Spiritual evolution can become an active process one can take control of and work on oneself and not merely a passive process that happens spontaneously to some people.
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Human Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual Evolution Theory

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This article is a further work about spiritual evolution as it pertains to the ongoing transformation and evolution of humanity and our world, however, this has less focus and emphasis on Kundalini than previous articles.

I spent much of my time during the year 2020 attempting to come up with a working theory of what was responsible for the coronavirus pandemic and eventually concluded with the help of intuitive insights that it’s a religious disease caused by different types of spiritual corruption. It’s important to understand that whilst one might become unwell from things like lack of exercise and poor diet, so can someone also become ill with disease due to spiritual reasons such as behavioural deficiencies and poor choices. Disease in this later instance is intended to help motivate someone to want to overcome their problems and develop their consciousness sufficiently that someone can re-identify away from something harmful in order to become more compatible with the divine vision for how humans should live. This seems to work on the principle that people naturally want to avoid sources of pain and suffering in the form of the disease.

A quick introduction to my perspective on Covid-19 and other coronaviruses, (this may be unpopular and controversial for some to hear), I believe it may have been targeting people with sexual predatory attitudes amongst the population and it has played a crucial role in protecting children. Later on, I was able to identify other causes responsible for different coronaviruses, things as sexual lust and seduction (very common), this happens more frequently than not through the mind. Whereas another cause I attribute to mental over-reactivity relates to violent or hostile thoughts, deeds and intentions, some also seem to involve transgressions like alcoholism, sexual perversions and unjustified brawling and immoral decision making. Something inwardly told me that viruses are used in spiritual warfare as weapons from the divine against immoral behaviour within the population in response to spiritual transgressions we commit that violate immutable spiritual laws. In order to protect oneself from the worst coronaviruses, it’s necessary for one to learn how to fundamentally control one’s own mind and energy that can influence people on an external level, this includes how to use and control etheric attention fields (putting attention on others), psychic cords (energy transmissions using the mind) and root chakra psychic and sexual boundaries necessary to protect oneself from seduction and knowing how not to do it to others in turn, this especially applies when it comes to who you inwardly connect with through the mind. Most notably, it’s important to limit damage sustained from trauma through deliberately, accidentally or unwittingly seducing other people.

Why was the coronavirus important for the evolution of humanity? I believe that if a person is able to identify their unique individual problems as well as one’s most commonly shared within society, in reality, these are collective spiritual problems pertaining to the true underlying causes of coronaviruses and it is possible to learn how to overcome them. As a result, not only do people become free of the dreaded coronaviruses by eliminating each cause in turn but so does the person start to evolve more rapidly owing to inner spiritual development. By this point, I believe evolution is no longer something passive that simply happens to a person, but rather it becomes an active process that one is always working on and striving to work towards and obtain.

An evolving person soon begins to go through the process of ascension, this takes someone through different levels of the mind and along the way one learns about many of the different and necessary lessons, this inner work becomes internalised as being part of a spiritual journey through the mind that eventually culminates in living in a higher separate dimension away from lower humanity. Based on this way of thinking, evolution and spiritual evolution are both entwined and become one and the same thing as spiritually encompasses every aspect of self, including the mind and physical form and one cannot separate oneself from these hidden processes, not even through rejection of religion or spirituality.

The human spine does more than connect the nervous system and support human beings to stand upright, it has dormant evolutionary potential contained within it in the form of the Kundalini energy, the spine also serves as the personal tree of knowledge storing much of what we know. It’s important to ensure the spine is straight and regularly stretched and fully extended, many people require Chinese medical treatments to hammer apart fused vertebrae as a result of sustaining trauma or degenerative defects. Keeping the spine healthy is what allows someone to maintain their height and limit some of the damage caused by bio-degeneration.

Kundalini is both a scientific and mystical evolutionary process that catalyses this inner spiritual growth, by going through this I was able to learn a lot about the causes of many common diseases and mental health problems. What began as awakening energy in my spine’s tailbone from practising meditation and surrendering eventually purified my body and mind and eventually ascended up my spinal column along with seminal fluid that is used to anoint the physical brain, a reason why masturbation in males should usually be abstained from. By the time this process had been completed over 7 or 8 years later, I had been informed my DNA had been upgraded and that my future offspring would look a lot better physically developed than myself and would have a comparatively greater ability to cope with emotional anger than the rest of the population, which is something that I spent a lot of time resolving and something most people in the population struggle with. Once the central Sushumna channel is clear and energy begins flowing it creates something called the divine flow, the energy that freely circulates within every chakra and can be accessed with the mind and intent. If one is prepared to do alternate nostril breathing exercises, both the Ida and Pingala energy channels can also be activated and raised, something that I’m told has an impact on higher mental development and possibly things like psychic development.

I reason there is a clear correlation between how healthy and attractive a person looks and the degree to which they are spiritually developed and thus know how to avoid most of the most common causes of trauma resulting from spiritual transgressions and impure or harmful thoughts. I learned that a harmful thought on its own is enough for a divine spirit to manifest cancer into the body, this validates the concept of trauma occurring for spiritual reasons and cancer as being considered a source of trauma, however, cancer can be healed and reversed without invasive surgery simply through an attitude of repentance, hard work and selfless service to others for a sustained period of time. This is something I find to be preferable and worthy of doing, a revelation that makes Christianity more intelligent than it is given credit for. I personally tend to find a gym workout, washing the dishes and doing brain training app games rewarding in this respect as I know I’ll usually get some trauma removed, including small tumours, ones that have usually come into existence for reasons of poor mental hygiene.

What is meant by spiritual transgressions? I learned that sexual perversions, excessive anger, hate, greed, lusts, vices and addictions all lead the human being to bio-degenerate over time. As a result of a shift from conservative beliefs to liberal progressive beliefs and thinking, much of humanity has begun to de-evolve itself to a point that everyone suffers from significant disfiguration, cancer, viruses and disease. Examples of this include viruses such as coronaviruses and AIDS, which seem to add a sort of none muscular ‘bulk’ onto the physical form, most noticeable on peoples’ faces. Other visual defects are due to changes and mutations that occur to the underlying DNA in response to evil or degenerate ways of living, thinking and behaving, defects are also often the result of small cancers appearing under the skin. For example, repeatedly thinking in a violent, hostile, aggressive and unjustified and over-reactive way damages the chromosomes in the DNA and eventually leads to things like the condition known as Down-Syndrome. Human beings are naturally meant to appear handsome, beautiful and attractive, however, the human form suffers and degrades under the burden of cancers, viruses and trauma to the extent that children and adults alike have damaged and highly degraded physical features, for example, people with faces that seem overly round, bloated and swollen is a common indication of this pattern.

Through active visions combined with the potential of the mind at times, I am capable of viewing what people look like when certain spiritual issues such as sexual perversion, psychopathy or excess anger are resolved. The result of being free of these issues is someone appearing a lot more attractive or handsome and these character traits are stored within the DNA and may be passed onto offspring. The processes that change human DNA work both ways, it becomes degraded due to evil or degenerate behaviour and becomes healed and restored when someone fully disidentifies from a toxic source in both mind, beliefs and deeds. A spiritual understanding of beauty and aesthetics would eventually completely change the beauty industry with a stronger focus on personal spiritual development and less on things like surgeries, augmentation or cosmetic procedures that serve to mask a problem.

I also made an observation that due to the trend of mapping and overlaying the faces and features of real people during the creation of character models in computer games, even fictional characters such as Lara Croft now seem to come complete with the unsightly appearance of things like cancer, spinal disorders and mental health problems, whereas in the past they were often drawn and created from scratch and then digitally perfected and were more flawless than methods that incorporate a real person.

Religious morality seems to be more developed than that of atheistic morality in many ways, indeed it originally informed the latter group, however many teachings have fallen by the wayside in recent times, but example, spiritually pure Christians are given access to information and knowledge the rest of the population aren’t privy to, particularly if they’re genuine Christians in heart, mind, beliefs and deeds, it can’t be faked, they are often able to create enough love as to be able to avoid a lot of the diseases and suffering that we as human beings are frequently subjected to. However, I will add that even Christians are imperfect and don’t always live up to the high standards that they are expected to. Religious morality can protect someone from many diseases through the limitation of transgressions, the worst types of which are of course categorised as “sinning”, diseases resulting from these behaviours are spiritually manifest and I now refer to viruses as being a primary source of religious disease, many seem to manifest directly in the human body and don’t transfer from person to person through water droplets, however, there is much confusion when something like an impure sexual activity or behaving in an unhygienic way is seen as a means of transference when the act itself is the original causation or transgression that brings it about.

I predict that if spiritual understandings of disease were properly understood and integrated into our sciences, then it would perhaps usher in the emergence of a new social order or transition to enlightenment which would then in theory correct many global problems such as reversing and curing our most common diseases. I personally wanted the British people to become a race of people who would take their place amongst the divine, this is something that is not guaranteed. The German people were always traditionally highly interested in evolution for the same reasons and at their peak, they were one of the most evolved races on the planet. This is also why the English royal family was descended from a Germanic bloodline as they had the best DNA available on the planet at the time. Whilst one may assume that DNA is merely given from a set of parents, however at times it seemingly spontaneously mutates and disease may be introduced in one form or another. As alluded to earlier, every person has the ability to repair and develop their own genetics simply by learning to live and behave in a more evolved manner, taking into account spiritual evolution, frequently this means not being so angry, over-reactive or degenerate. This is often what the process of Kundalini refinement requires and when this is understood one can more easily take more control of one’s own genetics by identifying and resolving any number of spiritual problems responsible for damaging the body in this way.

Yoga, meditation and tantric practice all play a very important role in spiritual evolution and the evolution of consciousness, in particular, they help to reverse the effects of bio-degeneracy and trauma to the body, mind and soul if someone becomes this adept and tuned to their inner nature. The idea that yoga and meditation are merely ways to relax the body and mind is an understatement if they are done effectively. The energy of love and in particular, sexual energy from Kundalini are potent enough to allow someone’s consciousness to become self-aware and evolve, self-awareness has a number of benefits and implications that have no properly been explored, but some of these include more right to self-determination and the ability to direct one’s own free will as separate from the mind acting as a radio receiver for the shared mind.

However, today each race has become significantly degraded to some degree, Chinese and African people seem to have suffered the most in de-evolutionary terms, things like excess pride, hostility, ego and sexual perversions leading people to refuse to surrender their bodies and heed the information from their mind. Likewise, many Europeans are victims of their own advocacy and acceptance of what should correctly be recognised as immoral sexual perversions allowing them to become part of mainstream culture, greed, and degeneracy such as alcoholism. The way forward, however, is probably not going to be simple and would require people to acknowledge and understand just how many diseases things like sexual perversion actually causes, but we collectively refuse to acknowledge the giant elephant in the living room as it would offend some people.

Some of the animal species we’re most familiar with today will also one day be able to walk among humans as they take to walking on hind legs and transition into bipedal forms. Some expect this to occur as part of a wider creative play and expression of consciousness within the realm and domain of physical form, even if consciousness itself is largely immaterial and metaphysical in nature. I was shown that before consciousness can exist in human form as we know it today, it must first experience a simplified and animalistic form of bipedal being, but not monkeys, just a less evolved version of a human, I was informed this is in order to learn the essentials of the mind and the bipedal body, but these versions are not evolved enough to create or take for granted or enjoy and appreciate things such as art, cuisine, music, philosophy, engineering and so on.

In a brief dream or vision I once had, I was shown what resembled a blue lizard person, it was somewhat reminiscent of a dinosaur, but it had a lot of humanoid characteristics, it was seen to be standing on bipedal legs and held a sort of tribal staff in its hands whilst standing on top of a structure that resembled an Aztec temple or pyramid. There were also several younger versions of this creature running around the sides of the pyramid which still seemed more like animals than the adult bipedal version. In a different vision, I was shown a tardigrade creature undergoing a metamorphosis and quickly transforming itself into a full animal that we would recognise today, this may explain how new species of animals and insects can come into existence from tardigrades. There have been several fictional examples of tardigrades, however, they all seem to miss this highly significant evolutionary purpose. Egyptian culture once depicted dog soldiers, depicted with the head of a dog or canine combined with a lower humanoid body, they were hardened warriors, possibly responsible for protecting the ruling gods and deities they once served. I was watching television one afternoon and I noticed the woman of Latin American origin who was speaking on-screen had eyes that were quite wide apart, at first I thought this might be a mental health-related issue, but soon her God inwardly spoke to me in my mind and said: “I’m a Puma”, and this instantly cleared things up for me, it also showed me how consciousness can identify with animal characteristics and how these can become infused within the human genome to alter how we each appear.

Another key and often missing part of spiritual evolution is the ability to read and decode information from the chakra system with the mind, these are spinning metaphysical wheels that run vertically up the body, they store information in the form of energy and function a bit like a computer’s optical disc system by way of a simple comparison. Chakras can be used to retrieve information essential to one’s own life, store preferences, information about the state of one’s own health and many of the other underlying reasons for sickness and disease. They also store information and experiences from prior lifetimes relating to the topic of karma and spiritual self-development and mastery over lifetimes. Whilst chakras are invisible to the naked eye for the most part and most people assume they either don’t exist or dismiss them as too New Agey or pseudo-science, however, for those who go through with Kundalini, the chakras become more active than ordinary individuals and soon become self-evident and apparent to observe within oneself. One may begin to feel them as energy moves through them and mental and psychic skills seem to develop thereon. Some people come to learn about chakras for different reasons and possibilities, for example, psychic abilities, healing, or for greater and heightened expression of erotic love and sexual intimacy with someone.

Hopefully, one day in the future, people may recognise the inherent value of spiritual information, leading the population to become taller, healthier, and better looking and enable people to live longer naturally and subsequently people are much more likely to live more joyful and fulfilling and not suffer as much due to disease. Kundalini will need to be taken seriously, our mental health system is unable to really grasp the importance of spiritual experiences, some of which are responsible for inner distress and mental health problems.

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