What is the Source of Love?
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Enlightened Love

What is Love?

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This article is my attempt to explain what love is and how to create it, however since it is an intangible product of one’s quality of being, it’s difficult to quantify or share precisely, some things are relative to things like personal character and are subjective whereas other things are governed by higher laws and unseen powers, something that might be difficult to appreciate without having experienced the phenomena of a spiritual awakening.

The Energy of Love

Love is actually a type of subtle energy that radiates from within the body, this is necessary for both physical survival and regulating mood, it can equally be shared and given out through the mind to other people or animals by using intention when recognising something we like or wish to validate within our personal world. When someone has enough love energy they may feel states of bliss or slightly euphoric, if it is of more refined tantric quality then a person might become intoxicated by it or even ‘drunk’ and if it is received at the root chakra or heart chakra a person can become highly euphoric and at peak times experiences divine love or ecstasy. One can either receive love from the people or animals they are interacting with, through the feedback of recognition, validation, appreciation and gratitude, even from none living beings, such as appreciating a painting or flower, else it can also come from one’s inner spiritual reality by living in accordance with their rules and wishes, often this means avoiding universally recognised acts of sin or transgression and ensuring one is working hard or productively and not necessarily wasting time through fear of acting or excessive procrastination.

Ways of Creating Love

This is often achieved through the quality of one’s hard work, whether it be through a normal job or career, through engaging in creative pursuits like arts, sports, music or hobbies; but especially being in service to others by helping other people through acts of kindness. Self-love is also knowing when to love oneself by avoiding being used, distracted by others or attempts to put you down in unjustifiable ways. It’s through knowing how to properly express disapproval or give criticism, knowing when to punish or when it’s necessary to be compassionate and more understanding of a situation. One can create love by rising early with the sun and taking care of one’s personal appearance, style or fashion and personal hygiene, through taking an effort to prepare proper meals, acknowledging the people whom you interact or see daily and balancing your time and energy as necessary to take into account family, friends, relationships, pets and work-life balance.

Learning to live in accordance with divine love involves going through something called the ascension process, this predominantly affects your mental reality and whom you interact with from the astral plane, however, once you have learned all the core lessons and past certain stages of spiritual testing or trials, completing your ascension also known as “the last supper” can see even your physical world changed in order to be part of a more evolved world and reality; this transition is deeply mystical and defies what we know about science and the nature of reality.

The Heart

The heart isn’t just a physical organ used for pumping blood, it’s usually where we feel love and where we respond to outside events internally. Heart attacks as an example are actually a spiritual response to doing something horrible or unkind and can initially be avoided by knowing one’s spiritual expectations and how best to appropriately express things like anger or when to show hostility towards someone in accordance with a righteous moral intent backing it. The heart is part of and connected to an energy centre, it can either become more open to love or become completely closed down and cut off from love based on how one lives, thinks, behaves or choices that are made. If the heart centre is developed enough in accordance with right living and spiritual teachings it will eventually become crystalline and you will be able to feel this spin within your chest cavity.

Ways of Seeing Things

Learn how to appreciate things in life, learn which things can and cannot be appreciated and then follow this up and show gratitude for the things you love and appreciate, your thoughts and intentions send out energy and manifest into visual forms. If don’t give out enough love in response to others positive or favourable interactions or creative works then often you will yourself being put into a forced depression in response, something you will have to endure for a period of time. Mindfully enjoying and appreciating the taste of food helps you to develop your range and sense of taste, usually, you can’t get away with shovelling food like the Simpsons or binge-watching television shows unless you’ve turned it into some sort of special planned social event, almost like a movie night, about two episodes is the most you can watch in a single sitting before your god will start moaning at you saying “go and do something else or get some work done”, these type of expectations are intended to ensure your life is balanced and that you’re following the divine plan set out through ascension.

Things that will Block Creating Love

Dispelling and surrendering your fears can be a pathway to love, they often represent the things that stand in the way between yourself and your respective divine as they can show you what is right or what is wrong or what things you may need to learn, do or practise in order to meet certain challenges that might present themselves. If you have a personal agenda that runs contrary to God or your divine you may find you are cut off from love, there are many places where personal freedom and expression can take place, but there are many serious threads or topics, including political events and even rules in business that you can’t violate without becoming in opposition to them. In addition to fear sources of impurity are something that can block love and spiritual development.

Staying loyal to your partner and having trust in a relationship is a way of staying bonded and ensures you’re not cut off through deceiving, stringing along or violating them in some way. If you’ve reached a point where you would rather think of someone else rather than your partner when making love, then there’s something very wrong and you maybe need to discuss what is wrong or help end the relationship without causing any undue hurt.

In business, there are particular spiritual rules about the ways in which one can seek the acquisition of money, wealth and fortune as well as acceptable levels of power-seeking or become consumed with the lust for power, this also includes the amount of influence one can have or exert over a world population. Some of the most famous examples of people who suffer directly as a result of these things included Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Jacob Rothschild, all of whom have very visible forms of karma that have temporarily shaped the way that they appear. If you want to remain healthy and physically attractive and be in business, it’s necessary to understand what constitutes a transgression or what is likely to make your product ‘too popular’.

If you’re reading about somebody else’s plight, a bad situation or even something as harmful as an act of murder or rape and you don’t inwardly show the appropriate level of empathy you may find that bliss states are stopped or that your heart wall muscles become blocked or contracted. When muscles in the body become contracted, it blocks the flow of energy from the mind, often creating low bipolar states for a while. Certain types of unfavourable reactions can change particular muscles within the face, especially around the eyes resulting in things like crows feet in the corners.

In sexuality, what most people refer to as ‘becoming queer’ is really the result of sustaining trauma and damage to the body and mind due to a lack of proper mental boundaries concerning one’s thoughts, intention, energy and awareness resulting in dysfunctional thinking and psychic faculty. I mention this because impure behaviour results in forming impure energy within the body, sometimes called ‘ego’, if an impure person goes on to share their energy with another person, the other person picks up the impure energy and they often feel sickly, the other person’s mind then usually processes and translates the energy into a cause or reason for why it has become tainted and impure, this is a skill people who earnestly learn about tantra can also learn to do and it can be done to both help other people resolve their spiritual issues or learn about their problems, beyond this, sharing energy is normally done simply for sharing emotion and energy.

States of addiction are intended to communicate excesses and being outsides of normal tolerances or having lost self-control to regulate human impulses, in my opinion, most homosexuals are highly insecure and uptight from excessive body tension and are suffering from general anxiety as their chosen lifestyle puts them directly in confrontation with higher spiritual laws, they become cut off from love and their pool of energy is limited to only those who accept them, however, in contrast, women I’m told can share sexual experiences with one another so long as they don’t form permanent lesbian relationships and must remain open to being with a male. When adults see children in a sexual way or young children see one another in a sexual way, this is one of the most serious violations, it results in karma and trauma to the body, there are many sexual boundaries that were never meant to be broken, for example, animals and ‘bestiality’ cannot be seen as sexually desirable and family members cannot engage in incestuous sexual relations with one another either. This proves that the human beings relative morality and often repeated the propaganda that “love is love” is dangerous and highly misleading with one of the consequences of breaking these boundaries are various types of viruses, something that was made known to me is part of ‘spiritual warfare’ and is intended to ensure the continued viability of the healthy population, many of those who suffered from coronavirus when scrutinised visually, were sexual perverts and have a very limited functioning immune system.

When Sexual-Love Becomes Lust

One of the most loved and sexually appreciated things is the human form and one of the most cherished ways of expressing love is through sexual acts, bonding and intimacy. There are however things that will block or impede love and these things are covered by a range of teachings that include things like lust, sexual perversion and addiction, then there are also other factors such as quality of touch, attention, mind and learned methods for making love. Many people become trapped when they develop an addiction to pornography, something that is a challenge in its own right to appreciate well without developing an addiction to its use alongside excess masturbation or giving lustful attention or staring at real people or images. Some sexual practices are so degrading that they don’t generate any love at all and will generate a karmic debt or deficit of love.

Lust of the flesh is intended to communicate that you cannot cover one another in oil and then slither around like snakes in the grass or paw at another’s body. The dream they gave me to convey this concept involved an astral dream of walking through a narrow corridor with pawing arms and hands of naked women stretching out from behind caged bars and this was only after I had what I considered to be a bad massage, if someone uses a technique in line with this attitude it will make the person receiving it feel nauseous.

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