Coronaviruses emerge in order to address problems of spiritual corruption within a society
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Viruses, Corruption and Spiritual Warfare

Worryingly, many people seem to have been becoming spiritually corrupted this year, in fact, our world finally reached the threshold of becoming a corrupted dark world, meaning almost everybody has some serious unresolved issue. I believe is linked to spiritual and this can┬ábe evidenced through a study of facial trauma, many of those who have died of coronavirus have lots of it and have had their appearance transformed. I also believe trauma to the face is a very strong indication of cancers such as Lymphoma, which deforms parts of the neck, cheeks and sides of the face alongside other things such as impurity and the mind, but very interestingly some cancers can be healed spiritually using a particular type of deliberate and caring massage technique on the neck and lymph nodes behind the ears, often associated with tantra massage today, however, this dates all the way back at least as far as Ancient Greece and their Esclepion healing temples but was probably also a part of early Indian culture; I believe through healing trauma to the body is how everybody learns what the inner causes of the virus are, but the worst I’ve so far connected to things like trafficking, paedophilia, coveting and seducing.

Learning what contributes to spiritual corruption is thus really important both when it comes to developing biological immunity to viruses and understanding the causes and reasons for these viruses emerging in the first place. Having a basic awareness and understanding of what impure eyes look like might be beneficial to learn so anyone can begin to diagnose serious spiritual corruption that would otherwise remain hidden within the psyche. I’ve previously written about this topic in the context of intuitive studies concerning facial trauma whereby common physical signs and patterns occur in response to acts of a harmful, sinister or evil nature and thoughts of considered to be of evil intent, it’s probable that this discovery would one day lead to an advancement in photo sciences being carried out to establish what is considered harmful and what the resulting causes likely are, this would eventually likely have both pros and cons and could lead to things like more intelligent and possibly more intrusive facial recognition technology.

I do not personally believe that the virus spreads through physical person to person contact in water droplet vapour, many would view this as a radical idea, however, I believe viruses manifest directly into the body similar to how cells initially develop and unless a person has an impure inner cause they won’t become diseased. What doctors collect as diseased tissue or viral samples in my opinion is used as evidence or signs to serve during a medical diagnosis. However, there are many underlying behaviours that can be learned and spread through the mind by interacting with someone else with a corrupted or false belief, by way of copy-cat or herd mentality or sometimes through the conditioning of media.

I’m certain in my mind that many different cancers can, in reality, be healed through a steady practice of yoga, meditation, prayer and healing massage that uses a very loving, caring and tender touch of the affected area in order to generate and create the right intent to focus the mind, healing a source of trauma also releases information back into the mind about its originating cause, which is necessary in order to learn about all the inner spiritual lessons and to resolve the real underlying problem.

I was told fairly early on and quite specifically that getting out and mixing with people is how information is transferred from mind to mind regarding the spiritual causes of a coronavirus, sometimes they are themes too awkward or taboo to speak of in person, but I believe this phenomenon of validating correct knowledge and truths could really be behind the phenomena known as herd-immunity that leads to a change in peoples choices and behaviours, but getting something like this wrong en mass would also result in a mass corrupting of society. Intuitions told me that lock-downs were initially supposed to only be a very short and limited intervention in older age brackets in order to stop our hospitals potentially being overwhelmed, but it has in reality gone excessively far and is severely damaging the economy and the mental, physical and emotional well being of millions more unaffected by the virus.

There is a connected trend based on the mental phenomenon of seducing through the mind that is taking place mostly between adults and children, whereby placing prolonged awareness and attention on younger children or inappropriate types of attention is being able to influence and seduce some of them making them very vulnerable and susceptible to being psychically influenced by the mind and energy of other people. This problem is not only contributing to an increase in human coronaviruses but also the wider problem and complication of child-trafficking, which is something Christians were told to disclose. Connecting through the mind with another person is often part of the natural process of bonding with another person that takes place from the root chakra using a psychic cord or thread to bridge thoughts, energy and sensation, however, the same part of the body is highly sensitive and along with the root chakra allowing access and connection to the mind and energy level of the inner being, from where it can be used to seduce someone if the person either holds an impure idea or intention; or either deliberately or mistakenly begins to apply too much pressure or introduce too much energy, this is how surrendering works and it’s also how God is able to influence people.

Our society has become increasingly hyper-sexualised and corrupted from both ends to a serious extent when it comes to mental or psychic boundaries in both children and adults and this is one of the common causes of some of the Coronavirus, and Rhinoviruses, which seem to be a deliberate intelligent intervention in order to attempt to maintain proper mental, psychic and behavioural boundaries and attitudes between adults and children through trauma, suffering and understanding that there are consequences, but this is especially true when it comes to ensuring sexual boundaries are observed between adults and children.

On the topic of viruses, I believe the virus is connected to aggressive thought-impulses and serves some sort of function to cleanse a person’s mind, inner being and consciousness of inappropriately hostile or aggressive impulses, something one can perceive in the mind during a heavy frown or stare as this will often begin to channel thoughts of an aggressive quality into the mind and becomes directed towards whomever one’s awareness and attention is fixated on, this results in a type of psychic attack through interactions of the mind. Ebola is definitely a manifested disease with an underlying spiritual purpose of preventing a particular pattern of mental intent and attitude and so I believe that it is possible that in reality it is not spread by insect bites at all.

Why sexual corruption and sexual perversion in entertainment media and the pornography industry is risking corrupting people and creating more disease, due to the risk of corrupting minds and core beliefs increase, this is something that appears in the recent Cyberpunk computer game. and also in independent movies such as Cuties which was featured on the Internet streaming service Netflix and originally came out during the first month of 2020, this is highly likely to be one of the causes of hyper-sexualisation in both adults and children and one of the ways in which these viruses have been spreading by re-shaping and influencing the minds of the people who engage with such content, which I suspect is what ensures some viruses continue to come into existence.

The Internet porn site Porn Hub also came under heavy criticism for allowing its site to be host to indecent images of children (BBC News) and this in my estimation is probably one of the main ways in which coronavirus is spread as this site is widely accessible (apart from in Russia, where the site was previously banned). Sexual perversions are something I believe can be identified, evidenced and validated through a study of the body and different types of facial trauma and why I believe we are highly likely to see more viruses in the future unless corrupting content as aforementioned become subjected to a professional review to prevent its publication and circulation. It’s also important not to create or encourage hypersexual attitudes through our entertainment media or through corrupted decision making that leads to this end.

Our respective divine has been attempting to prevent, stem and thwart corruption amongst the population using viruses as a form of spiritual warfare, not something I believe humanity is meant to engage in. Any deliberate attempts to use knowledge of karma in order to harm or infect a targeted demographic or population are themselves likely to become corrupted individuals and targets of some sort of individual measure.

Apparently, the real mystery behind what causes bovine-tuberculosis in Britain is to also be found in some sort of spiritual battle between cattle, other animals and farmers, whilst I didn’t catch the precise reason during my meditation it seemed to suggest that there are areas of land where British countryside is expected to be maintained and preserved and should not become exclusively or extensively over-farmed or used for cattle grazing and cattle farming.

At the end of 2019 I predicted that information on the spiritual sources of disease could be the beginning of an information Apocalypse or series of revelations that might serve as a catalyst to establishing a new social order based on the religious concept of spiritual purity, the logic to this being, that simply put, nobody wants to appear sinister or spiritually wounded or corrupted and everybody would ideally probably like to and choose to look their best, a welcome side effect of figuring out what everybody’s spiritual expectations are is that it is going to prevent a lot of unnecessary diseases from forming.

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