the world and might even trigger the beginning of a nuclear Armageddon. I made an observation that the SARS component is something that appears to be persistently present with homosexuals and is likely spread through homosexual practises, such as two members of the same sex having their root chakra’s connected can enable it to seem to spread at distance and without physical contact.

Where have I been getting my information from?

Some of it is openly shared with me using the intuitive mind through meditation, sometimes referred to as the law of attraction, other times information is exchanged psychically by directly connecting to the root chakra with someone else a bit like two devices exchanging information with one another. At other times I’m listening to the mental conversations that take place first thing in the morning which are often derived from interactions that take place during sleep and they often contain useful information from a shared mind/consciousness we each have access to like a mental radio station, the first thoughts tend to correspond to physical movement from stretching the legs and washing in the shower.

In terms of certain individuals who have had the virus and recovered, a prominent person shared energy that was translated by my mind as “Someone made a decision that was unfair to someone.” A young unknown woman had already been shown to me in a dream that came with the warning about being a risk of catching the virus due to “Drinking White Lightning”, which I speculated probably meant alcoholism or alcohol addiction. In all these cases, people are able to re-identify inwardly on particular issues or make changes to themselves and their lives in order to achieve a quick recovery or spiritual breakthrough. I believe all over the world there are both individual reasons as well as collectively shared reasons why different people are getting ill or dying and I’m told when it comes to racial identifications, every single race has at least one significant problem inherent to that ethnic group only. In cases where it leads directly to a fatality, I suspect they’re either not inwardly re-identifying away from something that can’t be tolerated and referring to a highly toxic issue or as many have alluded to there are other health complications caused by things like being placed on a ventilator too long.

Even long before this recent virus outbreak I saw on the news at the time that a US Senator had recently died and as I was particularly interested in learning more about peoples individual karma at that time, I queried this in mind and a female god responded back to me by saying “insatiable greed” as I paused looking at the television screen, suggesting that he probably had accumulated or sought excessive wealth, which I believe may have been a contributing factor to his brain tumour. Getting personal aspirations, degrees of power and wealth in balance is something governed by both karma and higher laws and this demonstrates why it’s important to come into alignment with a divine will as part of a spiritual awakening, as they are the people and beings assisting in managing the world. It’s quite amazing to see how saying the Lord’s Prayer will in time actually inform a person what the problem is if they are currently unaware of if such a person listens attentively with one’s eyes remaining closed.

Healthy and Attractive people aren’t really dying of Covid-19, this seems true in the vast majority of photos I’ve looked at and it might sound rather self-evident, but these people don’t have the same levels of physical trauma or changes that the others do. I’d been studying photos from the news and I had connected facial trauma with impure choices and behaviour, this is what I believe is really the cause of the virus which doesn’t spread through the air at all but manifests directly within a persons’ biology. One only needs to understand the root cause of the trauma in order to identify more precisely what the issues could be. However, one can begin to pick apart and reverse-engineer the cause of certain trauma and come up with a range of things such as addictions, coveting, perversions, divine transgressions, greed and so on.

I’ve seen some sketchy and somewhat dubious reports of young children dying due to the virus, some of which I doubt a lot as there appear to be other illnesses, but this is why it’s important to know if someone dies because of the disease or whether they merely have it as its always been the worlds most common virus. I hadn’t witnessed many children dying to the disease, perhaps there are other more gentle ways to persuade or influence them into surrendering? Healthy looking people are not catching the virus as much, these don’t have the same visible signs of ego and impurity others do. This was based on the observation of peoples photos who it was said had died of the virus, based on the likelihood of them being victims of immoral behaviour or choices and thus had lots of defects within their physical appearances such as cancer, inflated cheeks and sagging necks. Knowing that there are particular viruses that correspond to particular patterns of harmful choices and behaviour is useful to know and could prevent further pandemic outbreaks in the future due to either new or mutated viruses as there would be no inner issues to latch onto, they would have no purpose and nobody to need to make ill.

It will take time before scientists, doctors or world leaders get their head around the idea that spiritually dirty behaviour and immoral choices as seen from the divine perspective and are really the ones responsible for the pandemic levels of virus witnessed. This raises certain questions over precisely who is likely to contract the virus and who is going to remain unaffected. I’ve provided a short number of examples, some of which I came come across through having mental intuition, but each country may have its own unique reasons for the virus as well as ones we all collectively share. It’s going to take many cleverly minded statisticians to unpick and figure out the groups, of which I think some of the prime culprits are predatory paedophiles and homosexuals who are dying and most at risk of covid-19, assuming such an exercise ever occurs at all. The mind and personal intuition seemed to yield some of the quickest information, as did mental interactions with the minds of certain people who I found already had some of their information shared with them from other credible places, likely also spiritual sources.

Christian teachings are the most relevant to preventing spiritual corruption; they have a strong core focus surrounding topics of morality, ethics, spiritual expectations during lived lifetimes and the concept of doing right. I will now refer back to the conversation between different gods in the first post where it seemed to be acknowledged that this disease is of a divine origin and a tool used in spiritual warfare against people who do not respect higher laws and cause too many problems, however, they said they didn’t deliberately mean for it to become a pandemic in the way in which we have seen it unfold, so perhaps something else was done to the virus that made this seem like a biblical event?

I now believe this virus is actually more of a plague or pestilence and it is assisting in allowing the planet to recover from the impact of certain groups of people. Some segments of the population such as sexual predators, but many are either knowingly or in ignorance doing harmful things through causing various acts of sin, vice, spiritual violations, immorality and transgressions.

We get a flu season every year for perhaps similar reasons, but this year has become more special due to the unintentional pandemic. Further owing to the discovery of a connection between impurity and harmful transformation of the body, I believe there will still be people who may be unlikely to want to give up a harmful behaviour connected to a virus outbreak. Coronaviruses aren’t going anywhere and we need to become more conscious of the true underlying reasons that they keep surfacing, why new variants emerge and whom they are infecting and the probable reasons why, which if they were truly understood has almost nothing to do with not wearing a face mask.

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