The 'Pinocchio Effect' - How unseen beings in spirit pull the strings on human karma and influence us through our minds.
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Pinocchios Nose and the Hidden Strings of Karma

The “Pinocchio Effect” – How Karma Changes the Human Body

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Understanding karma through the body

This article serves as an interesting and practical introduction to the topic of karma and its effects upon the human body, it looks in particular along an important theme of how impure behaviour begins to change and impact the body. I’m using the story of Pinocchio’s nose as an allegory to illustrate more or less what actually happens to the body when we create karma by introducing sources of impure behaviour, bad attitudes or ‘ego’ into our own mind and being.

In the story of Pinocchio, his nose would grow longer whenever he would tell a lie, the more lies he told the longer it would grow and only when he made a commitment to not telling any more lies was he helped to have his appearance restored back to normal. What one can glean from this significant fairytale aimed at children is that for every significant action or intent, there is a karmic reaction or influence that comes into effect, however, just like this fictional example, there are real consequences for a range of harmful behaviours, including lying I might add.

The body and mind are intricately connected and beings in spirit can interface the body through the mind in order to change something if they need to. Often these changes are quite subtle or unnoticeable at first, a muscle becomes loose, a muscle becomes tightened, a tendon changes here or there and subsequently different areas of the body begin to change which also impacts overall physical appearance as a reflection of inner purity of mind and being. In order to undo a harmful deliberate change to the body, it usually requires a corresponding period of hard work or an act of selfless love or kindness, but the spiritual lesson still needs to be learned in order to prevent a repeat of the original problem.

Clarifying Ambiguity over Karma

I also want to bring clarity to a few popular misconceptions about karma, firstly whether in fact does it really exist or not? Secondly the belief that karma may only be something involving past lifetimes that are influencing your present life and thirdly, is something like an act of being run over by a car part of my karma?

Karma seems to be real, there is evidence for its existence, it’s affecting you right now whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, it is not necessary to think of karma as some sort of magical mana that influences the body, the detrimental effects are what can be witnessed both externally to and within the body itself. I believe many of these changes are directly connected to detrimental behaviours, choices, thoughts and even mental or psychic interactions with others.

Karma is part of a system of spiritual rules that are working in an ever-present way and whilst it’s usually ultimately for a positive reason, a person can experience both desirable and undesirable consequences of their karma for both good and for worse. A lot of my work between 2018 and 2020 focused on the effects of karma and the body in connection with the Kundalini awakening. I believe this is the easiest to prove scientifically as results can be replicated and I believe is one of the most important things for others to understand. Karma doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of changes to the body, there are many areas of a person’s life that are subject to karmic influences, particularly if the need arises in order to send someone a harsh lesson.

Are these lessons to learn about karma? Well yes, for example, if a person goes too far and begins to incorrectly attribute karma to every instance of an unfortunate event, such as being involved in a car accident, this in my opinion is a serious logical fallacy of uncritical thought and discernment that will eventually lead to mental illness such as schizophrenia or psychosis. What makes discernment so difficult at times is how certain events seemingly can be brought about as the deliberate result or consequence of these invisible string-pullers in spirit, spiritual entities that decide the fate of human beings at a time and serve karma as necessary.

Observing the effects of karma

Part of becoming enlightened was quickly realising there are invisible string-pullers who are responsible for serving out karma to individuals who commit harmful behaviour such as acts of evil, sin or transgression. This frequently works by a spirit entity psychically connecting to the mind and body in order to produce a physical change to an area of the body such as a body part. Sometimes this is done by adding impure energy into the body, which I often refer to as ‘ego’ or ‘impurity’. At times they prefer to directly change a body part or a feature of the face for example in order to produce different semi-permanent intuitive expressions. the physical results can be very similar, they’re more often than not something unpleasant, certain muscles may tighten, some may loosen and many things can produce a semi-permanent change to a facial expression that can persist for weeks at a time making someone look much worse or more impure than they should and sometimes resulting in creating the appearance of a sinister eye or evil eye on one or both sides of the face.

Doing something impure will introduce defective changes and distortions into the body negatively impacting appearance, these are real changes resulting from karma that begin to shape, change and transform the body. Whilst telling lies is not quite as obvious as Pinocchio in the real world, in many cases the physical changes often occur much more slowly or incrementally over time, often during sleep when we have the least awareness, but one can learn to spot the signs of karma and it may or may not surprise you to learn that the shape and position of a person’s ears, nose, how the lips or chin may change shape, for example, the nose may become longer, thinner, more hooked at the end or can even begin to expand in width or bulge as muscles in the face change which are done as part of consequences of particular harmful choices or behaviours. In the case of telling lies, I believe it is predominantly the eyes that are really changed in order to look more impure and this is the reason why it’s possible to intuitively spot signs of someone who has a problem with chronic lying and deception.

Learning what the basic offences are that are connected to a source of karma can be quite easy, often they are the things you would not want another person to do to you, although the personality is taken out of the equation and one doesn’t get to decide what particular form one’s karma will take. Learning what the more nuanced areas are is much more difficult as it begins to be influenced by more subjective factors like individual character, circumstances and dynamic interaction. I would like people to become more aware that their karma can immediately begin to transform parts of their body, knowing this would mean that in an enlightened world, nobody would have to suffer as the result of karmic defects and changes being made to them without their awareness of these processes. These karmic changes do however work both ways, negative changes occur when moves in a harmful direction and positive or beneficial changes begin to reverse existing karma, often the same changes appear when a person has enough momentum to begin moving in a more positive direction and they demonstrate having learned the spiritual lesson(s) behind their karma.

One of the most common expressions of karma I see is trauma that occurs to the cheeks, neck area, shoulders, face and scalp and from what I have observed and this is very common among the population, these muscles seem to lose some of their natural plasticity in response to sources of ego such as a bad attitude or instance of sexual perversion, as this increases these muscles begin to lose the ability to hold their proper form and shape a bit like a jelly that hasn’t set in the fridge properly and people begin to look more sinister. As this happens the cheeks and the extremities of the face begin to inflate or bulge out to the sides and typically the skin and muscles in the neck begin to pull away from the neck area as lymphoma cancers develop and eventually this creates the numerous unsightly folds of skin or ‘double chin’. In some individuals, the face begins to look overly round and immature almost like a baby. One of the worst offences seems to come from what is traditionally considered sexual perversions, something I attribute to causing cancer, trauma to the body, changes to the voice, disfiguration and changes to appearance and parts of the body.

If you wish to explore more about the transformations of the face specifically then please read my original article as an accompaniment to this: A Critical Study of how Impurity Transforms the Face.

The Purpose Behind Karma

The reasons why this happens is because from the dimension of spirit they are assisting in the process of human evolution and using karma in order to communicate vital lessons regarding what is considered harmful actions, choices, behaviours and intents of the mind based on knowledge of things that are considered too degrading, immoral and undesirable. This system can’t easily be misused in order to abuse someone as these choices aren’t made from a human ego-personality, although occasionally overzealous decisions can be seen to be made which can later be challenged and reversed irrespective of whether or not you’re consciously aware of having had your karmic strings pulled recently or not, I often approach a short period during meditation where this may happen or else it often happens during sleep. For myself, evidence of these physical changes which are clear to observe demonstrates that an outside intelligence has been interacting with human beings for some considerable time.

Through this process, spiritual evolution begins to occur that refines a person’s choices and behaviour relative to the world, as we become adapted to living our behaviours improve in quality over time and this enables a transformation of society so long as people begin to understand what the ego is and how karma functions. Individuals who do not understand or respect karma may seem to have a tendency to suffer more than those who do and those who do little to work on releasing their past karma or trauma will eventually begin to experience chronic physical problems that can damage the bones and skeleton or even cause further disease, it’s important to understand that not all disease is the result of karma, however, we must still be mindful of things like sleep, exercise, food, diet and so on, but it helps to have the awareness that the physical body is capable of going wrong in many ways by design when we don’t meet the required spiritual expectations in different areas of our lives, often the things that surround our relationships, our work, recreational activities and our inter-relating and communication with one another is a huge area in itself.

It was through mystical visions I was shown how our Earth is just one of many similar worlds, there are lower worlds where people are learning the essentials of how to operate and navigate the human form, very unpleasant by our own standards, there are mid-level worlds like our own which seem to have a balance of people both good and evil or light and dark whom are learning and evolving spiritually, which requires greater tolerance.

There are according to what I’ve been shown much higher much more evolved worlds where the human populations have already mastered the basic essentials and moved onto more advanced forms of learning such as proper and right use of the mind in order to improve the quality of the experience that one can live and experience on that world. Here it becomes a lot less about karma and learning and more about the flow and spirit of living joyfully. Some higher worlds are similarly matched parallels to our own existing at a higher dimensional level that can be accessed through something known as ascension, however, some individuals eventually require a more permanent move onto a different world and there are strong hints that physical re-birth is not necessary to manifest a physical form of a certain age.

In higher worlds, the people have already mastered things like addiction, laziness, greed, excessive anger, racism, sexually perverse behaviours and they’ve developed their karma and spiritual knowledge of morality and the rights and wrongs concerning areas like the proper and appropriate use of force, violence and warfare. Spiritual mastery is thus a significant part of the ascension process and once completed it could enable you to become free of karma, open up doors to different worlds, steer clear of sickness, disease, common illnesses and the suffering of the human experience including the dreaded coronaviruses which appear also to have a higher evolutionary purpose behind them.

How to release karma

The ancient world was very familiar with massage and understood its healing potential, they were more in tune with spirituality and had a clear connection to the gods that oversaw their epoch of development. Simply by using oil or other lubricant and a deliberate and caring physical touch, this has a way of directing love and intentionality from the mind into an area of the body whereby one may begin to receive information and processing the lessons and causes behind the area of the body affected by karma.

One of the styles of massage used for healing the body from karma is called tantra massage, it’s part of a healing spiritual practice that enables one to release karma from different areas of the body that have been afflicted by physical changes, defects and deformations. When this is done successfully muscles begin to change, release and reform, loose abdominal muscles may become tightened again to the point that the appearance of a sagging belly, a deformed nose that is not actually due to obesity can be restored to its rightful normal appearance. Other muscles and tendons storing tension may release elsewhere providing relief from long-held stress and tension in areas of the legs, shoulders and arms and in the case of myself I would learn to feel and notice when an area was being corrected, often a small change to the muscles in my lips or sometimes beneath an eye depending on the nature of the ego one has. There’s no better way for restoring physical attractiveness than becoming aware of the ego, purifying it and learning to live in accordance with karma and spiritual expectations of living.

Positive acts of love, kindness, sharing, selfless service and hard work all seem to remove or at least payback and cancel out certain negative karma over time, washing the dishes became one of my favourite methods of doing this and I even came to learn to enjoy doing this. Once the cycle of addressing and balancing past karma is complete, one can accrue positive karma which can be used for more positive or desirable experiences.


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