Evil temptation from the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.
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Evil Temptation

What is Spiritual Corruption?

This article is my attempt to list and identify what is really meant by the idea of spiritual , if you want to heal yourself from viruses or develop immunity to viruses then it’s essential to understand what spiritual corruption is as the ability to remain free of serious forms of corruption depend on this as well as to be able to quickly acknowledge or heal from mistakes that are considered moderate and less severe. Some of the core knowledge of spiritual corruption has traditionally come from religion such as Christianity or has been passed down by mystics over the centuries, however, today, it’s also possible to realise and understand that a lot of human diseases are in reality linked to concepts such as inner corruption and not successfully meeting spiritual expectations of how to live, how to act and how to interact with each other without creating grave violations or transgressions.

One of the most fundamental bodies of spiritual knowledge is considered to be the knowledge of sin, this would come as a huge surprise to many people, but perhaps rather unsurprising to those who already know this. When religion or religious teachings themselves become corrupted, it then becomes far more difficult to access accurate, truthful and beneficial information, as there are both teachings that are incorrect and going to result in harm to people as well as religious institutions whose members or leaders whom may have themselves become corrupted through things like financial greed, power or perverse sexuality and such people are likely not going to be guiding their respective countries people towards a greater age of enlightenment as they themselves are engaged in serious acts of a corrupt nature and are part of the problem.

The following items are examples of things that I would consider to be sources of corruption and the top 5 in my list are absolutely linked to in my opinion, the second list includes examples of things that I personally do not believe are instant sources of corruption, however, I suspect they have the potential to lead in that direction if it becomes excessive or becomes done deliberately.

Things that are spiritually corrupt

  • Sexual perversions (paedophilia, acts of rape, incest, bestiality etc. including thoughts of the mind)
  • Sex trafficking
  • Sexually seducing other people in the mind
  • Coveting other’s married partners or relationships
  • High-level financial crime
  • Cheating and fixing in Sporting Competitions
  • Greed
  • Racism
  • Theft and Stealing (probably does not include misdemeanours)
  • Addiction (alcoholism, drugs, sunbathing, computer games, sex, food etc) – especially if it’s done with an attitude of not acknowledging them or trying to reverse an addiction.
    Lies (excluding white lies)
  • Hypocrisy – beliefs, decisions, communications
  • Lust for Power – could include spending power, weapons development, excessive levels of influence or control over other people or a situation, monopolisation of an industry.
  • Unholy alliances between different peoples or nations
  • Cultural-Marxism
  • Any serious key decision making that would threaten the divine will of our world
  • The mass clearing of rainforests or forests leading to the extinction of species
  • Mistreatment of animals, wildlife and excessive harm to bio-diversity

Things that I do not believe would be considered corrupt

  • Owning more than one property
  • Minor misdemeanours
  • Cheating in a casual relationship
  • Swearing during a heated argument
  • Limited clearing of forests to make way for something like commercial development
  • Certain other things might be considered immoral or harmful, but not necessarily result in corruption.


It is perhaps ironic that the Rod of Asclepius is used as the western medical symbol and behind the logo of the World Health Organisation (pictured above) as this holds many of the secrets to the origins of coronavirus and disease as a whole. This logo prominently features a snake entwined around a single staff and it was first used as an instrument of healing during the times of ancient Greece. The snake or serpent is said to consume evil and impurities from the body resulting in a healing of the mind and body, impurity is, in reality, what I consider to be the base form of many diseases before it affects the physical body and it stores the information about the karma that the mind can process in the body and read. This is partly why serpent-like features have been used to symbolically represent evil in both fictional media and religious material.

There is still a great deal of spiritual information that humanity has yet to fully comprehend and integrate into society, but in addition to this, I know for example there are still many unidentified forms of sin that will need to be learned and discovered and taken into account, one might suggest how humans relate to intelligent AI in the future. However much depends on the realisation that there are spiritual expectations that govern our lives, these expectations include sets of laws higher than all the worldly courts and they cannot be violated without coming into states of disease or ill-health as to do so creates karma that can be reflected or introduced in different ways.

Karma is not merely about punishment but is actually used to help people come into alignment with the divine or higher will which is intended to both harmonise people’s lifetimes and ensure a certain quality within the world is maintained and respected based on spiritual principles. Someone in spirit shared with me that one of the probable conclusions of learning about the relationship to corruption and coronavirus would be, “everybody prays”, this can be an effective way of mentally receiving divined or higher intuitive information relevant for one’s own life and decision making as well as helping to surrender the body so fears can be processed and overcome.


Emblem of the World Health Organisation


The Staff of Hermes or the Caduceus is the more advanced symbol of healing and evolution as this takes into account the spiritual chakra system and spiritual energy flow such as Kundalini. A person with a developed knowledge of good and evil is less likely to develop a disease in the first place and are less likely to be affected by trauma and karma, or if they are, only in minor ways. Humanity has the capability to develop itself spiritually to the point whereby disease becomes redundant and unnecessary, effectively becoming an enlightened world.

Human Evolution

The ability to come out of states of corruption or to reverse the harmful effects of disease comes from one’s ability to surrender the mind and body, something which can be facilitated through spiritual practises such as yoga, meditation, prayer and tantra, these may enable someone to make right decisions and to release past traumas resulting from a specific cause, some of which will be relevant to viruses and their causes of spiritual corruption.

One of the ways in which someone can become enlightened is through more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of what is considered right and wrong, how diseases can be used by a higher will in order to shape human decision making and behaviour to this effect and learning the greater evolutionary purpose behind certain diseases, which are to create, shape and fashion more developed consciousness and people so that our own humanity might become compatible with a higher will and loving order in order to establish better more functional worlds for everybody and ultimately it is God that decides what is love and what things are and are not acceptable within each world.


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