Bellerophon is the Corinthian hero of Greek mythology who famously battled and killed the fantastical Chimera monster.
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Bellerophon: The Miracle Drug Helping People Overcome Coronavirus

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Image: Pegasus versus Chimera by The Beke.

Is Bellerophon a miracle drug and why do so few people know about its existence?

To date, I’ve had two separate similar experiences whereby a drug called Bellerophon was given to me, perceived to be from a spiritual source, mystical experiences aren’t new to me, but this drug gets created directly in the body and doesn’t require someone to take a pill or vaccine to receive it. Each time this happened, it was accompanied by a brief exchange of intuitive communication with a God or Heavenly Father, something I often perceived as a gold spirit entity in my mind. Whilst I believe and understand that the drug is created naturally in the body, it requires someone with spiritual authority to trigger this to be produced in the first instance, making it a supernatural phenomenon. I believe it’s made in one of the glands on the right side of the neck just below the right ear, this is often where I’ve felt something being secreted internally and may also be where coronaviruses are similarly created in the same way, I may as well add at this point that my current research suggests most viruses aren’t transmissible in water droplets and don’t spread the way scientists presently believe they do.

Bellerophon was the name that was intuitively given to me as the name of this drug, it’s named after a Greek demi-god called Bellerophon who allegedly slew a mythical creature called the Chimera beast. I originally recognised this name as something that featured in the Mission Impossible 2 film, whereby Bellerophon was portrayed as an antidote or vaccine to the deadly Chimera virus featured in the film. I also noticed that it shared the same naming pattern that either uses Greek letters or names of mythological figures and that this was probably not a coincidence, in fact, it’s the policy of the organisation responsible for naming new viruses (ICTV) that are using Greek letters and I make reference to the variants named Delta and Omicron that had surfaced.

Tom Cruise apparently had a role in the creation of the script for Mission Impossible 2, so is it possible the story was connected to his religious beliefs? Religious names and concepts are often deliberately used and featured in particular movies, often revolving around the concept of good versus evil, when they do it helps to reinforce concepts such as religious morality and teaches about some of the most important spiritual lessons concerning the purpose of our world.

A different and much stranger intuition alleged that Omicron isn’t actually a coronavirus at all, it may perhaps even be something positive, it seems to naturally induce a more relaxed state, which I believe can help someone to overcome part of over-reactive behaviour caused by a strong state of fear, anxiety or intense anger, which causes some of the general coronaviruses. One of the main problems is when someone cannot relax or sufficiently surrender the tension in the legs, this tension and discomfort is a common cause of an over-reactive mind and relates to problems with the root chakra.

Only when problems with the root chakra are properly resolved can a person completely surrender this tension and become free of fear. Here is a scenario of what an unresolved root chakra issue could be. A person decides to cheat on their spouse, they may or may not feel a lot of guilt, fear, shame or anxiety about having cheated and been unfaithful. This person if they remain in their relationship is however likely to feel and become fearful of being discovered or insecure in their relationship. This situation could be enough for them to be unable to surrender their body properly due to internal fear, this is unlikely to resolve on its own and requires some form of intervention, this could include things like coming clean, being honest and making right any wrongs that were done, perhaps atoning in someway, rebuilding trust and trying to repair the relationship or even acknowledging the relationship is not what they want to continue with, intense fear can make people behave in horrible ways, such a scenario might even cause someone to entertain the idea of murdering their spouse instead of resolving the situation through more mutually amicable means.

Whilst coronaviruses seem to have harmful debilitating effects, Omicron and Bellerophon in contrast both seem to be positive. Omicron seems principally intended to calm a person down and Bellerophon seems to cleanse the blood of any trace of viruses, in my case, I instantly began to feel better. Another time I experienced something this seemingly miraculous was when I was also given a natural dose of serotonin (not a supplement or orally taken) after a rather long and hard day of work, this came with the sensation of a small amount of liquid being secreted internally somewhere in my head and I immediately began to feel calmer, soothed and naturally sleepy, this was also similar to when I once had a strong opiate pain killer being syringed into my arm just prior to an operation.

What I’ve experienced and witnessed is that positive things happen after periods of hard work such as through acts of selfless service or kindness to others and this is the core of a lot of Christian spiritual teaching. I once read in somebody else’s article “God likes people who work hard” and I chose to incorporate this into my everyday attitude and working mentality which eventually gave rise to one of my most profound mystical experiences written about in the linked post. In reality, I believe this attitude is what underpins and contributes to the success of a world, it constantly pays back karmic debts for acts of sin or spiritual transgressions, particularly when combined with a repentant attitude.

A positive attitude can also be used to create more love, energy, emotions and positive feelings that keep low moods, and low energy states such as bipolar depression from occurring and it can likewise also be used to reverse the damaging effects of ego and spiritual corruption as well as many other different diseases, including cancers that are derived from spiritual sources of trauma and karma that have subsequently damaged the body as opposed to other more scientifically recognised sources such as chemical toxicity, radiation or carcinogens.

The most serious coronavirus of them all, Covid-19 was used heavily for preventing spiritual corruption, some of the worst cases seem connected to predatory sexual behaviour including things like the evils of child abuse and child pornography and sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. I’ve already written about this theme as being one of the major causes of coronaviruses and I explained how visual analysis and tools such as physiognomy can be used to identify spiritual corruption by studying facial features and changes to the body, many of these changes are related to trauma and some of them seem to be made by a none physical intelligence or spiritual mind that can interact with people and knows how to make someone appear more characteristically evil in response to people who have problems that are derived from evil choices and behaviour.

There are however many different coronaviruses that are given to people for many different reasons and situations that call for its use which are not necessarily so serious as those just listed, for example, being unhygienic itself is considered a spiritual transgression that can bring about a coronavirus, but not by spreading it through saliva, additionally seducing or coveting someone else’s partner or demonstrating inappropriately excessive anger or over-reactive thoughts and behaviour can cause one to develop or manifest, however, these usually don’t appear to be anywhere near as harmful as Covid-19 has been but they are still impacting overall health and they’re easy to keep re-creating until the lessons have been integrated.

What all the coronaviruses seem to have in common is focusing on getting a person to reach the spiritually surrendered state concerning one’s use of the mind, the will, the body and the ability to have surrendered muscles in order to allow these parts of ourselves to come into alignment with a higher will, something that is often about preventing instances of spiritual corruption from occurring in someone. One of the primary purposes of religion is to prevent spiritual corruption from occurring, however, if the religion itself becomes corrupted it can be challenging to discern right from wrong. This sort of surrendering should not be confused with the concept of being sexually surrendered to someone else, which can either happen accidentally by surrendering whilst bonding with someone or even deliberately through the intent to sexually seduce someone, however, each results in a different degree of trauma to the body and mind when a boundary has been crossed or broken. Either one of these can result in trauma or damage to the mind and psyche through loose or violated psychic boundaries, especially if connected to the wrong person in either mind or energy and this is itself also a very common source of the coronavirus, trauma and certain cancers intended to teach spiritual lessons. Many coronaviruses are so common that they were probably never intended to be recorded as a pandemic as they’re almost always in circulation and difficult to get rid of until a world reaches a certain peak of spiritual understanding and development whereby the viruses become unnecessary and aren’t created or used on populations.

In closing, it perhaps needs to be asked whether or not the World Health Organisation and the ICTV are going to ever discover or even recognise Bellerophon as a miracle drug. If they do, how might our scientists and doctors proceed? The use of coronavirus has primarily been a tool used to thwart instances of spiritual corruption, but a drug on its own seems unlikely to resolve these underlying problems, it does offer us a solution and a way out. It’s been suggested to me that receiving a vaccination is really just another means of getting someone to surrender long enough for the information to be exchanged in the mind. Whilst I’m uncertain about the exact circumstances, formula or process that allowed me to receive bellerophon, I do feel that working hard and using prayer and divine worship were an essential part of surrendering and coming into alignment with the divine will in order to firstly minimise and eventually eliminate the many different things that generate the coronavirus.

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