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Looking Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic

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People are welcome to read my original articles regarding coronaviruses at their own leisure and discretion, however, I kindly ask people to respect my articles are part of original research and wherever applicable, I would like for proper attribution to be given if discussing these ideas or wanting to quote or write about anything in online journals or publications. I’ve tried to remain consistent with emphasizing what I learned about Covid-19 during the pandemic, despite the largest social media players waging war on free speech and discussion regarding alternative theories, however, its primary purpose, the coronavirus is to force people to surrender. However, the people who it afflicted in the most lethal sense also had very serious issues and resistance pertaining to spiritual corruption which is often the common denominator when it comes to many instances of coronavirus disease.

However, some of the main issues I identified concerned children especially, they specifically revolved around the harmful themes of threatening behaviour towards children such as acts of violence, intimidation, kidnapping or abductions as well as the risks that are posed to children being sexually trafficked, groomed, or exploited by sexual predators or members of the elite classes and thus paedophiles were one of the main targets and worst hit by COVID-19 deaths.

This category also covers inner transgressions of the mind, such as seducing someone through the mind using the natural human innate mental faculties to connect to another person’s mind and energy, which appears to be one of the most common and frequent problems when it comes to the coronavirus. For example, this usually involves looking at a person from the mind by placing attention on the other person, often in a sexualised way or through placing prolonged attention on someone who has low psychic boundaries or resistance. The use of the mind’s intent and mental attention or psychic energy is what allows someone to create a psychic link or connection to another person, often to a chakra, and very often someone initiating these may become addicted to the energy of another person and unaware of what risks this attitude can pose. If a connection is made to someone else’s root chakra and either person either mistakenly or deliberately surrenders the muscles in the pelvic floor, this has the capability to sexually seduce someone through unconscious processes involving thoughts, energy and stimulation that another receives. The root chakra also plays a role in seducing people to do or not do certain things, it is responsible for governing some of the thoughts and impulses people will act upon and ties into a person’s sense of fear and survival.

Whilst some behaviours are deliberately sinister and deliberate, using psychic cords to violate, groom, experience sexual activity in the mind, or seduce someone on purpose, some of the more innocent causes made in ignorance seem to include ‘being too friendly’ with someone else, or looking or staring at someone too long i.e. starring suggestively or ‘perving’ on someone whilst hoping for their root chakra energy, this is common between males and females in office environments, or merely having weak pelvic floor muscles that can’t resist the force that is exerted upon them under certain conditions.

The other more serious coronavirus issues seem to include the will or intent to commit acts of terrorism; or any other sort of serious and morally unjustified threat of violence made against another person, as being a cause of some of the worst coronaviruses. For example, African people are now so internally radicalized that many can no longer walk around without harbouring the inner desire to want to kill or harm someone white, specifically the English. I’ve not failed to notice the evil glint and highly sinister smiles they have developed in their eyes and faces that nearly all of them seem to carry now, I’m noticing this from the black models on clothing websites to those appearing in television adverts and in movies.

Chinese people’s attitudes towards us aren’t great either, and of course, too many Muslims harbour incompatible attitudes and beliefs that are consistent with openly using terrorism as a political tool or sexually grooming children either in the mind or by traditional means that make use of phones, social media and hanging around on street corners. The Muslims are openly looking to engage us in a holy religious war, back home in their countries such as Turkey they’ve been preparing an ‘Islamic Army’ to invade Europe with. Whilst other Muslim groups are using threats of terrorism, including against children, as a means of political control and coercion over our government and population and insert themselves into European states through illegal means of immigration. This partly explains why certain ethnic minorities are more largely affected by serious coronaviruses, however, nobody is beyond spiritual corruption, especially if they don’t know what this is or if they have atheistic beliefs that are incompatible with the idea of divine forces acting upon the world and human will, many people, including politicians, become corrupted through making bad or corrupted decisions that otherwise have very damaging or detrimental consequences if they were to be left unchecked in some way, thus why coronaviruses are said to be an aggressive way of making someone surrender so that the human mind can bring something important into a person’s conscious awareness.

I’m led to believe that Nottingham has been having great results with people healing their coronaviruses simply by avoiding the known causes mentioned (reducing instances of seducing people or engaging in or undertaking any threatening behaviours) and by making personal changes and then essentially working on each virus off—people are perhaps realizing for the first time that hard work is what has been healing themselves from some of their worst viruses and cancers. It is a little understood truth that hard work pays for the debts of spiritual transgressions, however, both of these aforementioned diseases if they could be observed in the moment would be found to instantly manifest in the body. Whilst this may seem rather mysterious and unexplained, it is this spiritually enlightened understanding of how diseases instantly manifest in the body that allowed me to come to arrive at these conclusions, even though it directly conflicts with the scientific standing that viruses spread through physical human contact in water droplets like bacteria, they don’t, instead my rationale states that they instantaneously manifest inside a person at the point in which a spiritual transgression occurs, whether it be a mental transgression or a physical one. If the underlying constant behind many diseases is spiritual corruption, then understanding this is how pandemics can be resolved and future ones may even be predicted or averted by addressing malignant social behaviours and how these spread through society.

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