The serpent is a mystical being that denotes and communicates evil but is also a metaphysical tool that can be used during spiritual awakenings, spiritual healing and tantra.
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The Spiritual Significance of Serpents

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This article contains a combination of spiritual teaching, information and re-telling of a few experiences relating to my Kundalini awakening.

The Kundalini-Serpent

During spiritual awakenings, a metaphysical serpent made of light and energy may slowly rise from the base root chakra and into the higher chakras in order to purge away fears and fear-based negative energies and in doing this it also releases a lot of past trauma. Trauma is usually created or sustained through various means, this could include making costly mistakes, not loving and respecting oneself, not loving and respecting others or not living in accordance with love and violating divine laws in the process resulting in karma that manifests as disease and chronic ill health.

The purpose of the spiritual serpent is really about bringing a person into higher consciousness and self-awareness, levels of consciousness are increased incrementally through sexual energy or Kundalini energy and eventually result in a very heightened and self-aware state of awareness or conscious being. It was very uncomfortable and distressing for me to experience this transition into self-awareness, but it eventually allowed me to become a self-realised person and truly self-aware of myself known as self-realisation. From this point onwards I was able to understand what it is to be a person who is unconscious of the innermost self and what it really means to be almost completely self-identified as mind and body, which is a very stable and grounded way to experience oneself usually, but it is also very limiting as one is subject to every whim and pull of the mind as it exerts its influence over the body.

The Ida and Pingala channels in the body are what cross over each other along the spine and these are also represented by snake or serpents in the Kundalini caduceus, energy can be raised up these channels leading to even greater spiritual development, something I can only speculate about at this point. Raising this energy is done by meditation practice of alternate nostril breathing, I managed to raise energy in one of my channels, enough for me to verify this phenomenon exists and is real, but I interrupted the process due to how much sexual urgency it creates leading to physical orgasm, which wastes and depletes one’s subtle or spiritual energy and causes it to fall back down again like mercury in a thermometer. It was JJ Semple who first introduced me to the topic and he writes about these phenomena in his works on Kundalini and sexual sublimination of energy.

Serpent hair

At one point I witnessed an apparition of the white coloured serpent made of light that appeared on the carpet next to me where I had been sleeping, I didn’t know what the purpose of this visual manifestation was and it made me jump a little as I’m unaccustomed to seeing snakes, perhaps it helped to communicate and reassure what was happening to me was part of some sort of shamanic experience of Kundalini. During a Kundalini awakening seeing visions, hallucinations and spiritually manifested sight is intended to be part of the normal experience of Kundalini, however, Kundalini is anything but normal, especially when speaking about the topic to other people who have never heard of it before.

During an active state of Kundalini, the hair on the body may begin to move and sway like a real serpent, if anyone ever had any doubt about the validity of spiritual awakening and it’s mystical powers over the body, this would be a good symptom to observe. I did not manage to capture any video of this happening at the time, I was too amazed, however, I did manage to take a static photograph of my arm as an after-thought at the time it was being influenced by Kundalini energy. The hairs on my left arm were being influenced by Kundalini energy and the right arm was completely unaffected, but I photographed both for the purpose of making a comparison. This is not due to static electricity, in fact, I did an experiment and tested this out and discovered with static electricity the hairs would all move in a uniform way and direction as if following a magnet around, whereas with Kundalini each hair would be seen to dance individually.

Emblem of the World Health Organisation

It is perhaps ironic that the Rod of Asclepius is used as the western medical symbol and behind the logo of the World Health Organisation (pictured above) and this holds many of the secrets to the origins of coronavirus and disease. This logo features prominently a snake entwined around a single staff and it was an instrument used during healing in the times of ancient Greece whereby the snake or serpent is said to consume evil and impurities from the body resulting in a healing of the mind and body, impurity is, in reality, the base form of many diseases before it affects the physical body. This is partly why serpent-like features have been used to symbolically represent evil in both fictional media and religious material.

The Staff of Hermes or the Caduceus is the more advanced symbol of healing and evolution as this takes into account the spiritual chakra system and spiritual energy flow such as Kundalini. A person with a developed knowledge of good and evil is less likely to develop a disease in the first place and are less likely to be affected by trauma and karma, or only in minor or moderate ways. Humanity has the capability to develop itself spiritually to the point whereby disease becomes redundant and unnecessary, effectively becoming an enlightened world.

Human Evolution

The ability to come out of states of corruption or to reverse the harmful effects of disease comes from one’s ability to surrender the mind and body, something which can be facilitated through spiritual practises such as yoga, meditation, prayer and tantra, these may enable someone to make right decisions and to release past traumas resulting from a specific cause, some of which will be relevant to viruses and their causes of spiritual corruption. One of the reason’s some people become more enlightened is through more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of what is considered right and wrong, how diseases can be used by a higher will in order to shape human decision making and behaviour to this effect and learning the greater evolutionary purpose behind certain diseases, which are to create, shape and fashion more developed consciousness and people so that our own humanity might become compatible with a higher will in order to establish better more functional worlds for everybody and ultimately it is God that decides what is love and what things are and are not acceptable within each world.

Healing with Serpents

During times of ancient Greece, Esclepion temples were built as places of healing, perhaps considered an alternative to today’s hospitals. During these healings, a patient would be given a physical massage with oil and allowed to rest in a humid environment, during this time they might experience hallucinations or witness visions of spiritual quality, typically, a man wielding a staff with a serpent entwined around the staff would visit each patient and the serpent would visit each and consume impurity from the body, which would lead to miraculous healings of certain health problems and diseases. It takes an enlightened person who understands the mind and greater expanses of reality in order to understand how this really heals a person from within, which also gives rise to the understanding of the purpose of disease which serves as a function and part of human evolution. This image of the staff and the serpent became the symbol of western medicine and it was not chosen by accident.

The closest thing we have to an Esclepion temple today would be a health spa equipped with a heated pool, hot sauna, beds and massage therapists for people to rest, however in theory if made accessible to ordinary people it would result in healing many chronic health conditions and diseases as people go into altered states of consciousness and awareness and begin to learn about the inner reasons for why they have become unwell in the first place. There is however still a place for modern medicine, drugs and surgical interventions to solve and remedy other problems, particularly of a physical nature.

The serpent as a spiritual or mystical being is understood to be a shrewd animal that can see into one’s lifetime and pick out sources of evil, the idea that a snake could be intelligent as a human being and speak in one’s own native tongue or language on equal terms is too bewildering for some to fathom or understand. However, by resolving sources of evil highlighted from this being, the serpent in this form becomes an excellent consultant about the sources of evil, many of these things would have a corresponding disease that could be healed by addressing the issue. The serpent used in this way can be accessed through direct prayers or meditations with a clear intention to seek answers of this nature.

The serpent when manifested and controlled by one’s mind can also be used to relieve the unpleasant sensations of anxiety, as it moves in a looped figure of eight motion at the base of the pelvic floor or when used around different parts of the body such as the limbs, it begins to soothe and heal anxiety by releasing the unpleasant muscular constriction that causes the physical sensations of anxiety, whilst pleasant and sensual, it’s not intended to be erotic when used in this way. This serpent is controlled using the mind and is metaphysical, it isn’t a physical snake, which could be dangerous if one is attempted to be used in this way.

Serpents in Tantra

During tantra the metaphysical serpent is used to process content and material from each of the chakras, assisting one to let go of trauma, emotional problems and issues associated with evil and impurity. It pushes up from the base of the pelvic basin and steadily rises further up into the body, this can sometimes happen on its own, or it can be an accompaniment to a Kundalini awakening and it’s often a very heightened experience.

Many of the artworks and pictures of Shiva frequently show one or two of these serpents hanging around his neck and the peaceful facial expressions that he can achieve for himself with his partner Shakti. Whilst I was writing about and studying the deities of Shakti and Shiva and the use of the serpent someone in spirit decided to show me through a dream how with a psychic or spiritually manifested body, the male can connect and integrate itself with a metaphysical serpent as a tool or extension of his own body. This can then be controlled by the mind and used with his female partner for greater intimacy, eroticism and pleasure, it is said to be deeply peaceful and mimics the feeling and sensations of a real serpent moving using the psychic senses and incorporates tantric energy sharing between two people.

Getting access to one usually requires spiritual development and overcoming karma and impure behaviours and lower human impulses and desires, something that can be obtained through persevering with the process of going through a spiritual awakening and seeing it through to completion. Initially, a drive and commitment to continue working hard and then every so often in my experience, one can attempt to use this when there is a long enough period of time. There‚Äôs a real risk of becoming a victim of lust and addiction when trying this, a lot of sexual energy is created and channelled in the process which can induce certain types of bipolar manic states if you’re not careful, this is something that Patricia Anne Bloise wrote about in her book titled, Dancing with the Serpent: Diary of Madness.

It was through processing some of my own karma through yoga and Kundalini shadow dreamwork where I was shown several common examples of what can go wrong when someone misuses the serpent, examples can include sending it into the wrong area of the body or if using it in a lustful or inappropriate way through the uncontrolled or undisciplined mind, the consequence of which was seen and observed to be incredibly distressing and unpleasant for the inner being of the person. For sensual use, I was shown the correct method of using the serpent is to weave it around or through each chakra in turn and incorporating the whole body and each chakra within the torso. It should be used in a way whereby it doesn’t become wildly out of control, this would be considered lustful use. A word of warning, however, creating a lust demon is a real possibility when trying to use and engage with the serpent in an erotic way and getting it wrong. This is something that someone who is into tantra is more likely to encounter, however, many people who work in the pornography and adult entertainment industry also often suffer from demons of this type and nature due to not properly understanding or respecting spiritual teachings on lust and sexual perversion, something that is often communicated by an incubus or succubus demon during Kundalini.

Any use of a spiritual serpent for pleasure can result in an uncontrolled addiction due to both feelings of energy, ecstasy, bliss, euphoria and sexual pleasure, however, used maturely and sparingly this can become part of a healthy spiritual practice for those evolving through their respective spiritual lessons. Its negative use and connotations are the main reason why I believe the snake or serpent has become a dual symbol of both evil and healing and why it features in the Garden of Eden as an anthropomorphised being that can be used to tempt humans with something evil and to be avoided or used pro-actively it can see into one’s being and reveal any evil in one’s life, however, both of these have a positive purpose in mind to ensure humanity does not become dark, evil or corrupted, however being tempted and tested through spiritual trials in this way is usually a deeply unpleasant experience, the Eden serpent can actually be prayed to in order to receive wisdom and self-knowledge, but in reality, it is just one of the forms in which a more evolved spiritual entity or being would function through in order to communicate and interact with us on the topic of evil and healing.

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