Divine intervention or biological contagion?
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Reflections on Coronavirus

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I was once confident that coronavirus wasn’t transmitted from person to person; however, I now believe it could still be transmitted through mucus from one person to another person. Viruses seem to exist as required, and I believe they are used to combat negative things governed by spiritual laws. The overall theme running throughout concerning viral spread seems to be connected to spiritual corruption. For example, some of them could be caused by intense anger and hostility and others by seducing people; the most serious one I believe is connected to the sex trafficking of children.

If this is true, it would mean that some people are creating and then spreading the viruses, and I do not believe locking people down will actually defeat a virus. So far, all my experiences and intuitive insights have either shown me or told me that the coronavirus is, in reality, a spiritual disease that begins in the body based upon violations committed by the mind. I believe one of the most common offences responsible for coronavirus is seducing people through the mind and another person’s root chakra, something that can be attributed to a combination of lack of common awareness about boundaries of the mind and collapsed boundaries relating to human sexual interaction and the right use of the mind, the underlying intelligence behind the viruses take into account what is an appropriate and moral and immoral use of the mind’s mental and psychic faculties when linking with people, especially concerning the morality of who you can and cannot put your attention on, for how long, the types of attention and energy one can give, send out or receive using through the mind and even who can be linked to without causing a transgression.

I was told last year the purpose of coronaviruses was ‘to ensure that people surrender’, this is a religious and spiritual concept whereby the individual will is surrendered over to a higher mind for a period of time, and this enables the muscles and tendons that are contracted or frozen due to mental or emotional resistance and psychological fears to be slowly released. This allows intuitive information from the body and mind to become inwardly audible as thoughts as certain types of trauma are released, usually very unpleasant to hear or experience. Still, it is one of the ways I believe cancer is healed without the need for harmful medical intervention. Much of the information derived from processing trauma seems to be about providing spiritual lessons and insights about the greater sense of moral right and wrongdoing according to the divine will in many areas, and at the same time, it is showing us the underlying nature, causes and purpose of certain types of diseases, however not all diseases follow this pattern.

If this is how viruses actually work, then this would mean that our existing theory about the causes and spread of viruses is completely wrong. I’ve so far already heard several clear examples about the originating causes of certain viruses, including everything from the Rhinovirus or Common Cold to Ebola virus and they’re produced in response to certain very harmful interactions between people. Two points I feel it’s necessary to clarify further, firstly many people seem to develop a coronavirus precisely because they have poor personal hygiene issues, not because they’ve somehow caught it from someone else with poor hygiene issues who has unwittingly spread water droplets to them; this is speaking in terms of a spiritual transgression that violates laws on human cleanliness and seeks to ensure and enforce acceptable standards of cleanliness and even to prevent further unclean or dirty behaviour proliferating by limiting and suppressing this segment of the population.

Almost everything seems to come down to a type of transgression committed at the end of the day only ranging in degree and severity; you can’t really catch it from another person the way we believe at present; however, I do believe a corrupted person can if allowed to, corrupt the beliefs of another person or at times serve as a point of possible temptation or influence for some form of corrupting behaviour. I believe this sort of thinking and understanding about the disease is part of what spiritual enlightenment can reveal and extend the enquiring mind, knowledge and understanding beyond the existing paradigm of science alone.

I’ve had various cold viruses throughout my life, but there was one particular period where I seemed to experience my own long coronavirus woes around 2013. The only thing that seemed to help me was regular work, meditation, and completing something called a Kundalini awakening; whilst reading and practising the Power of Now, I worked through lessons that helped focus on things like mastering emotions and controlling anger preventing reactionary ego behaviours. I believe strongly intense or overreactive anger, malevolent intent and desire to cause violence or mentally directed ill will is far one of the most overlooked causes of the coronavirus. This can further result in a compression of arteries in the heart and neck, similar to experiencing a chokehold manoeuvre and causes breathing difficulties. Even if one isn’t causing physical harm, I believe there is enough evidence that hostile thoughts alone can trigger this response as they manifest within the mind. It is as if certain thoughts are constantly being observed and policed in their morality, not allowing someone to break spiritual laws or expectations regarding right conduct.

Later on, through my spiritual awakening, I managed to learn and develop most of the necessary attention and sexual boundaries of the mind to avoid creating violations against people, particularly when working with, viewing or interacting with things like photographs of other people or watching different forms of entertainment media featuring people, as the mind can seemingly connect to a person with a mental or psychic connection irrespective of distance when placing inner attention on someone. A transgression in these areas is something that I’d eventually learn could result in a person being cut off or disconnected from the universal source of love; this is not particularly pleasant and usually comes with heavy depressions or low moods. Some people have a good feeling for what love is and have experienced enough of it throughout their life and have learned many of the proper ways in which to create more love themselves; it’s usually a delightful and soothing emotion and at times even like tantric energy and if science could adequately study or explain, would suggest that it is highly addictive and yet even necessary for regulating mood, sustaining life and allowing different beings to function.

When a person is deprived of love or cut off from love through creating a serious enough transgression, a person soon experiences feelings of depression, moodiness, emptiness and even despair; can also induce feelings of grumpiness, hopelessness, anger and trigger over-reactionary thinking and behaviour and may eventually become accompanied by other karmic diseases such as coronavirus or cancers and this pattern is connected certain bipolar mood states. For some, the only way out of this cycle of seeming despair seems to be through a spiritual awakening, surrendering one’s will in certain areas and allowing for a reconnection to the ‘Source’¹ based on aligning with their will, if successful will eventually connect a human being back to the ultimate source of love and spiritual light most of us call God, however, this must be accompanied by inner learnings relating to spirituality such as love, right-doing, higher morality and learning the knowledge of evil, sin and transgression to un-do or remove many of the sources of corruption or evil from oneself. Corruption seems to exist to define the morality of right and wrong. It follows a series of spiritual expectations whilst ensuring the viability and continuation of life at many different levels as it is designed and intended. Much of these spiritual teachings come from the Christian faith that followed the teachings of Jesus Christ, someone who it was recognised opposed evil and corruption in his day and eventually ascended out of the lower reality.

By this point, I’ve already written several coronavirus articles; however, the information seems necessary if we’re to escape this mess of global corruption and viral pandemics. Every country, culture and race seems to have their own corruption issues to contend with and could explain why there are many variants of coronavirus. I believe India may be suffering from attitudes surrounding sexual lust and sexual predation. In contrast, China, I believe, is suffering from lust for power and sexual perversions. The West is suffering from many issues, but sexual perversion is also high, in my estimation.

¹ ‘Source’ is meant to describe our infinite creator, whereas ‘God’ describes a creator entity who’s extended from Source, like we all are, and watches over our universe. Source: https://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/02/07/god-source-whats-difference/

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