A quick update to tell you about my latest articles on: Coronaviruses, Spiritual Evolution Theory and Generating Renewable Energy from our Forests and The Inherent Risks and Dangers of Nuclear Energy.
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News & Updates: Evolution, Coronaviruses and Britain’s Energy Crisis

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I’ve been taking a break from writing articles since the end of the pandemic, with the exception of an additional article on spiritual evolution. Presenting information about spiritual evolution is what this blog has evolved into in recent times. In some people’s eyes, this has steered me away from being a mystic and a person who divined information through dreams and visions and into the role of what I’m told is an “evolutionist”, whilst others consider me more of a spiritual leader of sorts primarily because I understand the underlying spiritual reasons and purpose of diseases, a person can heal themselves if they are able to discern and resolve the spiritual reason, then the disease will seem to disappear all on its own.

If you’ve read some of my other articles, you’ll realize that spirituality has a huge impact on evolutionary processes like Kundalini and charting our evolutionary course, it even goes as far as re-shaping and changing our DNA. Part of this is connected to the concept of ‘reincarnation’, including who we’ve already been, which type of animals our consciousness evolved from and who we might become in subsequent future lives, these things mentioned all tie into the whole process of human evolution and to put it more simply, one single human lifetime is not adequate or sufficient enough for the complexity and nuisances of our consciousness to develop and evolve, this happens incrementally over different life spans, through different worlds and during particular periods of our lives.

The next two articles discuss some of my research and conclusions about the nature and causes of the coronavirus and the second was a divined dream which made it clear that we should be erecting windmills on the trees in our forests in order to generate local renewable electricity instead of cutting trees down to clear space for the current white fin bladed turbines.

My second article was about Looking beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, this was followed up by an article that presents a solution for our energy crisis by Generating Renewable Energy with Windmill’s in Our Forests and the final one which I’m in the process of finishing editing is a follow up to this about The Inherent Risks and Dangers of Nuclear Energy.

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