Coronaviruses emerge in order to address problems of spiritual corruption within a society
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Coronavirus, Corruption and Spiritual Warfare

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Worryingly, many people seem to have been becoming spiritually corrupted this year, in fact, our world finally reached the threshold of becoming corrupted, meaning almost everybody has some serious unresolved issue. I believe coronavirus is linked to spiritual corruption and this can be evidenced through a study of facial trauma, many of those who have died of coronavirus for example appear to look very impure people and have lots of trauma, but especially cancer seemingly being one of the most commonly observable signs, which is connected to negative karma or consequences of causing harm in some way. I believe you can acknowledge spiritual purity based on how a person looks and further believe this can be used to ascertain a person’s level of spiritual purity, any connected diseases are to help someone understand that there are underlying spiritual problems with them.

I believe physical trauma to the face is a very strong indication of cancers such as Lymphoma, these common cancers seem to deform parts of the neck, throat, cheeks and sides of the face and could be considered alongside other things such as impurity that make changes to the body through the mind. I believe many cancers can be healed spiritually using a particular type of deliberate and caring massage technique, which I’ve successfully used on myself in the areas of the neck and lymph nodes behind the ears and chest to heal small cancers. This practice of massaging for healing the body is best associated with tantra massage today, however, this spiritual healing modality dates all the way back to at least as far as ancient Greece and their Esclepion healing temples but may also have been part of earlier Indian culture. I believe that through healing trauma to the body, this is how many people are going to internally learn what causes different viruses.

Intuitions told me that lock-downs were initially supposed to only be a very short and limited intervention in older age brackets in order to stop our hospitals potentially being overwhelmed, but it has in reality gone excessively far and has severely damaged the UK economy as well as the mental, physical and emotional well being of millions of more people who are not necessarily threatened by a coronavirus.

Learning what contributes to spiritual corruption is thus really important both when it comes to developing biological and spiritual immunity to viruses and understanding the causes and reasons for these viruses emerging in the first place. Having a basic awareness and understanding of what impure expressions look like could be beneficial to learn in order to be able to correctly diagnose serious spiritual corruption that could otherwise remain hidden within the mind and psyche of a person. I’ve previously written about this topic in the context of intuitive studies of facial trauma, apparently, this is known as ‘Physiognomy’ whereby common physical signs, trauma patterns and changes occur, particularly to the face, in response to any acts of a harmful, sinister or evil quality or nature, including thoughts that could be considered to be of evil intent.

In my opinion, this is absolutely not a pseudoscience, for example, a rapist might develop a trauma pattern that visually communicates they are a ‘sexual predator’, they immediately take on a fixed sinister expression. It’s probable that this type of discovery once verified could eventually one day lead to an advancement in photo sciences being carried out to establish what things are considered harmful or detrimental (sources of karma) and this would allow for better decision making in many areas to be made, however like anything this would have both pros and cons and could lead to things like more intelligent, but invasive or intrusive facial recognition technology and AI being used, it could be used to advance health and medical science, but could also lead to a world that feels oppressive, something that was communicated in the fictional movie Gattaca.

I do not personally believe that viruses spread through physical person to person contact neither in water droplet vapour nor through the air, whilst many would view this as a radical idea, however, I believe viruses manifest directly into the body similar to how cancer cells initially develop and unless a person has corruption or an impure inner cause they won’t become diseased with a virus. What doctors collect as diseased tissue or viral samples are just bio-makers that in my opinion are used to help make a medical diagnosis. In my estimation, there are many underlying behaviours that can be learned and spread simply through interacting with someone else in the mind and becoming contaminated with a corrupted belief or information, sometimes by way of copycat or herd mentality, something that sometimes even occurs through the conditioning of the media.

Someone shared with me in my mind that coronavirus serves as a non-violent means of suppressing someone, I believe the breathing difficulties people are reporting or experiencing is a result of contracted arteries in the neck that can be combined with a partial deflation or collapsing of the lungs, effectively putting someone in low energy, heavy or sleepy condition, similar to applying pressure to the neck and cutting off blood flow, something that occurs during a chokehold manoeuvre also intended to subdue. One of the reasons this is being used is to prevent violent thought impulses, intentions or violent instances from being directed towards others in the mind and could prevent physically aggressive behaviour for a period of time, however, I suspect this could be used for many different reasons.

I was told fairly early on and quite specifically that getting out and mixing with people is how information is transferred from one mind to another mind regarding the causes of coronavirus, sometimes they are themes too awkward or taboo to speak of in person, but I believe this phenomenon of validating correct knowledge and truths could really be behind the phenomena known as herd-immunity that leads to a change in peoples choices and behaviours. However, getting something like this wrong on a large scale would also result in a mass corrupting of society.

There is a connected trend based on the mental phenomenon of seducing through the mind that is taking place, in many instances, this can occur between adults, children and even animals I as I understand things, whereby placing prolonged awareness and attention on someone can be used to influence people, especially children and it is something that is used to deliberately seduce children, the group I suspect who are most vulnerable and susceptible to being psychically influenced by the mind and energy of another person.

This problem is not only contributing to an increase in human coronaviruses but also the wider problem and complication of child trafficking, which is something many Christians were being instructed to disclose last Summer. Connecting through the mind with another person is often used as part of the natural process of bonding with someone which often takes place by connecting with the root chakra during rest periods or sleep, this process uses an invisible psychic cord or thread to bridge thoughts, share energy, emotion and sensations with another person, however, the same part of the body is highly sensitive owing to its position, allowing direct access and connection to the mind and energy level of the inner being of another person, this can be used to seduce someone if holding onto an impure idea or intention and is something being used to influence toxic outcomes in those most vulnerable or susceptible.

Our society has become over-sexualised when it comes to mental/psychic boundaries in children and adults and I believe this is one of the common causes of some of the Coronavirus, Norovirus and Rhinoviruses, which seem to be a deliberate intelligent intervention in order to attempt to maintain proper mental, psychic and behavioural boundaries and attitudes between adults and children through sustaining trauma and suffering in order to understand that there are consequences, but this is especially true when it comes to ensuring proper boundaries are observed between adults and children.

Corruption caused by sexual perversion in entertainment media and the pornography industry risks corrupting people and creating more disease, due to the possibility and ease of corrupting minds and core beliefs, an example of this might be the recent Cyberpunk computer game whereby the person is given the choice of choosing their characters genitals irrespective of the sex of that character, something I personally found rather vulgar and disgusting, but seems to follow along with the trend and idea that a person can choose their gender identity irrespective of the body they are born with, something I would argue is still mental illness despite progressive reforms in this area.

The damaging theme of hyper-sexualisation also continues and something recently made its way in the form of the movie Cuties which was featured on the Internet streaming service Netflix and that out during the first month of 2020. Its creators argue it raises attention to hyper-sexualisation and sexual exploitation of children, despite not advertising this, but at the same time, it does precisely that which it claims it’s raising awareness of due to featuring inappropriately sexualised and posed positions of teenage children. This is concerning because I believe hyper-sexual attitudes and behaviours is something that is responsible for spreading coronavirus.

One of the main sinister and underlying culprits connected to corruption and the most serious cases of coronavirus could be linked to indecent images of children and child pornography, this was something that was intuitively shared with me and this is a common and pervasive form of corrupted media or content that is easily shared within a population and liable to cause corruption on multiple levels. There was recently an article that featured a discussion of the Internet video sharing service Omegle, (BBC News) which was recognised as a place where child sexual grooming activities with underage children take place online and its timing whilst late seems relevant to what may have been happening recently or still is happening behind the scenes. On the subject of child grooming and trafficking (BBC News), a spiritual source intuitively told me that the real reason for the closure of the popular Pizza Hut chain in Britain was to prevent it from being used as a place to meet and traffic children, however, one of the downsides to this radical measure is that children don’t have a place to enjoy going for pizza meals anymore, this suggests it was actually still a healthy business despite the hardship many in the restaurant sector face and so one might reasonably expect that it would return again one day once these unpleasant issues have been resolved.

Internet porn sites have been criticised for allowing their site to be host to abuse imagery and indecent images of children (BBC News) something that I believe in my estimation is one of the ways in which coronavirus has spread through the population through not recognising immoral behaviour. The topic of sexual perversion was something I’d been studying post-Kundalini and is something I now believe can be evidenced and validated as real through a study of the body and the different types of trauma and trauma-based effects such as cancer, as the body sustains under certain conditions. I believe we are highly likely to see more viruses in the future as well as the return of existing viruses unless corrupting content is eradicated or removed from places like the Internet. Other content could be subjected to a professional review body to prevent toxic or inappropriate content from ever reaching publication and wide circulation. It’s not only corrupted forms of pornography, but it’s also important not to generate, encourage or introduce hypersexual attitudes and behaviours through our entertainment media, fashion, lifestyle or anything that might lead to corrupted decision making in any number of relevant and related areas.

Some of the worst issues I’ve so far heard about or have connected coronavirus include child trafficking, paedophilia, child pornography, coveting and inappropriately seducing others through the intent and power of the mind or when thinking about or intending some sort of unfounded or unwarranted act of violence or act of aggression, which is where I believe coronavirus is used as a measure to subdue, however, I was also told behaviours linked to alcoholism such as drink-driving or city brawling were also connected.

I was told that our respective divine has been attempting to prevent, stem and thwart corruption amongst the population using viruses, something that they claim is a legitimate form of ‘spiritual warfare’, they exist and affect people for spiritual reasons and are intended to bring about spiritual changes in people. Using viruses in this way is not something I believe our own humanity is intelligent enough or capable of engaging in yet.

Voices from the divine stated that ‘our entire world has become corrupted’ to varying degrees, this might explain why there are so many viruses prevalent right now. Whilst I don’t completely understand how vaccines work, someone intuitively shared with me in mind that the RNA version of the vaccine (something said to be in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines) is something that could lead to a behavioural change in a person and correct damaged parts of the DNA and is more likely to be effective than other vaccines. I don’t think changing DNA alone like a light switch on/off is necessarily adequate if a person’s thinking and beliefs don’t align with the new programming. Through changing human genetic code it is possible to effect changes, possibly even to the mind or consciousness of a person, but with that said I still believe any person is ultimately capable of using their free will in a harmful way and could override any sort of ego-level belief or inner conditioning, even to the point of doing something harmful and causing corruption to themselves once again, self-harming like placing one’s hand in the fire.

The example I want to give, let’s say the world was full of fly-tippers and litter-bugs and it became endemic to the point that too many people were doing it and nobody even cared about the consequences, a virus could be introduced into a population and begin to raise awareness of a particular problem, this seems to occur through the intuitive mind, a vaccine could then be produced from this that brings forward the information necessary to resolve the problem, the vaccine successfully alters something and then people are then put off about the idea of littering or have a new belief instilled that prevents them from allowing themselves to do this, but at the end of the day the decision as to whether or not to disregard something recklessly lies in the hands of the person and nothing is ever completely guaranteed.

At the end of 2019, I made a prediction based on some of my own research which suggested that spiritual knowledge and information about the nature of diseases and our relationship to disease could be part of a series of additional revelations that could serve as a catalyst to understanding the greater purpose of disease that would lead to many changes to how we think and live. This might also start the process of bringing about a new social order based on the religious concept of spiritual purity. My logic behind this conclusion is the assumption that in reality many people do not want to appear sinister or spiritually wounded, corrupted or diseased and would prefer to look their best given the choice. A natural conclusion of everybody understanding karma and its relationship to the human form or the natural ‘temple to the divine’ as it really is, is everybody is eventually going to start physically looking much healthier and physically attractive due to the effects of reversing distortions and karmic damage to the body, something I believe can now be scientifically proven and is just waiting for someone to properly investigate the connection.

I’ve since written a follow-up article, which is a good accompaniment to this piece that discusses more of what spiritual corruption really is and what it might entail, something useful for spiritual teachers to understand: What is spiritual corruption?

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