Coronavirus summary and conclusions
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Coronavirus Summary and Conclusions

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This post summarises my main conclusions about Coronaviruses such as (Covid-19) and other possible variant coronaviruses.

  • Coronaviruses are all caused by different types of spiritually corrupting behaviours such as unwarranted violence or aggression, alcoholism, coveting and seducing someone, indecent content and over-reactive hostile thoughts, intentions and thinking.
  • Coronaviruses are definitely a deliberate creation, but they’re not made in an earth laboratory; they are used in spiritual warfare between God, the divine and the spiritually darker or less evolved elements of humanity who do not understand or respect certain spiritual laws. Despite its divine origins, this does not mean that it could not have been tampered with further or altered in some other way whilst perhaps being studied, explored, exploited further whether the intent was for a potential vaccine or for a biological weapon.
  • I do not believe viruses spread directly through water droplets. I believe different amounts of any given virus are directly created inside the body in response to different spiritual transgressions. Examples of spiritual transgression include alcoholism, unjustified violence, hostile or volatile thoughts, intentions or impulses, over-reactive anger, seducing another person through the mind and other corrupting instances or behaviours such as infidelity, theft or financial crime. For example, it’s not possible to covet someone else’s partner without getting a coronavirus.
  • Some of the reported breathing difficulties can result from a deliberate constriction of arteries in the neck or heart creating a natural ‘choke effect’ which is intended to suppress someone by lowering their energy levels and limiting their potential for something like violence or struggle.
  • I believe homosexuality (sex through the mind between the same gender) is the cause of the SARS virus most people have been experiencing and that homosexuals live with the effects of this virus for most of their lives resulting in heavy breathing difficulties. I also want to point out that becoming a homosexual in the mind is a trigger for the virus as well as vulnerabilities associated with surrendering the root chakra to members of the same biological sex, something that is controlled by the posterior and pelvic floor muscles.
  • The evolutionary process known as Kundalini can help someone to learn about and become free of most of their basic illnesses and diseases, including those caused by the coronavirus family. I believe this is owing to learning the essential spiritual lessons and causes of karma, such as understanding how acts of sin and transgression are violations of higher laws that result in diseases.
  • I recently came to understand that “Bellerophon“, named after a Greek mythological figure is some sort of drug that can be administered to a person to wipe out the effects of viruses. This was interestingly the theme in the Mission Impossible 2 film in the year 2000. This appears to occur in the mind and I’m unable to determine if the physical body there actually produces a natural antidote.
  • Karma, trauma and impurity all seem to come together, they’re capable of creating stress, pain and disfiguring changes and distortions to the physical body’s appearance. These make someone look sadder, traumatised, unhealthy and less wholesome and, in the worst offending instances will also begin to make someone seem sinister or evil. Further reading: A Critical Study of How Impurity Changes the Face
  • I believe photographic records of people with the virus could serve an important role alongside other biological metrics such as pulse, white blood cell count and blood pressure etc. A photograph of a subjects face could serve a useful medical diagnostic purpose for both studying and diagnosing the effects of a virus or disease and its resulting causes. Recording appearance could be used alongside other statistical information gathered such as ethnicity, country of origin, age, lifestyle and religion and I believe this information could be used to create a bigger picture or profile of those most likely at risk of certain viruses based on the problems their culture has.
  • Early on in 2020, it was demonstrated to me that some intuitively gifted people were being told about the risks to high-risk groups¬†through dreams and intuition¬†and it seemed they were being warned about the risk of getting the virus. The main example cited was about alcoholism through drinking the bulk cider drink “white lightning”.
  • When it comes to learning about personal sources of inner corruption and trauma, the process known as rapid eye movement dreaming is said to be one of the ways the body and mind interpret and process accumulated sources of trauma through showing vivid symbolic imagery of past events through dreams at night.
  • The effects of impurity stored in the astral body can in fact be studied scientifically, this impurity is often felt by a person first as a sickly psychic or unpleasant emotional energy, there are usually small incremental changes to the body, particularly in the face frequently accompanied by small cancers. Some of my research demonstrates there is a link between this impure energy and the defective and transformed appearances of people who have over time had their appearance changed, often unconsciously without them noticing or understanding why it has been transforming.
  • So many people are affected by this I feel it’s important not to seek to publicly shame every individual for the way they look due to this trauma and every opportunity should be given to allow someone to heal the trauma and un-do both the physical and spiritual damage. Eventually, many of the corresponding harmful personality and character behaviours or “ego” will disappear from society and people’s appearance will heal.
  • A person with many inner impurities will not look as handsome or attractive compared to a person with either no or very little impurity. Most of the people who have died of the latest Covid-19 virus, at least in my estimation look quite impure, transformed appearance reveals different degrees of sinister, impure or possibly even evil appearances; and they have deliberately had their appearance transformed in what I argue is definitely a negative way.
  • Based on photo observations of Covid-19 victims, people with a deformed neck or disappearing neckline, excessively inflated or loose or swollen cheeks, overly rounded and/or bulging faces are probably at much higher risk of dying from serious virus strains due to severe trauma from accumulated acts of immoral choices and behaviour that correspond with a spiritually impure way of living and being.
  • Physically attractive people can seemingly only remain so because they already understand the underlying laws of karma or have a spiritual practice that allows them to learn or recover from its effects more rapidly than others. Else their physical appearance would become just as degraded as any other average person is. People living in our world, in general, do not look as attractive or healthy as they should due to causing too many sources of impurity and trauma to their bodies through failing to recognise transgression.
  • Some of the segments of the population most affected by immorality, such as things like racism, alcoholism and sexual perversion are all connected to certain types of disfiguring facial trauma and most of the dead victims seem to have this trauma in spades. Many other spiritual causes can be extrapolated from this and investigated; everything from bullying, financial corruption. I’ve been attempting to more widely document: What is Spiritual Corruption?
  • I’ve been lead to believe that people who develop really low-quality behaviours will deliberately have the effectiveness of their immune systems lowered and so it forms part of the natural selection of the species through means of viral warfare. Intentionally lowering the immune response to viruses by changing human biology is just one-way human evolution is secured and guaranteed. More of the people with the worst behaviours will become sick or die out and the healthy people, primarily owing to not following unhealthy behavioural trends or patterns will eventually emerge as the victors in the long run and this ensures a world does not completely succumb to degenerate or harmful behaviour.
  • Some of the worst transgressions, violations and offences I was informed lower the white-blood-cell count which could explain the lack of an immune response to viruses and this lends the further weight of evidence that viruses have religious origins as a type of pestilence or tool to suppress someone. This helps to explain why some people aren’t becoming ill with symptoms and some people are.
  • Many of the people who had the virus upon inspection of their media photos seemed to already have eyes that were quite dull, watery and sad in appearance. This I believe is a good indication of an inner ‘fallen’ state of the inner spiritual being as we exist within the collective mind. I’m referring to photos of people whilst they are still alive and even before contracting the virus.
  • Many of the dead in care homes in Britain for example I was told was because “many of them have no family visiting them” and may not actually be directly from coronaviruses, they may just coincidentally have one.
  • I believe people with minor or moderate ego issues who are prepared to re-identify and learn to make more positive or healthy choices that bring personal change are very likely to be able to make a full recovery from any virus. I reason there would then be no unspiritual reason for that person to then lose their life.
  • Prayer, yoga and meditation are all likely to be useful and effective tools to learn how to do, not to mention the number of spiritual intuitions that may come from doing spiritual practice.
  • To determine the most common reasons or most serious issues, one would need to study the main lessons offered during a spiritual awakening which is often intended to grow and create better quality and more evolved human beings. Studying facial and body trauma can reveal the undesirable problems different people face that are considered spiritually harmful.
  • People who learn their spiritual lessons and meet the high expected standards may eventually go through something called a Kundalini awakening. During this process, some diseases disappear owing to learning their originating causes.
  • I believe every race, country and culture has their own unique problems as well as a number of commonly shared problems. China for example has a huge problem with animal welfare. Africans appear to have problems with things concerning emotional self-control, anger management and sexual perversion/predation. Many people from India and Pakistan also suffer from being sexual predators. Within the greater context of western countries, I believe sexual perversion was probably responsible for the pandemic levels of coronavirus due to the widespread loss and breakdown of religious morality within society and progressive values.
  • Being a young person does not guarantee immunity or being free of impure choices or behaviours, violations or karma. Even babies and young children can suffer from serious spiritual problems, something that to overcome really requires developing the quality of one’s consciousness, mind and inner spirit.
  • Some of the people who are dying of coronaviruses are likely actually being told what their spiritual problems are and may be given opportunities to address these things in time by demonstrating through the use of their mind, will, intent in order to inwardly change. even if physically unable to move. This shift in consciousness is something that is experienced during a spiritual awakening or can trigger a spiritual emergency in a person. A person who offers the most resistance to change is likely not going to recover.
  • Physical trauma, body tension and negative energies of the ego can be released from the body using therapies such as acupuncture, massage, cupping especially a tantric style of massage which presses and release trauma from the hips and thighs. A physical gym workout, yoga, prayer, psychotherapy and meditation among other modalities can also be beneficial for removing some types of trauma, particularly that which is connected to tight and contracted tendons in the legs, hips and feet, something one can more easily heal through meditation and eventually resulting in a more spiritually enlightened state of mind and consciousness.
  • My own experiences have been that once the trauma has been removed from the body by bringing it to the surface of our awareness, then the mind begins to correct and heal certain physical-based trauma deformations as it begins to reverse and undo many of the unpleasant effects and eventually results in becoming more ‘whole’ again.
  • I’m certain that wearing a face mask can not protect you from the underlying sources of karma and thus would not prevent the virus from spreading or being transmitted either. I don’t yet understand if the virus is actually being picked up from other people or whether it spiritually manifests directly into the body as certain other diseases such as Cancer or STDs seem to do.
  • Using sincere Prayer such as the Lord’s Prayer or praying to Jesus (a personal figure that represents universal spiritual light, love and truth) is actually very effective prevention and treatment for viruses connected to spiritual issues and I was told that Mexico handled their pandemic particularly well due to this conditioned behaviour through Christianity.
  • In 2019 I witnessed a brief vision depicting the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, it showed shadowy figures riding horses through the sky. I’ve genuinely used this to connect the virus within the context of being a religious pestilence, which I surmise now he used to slow the progression of adverse effects on certain people engaged in some form of corrupted behaviour.
  • It is not realistic yet that everybody could have the opportunity to go through Kundalini awakening as it is a long challenging and often misunderstood process that can result in mental health difficulties. Healthcare institutions do not presently know much about it and there is a lack of people who know how to help someone going through the process and a lack of suitable places or facilities where people can go who is experiencing an awakening.
  • If the whole planet were to begin worshipping the divine or the central God then many world problems corresponding to the causes of viruses would eventually become resolved through mental and intuitive inner listening and acting on this higher information from their divine received into the minds of people.
  • A divine spiritual entity relayed to me the importance of “going outside and being among other people” as this was how information about the various causes for the virus was being disseminated. I believe it was being broadcast and received by the intuitive portion of the mind and as a result of this information, many people have been able to make positive changes to their choices and behaviour and thus have been able to minimise causing violations. Might this be how herd immunity really works?
  • In due time it could be entirely possible for a world to eliminate coronaviruses through spiritual education and awareness rather than the need for constant development of new vaccines, however, I believe vaccines are still going to remain current and valid for some time to come.
  • As people evolve more quickly, then become part of the ascended dimensions of reality and these people are separated from their original humanity below, rather like oil and water, some people must separate in order to continue their level of growth.

I’ve slowly been writing up lessons from Kundalini that could assist someone in building immunity to viruses by learning the underlying or inner spiritual causes. I don’t guarantee any sort of immediate cure for an individual infected with an existing virus, this approach is merely helping someone to identify the probable root causes of why they’re getting the virus in the first instance. By resolving the spiritual causes, by my logic, this would then render the original purpose of the virus to be unnecessary and thus a person might not develop further symptoms. The body’s natural immune defences could then be seen to tackle the virus that might be made inert, deactivated or even cleared. Perhaps the body produces and secretes a natural chemical to nullify its effects from a similar gland.

If you wish to use any of my research or share any of it in a presentation, you must provide full attribution by linking back to this original article and mentioning the source author by name as “David George”. Failure to adequately provide attribution will be considered a deliberate act of plagiarism and intellectual property theft that would unfairly undermine my work and this will not be tolerated.

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