Coronavirus appears to be a form of pestilence used during spiritual warfare as part of a deliberate act of divine intervention.
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The Relationship Between Corruption and Coronavirus

This article is an effort to consolidate many of my main points about the into a more concise, coherent and digestible format, however, you may still read my more lengthy original articles regarding the virus from the beginning (also linked at the end of this article) which I might encourage you to do in order to get the full scope of what I’m trying to say.

Several months ago I was saying that the virus predominantly affected people with serious issues concerning immorality, this was supported by the observation that significant numbers of people with a high degree of facial trauma seemed to be dying to the virus. This is really the main underpinning point of my argument which connects the concept of a religious pestilence with immorality and the visible signs of trauma to the neck, head and face and I’ve narrowed down the scope of what I consider to be many of the primary offenders or originating causes based on intuitions and mystical insights making this an apocalypse.

In the very beginning, there was a sinister apparition that seemed to appear next to me one morning which attempted to convey that coronavirus was only targeting particular individuals, several months later a different spiritual being made it more clear to me that the virus was a weapon used by in matters of ‘spiritual warfare’. If you put these two things together it paints a picture of the virus being part of a wider struggle between the forces of good and in the real sense as opposed to fictional entertainment. The quality of being good or whole is something that I believe is derived from the qualities of our inner being and which are directly connected to our levels of spiritual purity and spiritual development. This is something that I eventually realised is externally expressed through our appearance and deforming changes to the physical body and appearance, it is this latter point that I believe enables scientific validation to take place of this phenomena through empirical observations by undertaking a visual and intuitive study of human faces.

I will make a qualifying point of saying early on that there are few people in the world who are physically untouched by or karma, whilst many people evidently are involved in committing harmful and sinister acts of evil or sinister behaviours, I also believe the majority of ordinary people within the population also create many lesser sources of ego which I find more often than not relates to minor offences that accumulate over time and also slowly change areas of the body. Frequently these things are done in ignorance or done unconsciously rather than deliberately owing to a lack of self-awareness or awareness of what takes place in the mind, which also in my experience will affect the body. Studying ones own karma can be done by learning to spot and identify a range of the physical micro-traumas it produces and asking why these changes were made, and in doing so one can undo them through identifying better ways of being, engaging in hard work and selfless service, this level of self-knowledge can be used to significantly aid and contribute towards healing and furthering ones own spiritual growth and understanding of our world.

It was my earlier research into that played a major role in uncovering that it is highly likely evil people and people doing immoral things that are the people being targeted by the virus more significantly. Without this prior research, I don’t think I would have been able to confidently say this with such a high degree of certainty or probability that it is true. It is to gleam and can be evidenced by intuitive changes to appearance┬áthat I reason is consistent with varying degrees of trauma deformation to the body. The concept of impurity in the spiritual sense is discussed in other articles in greater detail, but all one needs to know at this point is that impurity represents our ego and a wide range of different character problems and defective traits that people have and that doing these sorts of things will begin to transform and deform the body through karma in harmful ways and it is something unpleasant and to be avoided wherever possible.

Spiritual changes to appearance can occur due to many reasons, anything from a lack of consistent personal hygiene, engaging in unkind behaviours such as bullying to much more extreme and hostile behaviours such as murder, rape or violent assaults and it’s my conclusion these things never go by without being affected by way of karmic punishments when violations against others are caused. I’m absolutely certain these types of actions produce a physical trauma and resulting changes to the body and physical appearance. Take for example when looking at convicted rapists, they develop a more sinister-looking appearance as muscles in the face change to produce a different fixed expression, in my learning, this is something that seems to last up until the point that a person shows regret for wrongdoing, seeks repentance, heals from wounds and then pays back a karmic debt through being of service as this is what Kundalini seems to insist people do and is a major core part of what Christianity teaches.

So far I’ve been able to identify at least several different negative character flaws or traits that are responsible for physical changes to the face, it includes things such as vanity, lust greed and even racism is a source of corruption that I believe can and is intelligently expressed through the changed appearance to the face. I feel that knowing this phenomenon exists supports the concept of religious impurity very well which is needed to set this within its proper context as a suppressing form of pestilence rather than something to feel randomly victimised by if getting too close to someone who has it. I’m rather reluctant to post individual photo examples as I’m very uncertain what the legal consequences could be for stating that someone definitely has one of these particular issues without a scientific validation being made, however, there are plenty of images online that can be found if people should choose to look of coronavirus dead victims.

One of the few early direct pieces of information was that behaviours connected to alcoholism might be one such category of people that are being badly affected by the virus, which such as domestic abuse, drink-driving and violent alcohol-fuelled violence, aggression or brawling.

When looking at China where the virus was found it soon became apparent that animal welfare was a very important factor. It’s thus highly likely that mistreatment of animals, livestock or cattle anywhere in the world would also be a contributing factor, however, the United States was highlighted as a country that has problems with caring for its cattle herds.

The most serious issue of them all to come into my awareness regarding the virus was paedophilia, child-pornography and sex-trafficking also described to me as ‘unnatural desires’ which I speculate might encompass other things such as different types of perversion in a more general sense as being part of this more widespread spiritual corruption that produces an impurity, however, I do believe child tracking is probably one of the primary reasons and motivating factors behind why our world has a widespread virus right now and it’s been a common thought and theme that a number of others have also been hearing in their mind and sharing over social media.

I was eventually intuitively given information from entities that stated ‘they had little choice’ and it was done ‘in order to protect children’ who were being covertly trafficked in increasing numbers. When I studied and compared the photos of the faces of people convicted of crimes involving paedophilia I realised that this group sustains some of the worst degrees of physical deformation to appearance which typically includes changes to the eyes, cheeks and neck area some of which I believe is due to lymphatic . I also observed that the expressions of many of the people shown in the early released photo walls seemed to either looks highly sinister or highly perverted, many appear to be resembling a state as if crying from within, alluding to the fact there might be inner spiritual or emotional problems.

These in my estimation are some of the main immoral, unethical corruption issues that could be connected to the virus and I reason these some of these groups are committing some of the worst transgressions or offences, however, I speculate there are probably other equally serious reasons for the virus that have never come into my awareness, but I’ve speculated that both racism and high-level financial crime could also be some of these underlying issues. The fact that many of the people who have so far been reported to have died from coronavirus seem to match a similar physical description is not coincidental in my mind, however, that said there are also lesser issues that don’t necessarily immediately result in a noticeable change or trauma. Many of the early virus dead victims seem to fit into the prior category as most that I have looked at look especially unhealthy. I believe some of the damage degradations to the muscles in the neck, face and overall appearance is connected to spiritual reasons and cancer rather than obesity. In fact, I recall struggling to find even a single healthy-looking person among the photos of casualties and it should be understood that most of these photos were most likely and probably taken some considerable time prior to contracting the virus.

As a world I can share that we haven’t yet collectively caught onto what is happening to our bodies in response to immoral things that would seem to make us fall out of favour with God or a divine principality governing our world, this is something I take for granted through direct experiences taken from Kundalini, whilst some people are very spiritually developed, I however also know many more are still yet to reach this point of seeking in their quest for knowledge and answers. My exploration of these topics leads me to conclude that individuals who commit the most serious acts of sin, transgressions and violations are perhaps rather unsurprisingly the people who sustain the worst physical trauma and thus look the worst, especially by comparison to healthy people who have very little serious karma that could otherwise serve as role models.

The degenerated facial appearances and physical defects are connected to certain types of spiritual trauma, it is very apparent to see on certain people but can equally show up in peoples’ pictures or photographs and over time I’ve managed to identify many of the most common and consistent changes to people. This is suggesting that moral virtue, integrity and avoiding deliberate acts of sin or evil or immoral human behaviour is vital if someone is to maintain optimal health and this is one of the main reasons why yoga has been used as a practice to remove karma and heal the body. The understanding that physical appearance changes in response to outer behaviour, inner-thinking and through the mind is a not yet widely understood phenomenon that I believe may really begin the push to enlighten people and more consciously shape the behaviour of future for some time to come, in part due to wanting to avoid harming oneself through taking on trauma or harming the body in noticeable and observable ways.

I’ve already previously written several different articles that specifically explores how the face transforms in response to impurity or impure behaviour, initially linked to sinister behaviours and sexual perversions and it is paedophiles in my estimation that really suffer from the most severe trauma and defects. I’ve gone to some length to try to describe these common defects or trauma patterns in other related posts. In time I believe our doctors, researchers and scientists will be able to help identify the resulting causes of this trauma connected to these viruses, but religion, specifically Christianity, already seem to hold many of the answers to this. One of the biggest tel signs connected to a serious perversion issue is how the face appears to inflate or hair may begin to fall out, to the extent that it can begin to bulge or appear greatly out of shape, the neck is one of those body parts that increasingly begins to sag or hang off the face due to impure behaviour and is frequently accompanied by other more sinister changes to facial expression in the cheeks and the eyes, in particular. My research to date has suggested this trauma occurs incrementally over time in response to impure thoughts, actions, intent and evil behaviour, which are responsible for creating something called ego, this has many different causes but it comes with deliberate defects and flaws that intentionally make someone look more impure or unwholesome depending on the degree, type and severity of what impure things has been done.

I was somehow also witnessing to another god commenting that use of coronavirus was in his words ‘much too oppressive’ against our world, however, this does seem to further back up the idea that this was taken as part of a divine intervention originating from their level of reality in an effort to stop or reverse degenerative trends damaging our world. It was also stated that it was never intended to become a pandemic, but whether this turned into an unnecessary hype or panic due to bad information or faulty testing is unclear to me.

Coming back to the topic of spiritual warfare, individuals with the most serious issues purposefully develop impaired immune systems, this makes this category of people more susceptible to developing symptoms from viruses, which I see fits into the sense of the natural survival of the fittest and . The best and most well-developed people are being gifted with superior health and those with bad spiritual issues learn the hard way. I learned that remaining clear of such issues can be done through following a system of higher morality through earnestly following a spiritual path that aligns with many of the core teachings of Christianity. Some people are said to walk in the light of God where others seem to fall into darkness and this, in essence, provides much of context for who is and who isn’t catching the virus without having to go into intricate details of corruption.

I believe viruses as a whole play an important evolutionary role in addition to their individual intended purposes, however, it was originally communicated to me within the context of spiritual warfare. As both new and once hidden knowledge is revealed regarding , particularly the study of karma and health, everyone will someday learn that there are health consequences for every spiritual transgression that causes harm and it does not matter whether these things be committed against other people, animals, nature, against the will of God or the divine.

A future article will be exploring and focusing on spiritual tools and methods for escaping the reaches of coronavirus using knowledge obtained from Kundalini and something else called the ascension process.

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