...nuclear energy is apparently so dangerous, that nuclear reactors should only be established in remote desert areas.
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Nuclear Power Station

The Inherent Dangers of Nuclear Energy

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Behind the scenes during 2020 according to one high-ranking member of parliament, there were several belligerent countries simultaneously threatening the United Kingdom with military action, one of the actions an enemy was said to be considering included the bombing of power stations, at one point the topic came up: what would happen to the country if our nuclear power stations were bombed?

With the aid of a dream-like vision given to me by one of the source gods, I was able to see a scenario play out, which showed 2 different nuclear power stations melting down and exploding after being attacked, they released radioactive material into the surrounding regions with a mushroom-like an explosion. The emotions in the dream tried to capture and express the frustration of large regions of the country suffering as a result of radiation poisoning and now having to take regular radiation medicines for the foreseeable future to prevent radiation sickness. The result of such a critical bombing radically reduced our resolve, especially among the civilian population and the government seemingly could not cope with an incident of this magnitude and the country thus appeared to capitulate. For a relatively small country like Britain, it was emphasized that if two or more nuclear power plants were destroyed, our country would not cope with the subsequent fallout and it could result in a costly and humiliating real-life defeat. A power station can be bombed with conventional weapons and still yield destructive consequences similar to a nuclear fallout without having to drop a nuclear bomb.

Whilst we have accurate and reliable state-of-the-art anti-missile interceptor technology, they are extremely energy intensive and hugely dependent upon whatever energy may or may not be available from the national grid at any moment in time. Our air defences are at the mercy of people like the French (who in reality seem rather more loyal to Russia) who can determine what energy we can receive from the EU grid. We’re also vulnerable to policies that include the closure and shutdown of existing regional coal power stations, which merely need upgrading to ensure demand can be met, EDF Energy ought to be investigated for criminal intent as this move is deliberate and is intended to undermine our energy infrastructure and make us dependent upon outside energy.

If we cannot adequately protect our skies it makes us even more vulnerable to an enemy attack, the likely solution seems to be to take back key assets managed by foreign companies such as France or China. According to the divine that influences and governs over British affairs, instead of spending billions on stealth fighter bombers partnered with players like Japan and Italy who are likely going to take us for a spending ride, we should instead be developing our radar systems using interlinked triangulating radar to be able to detect enemy stealth aircraft, this is something we cannot defend against presently.

Governments around the world including our own would be wise to take note of the following, nuclear energy is apparently “so dangerous”, that “nuclear reactors should only be established in remote desert areas” due to the high potential risk of accidents and human interventions that might result in a nuclear meltdown, such as an attack by a foreign military force. One of the major plus points about wind turbines mentioned in my previous article is the de-centralization of energy-generating infrastructure, in that, an enemy can’t very easily effectively bomb and knock it out without the use of nuclear arms like they can by targeting traditional coal or gas-powered power stations or large nuclear power stations. Britain’s development of much smaller modular nuclear power stations might thus also be a ticking time bomb and a potential nuclear disaster waiting to happen down the line.

In conclusion, our nuclear power stations make very tempting targets for an enemy utilizing fighter bombers, cruise missiles, and even the insertion of special forces, terrorist attacks or deliberate sabotage. If our reactors are allowed to be destroyed it immediately presents and threatens the surrounding population with a radioactive cataclysm, this is precisely the scenario that could happen in Ukraine if the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant were to be deliberately blown up or bombed and precisely what happened to Japan when their coastal nuclear reactors blew up, due to either what some say to have been deliberate sabotage by a foreign entity or damage due to natural causes to cooling systems stemming from the tsunami flooding inland.

There were also a number of interesting side points that came up such as, that ‘nuclear submarines are supposed to be fitted with core ejection systems’ that enable faulty, leaky or malfunctioning nuclear reactors to be jettisoned from the vessel in the event of damage or an unavoidable accident such as a meltdown and this would be likely to ensure the safety of our potentially save the lives of the crew onboard from lethal radiation exposure.

Despite the best efforts of the Royal Navy, Russia has the capability to hide its nuclear submarines equipped with nuclear weapons around British territorial waters without easily being detected, possibly owing to advances in propulsion or acoustic dampening technology, a similar scenario was depicted in a movie starring Sean Connery called ‘The Hunt for Red October’, this is a scenario we’re supposed to be playing out in real life, but at this time anti-submarine nets are the only sure way of detecting and preventing an incursion from an enemy submarine that can bypass our existing sonar equipment.

I was also told that the design of the Battersea Power Plant in London is about as perfect as you can get for a traditional coal power plant and that it was a mistake for it to be mothballed and converted into flats. The only way for this project to be considered ‘un-corrupted’ is for it to be turned back towards its original purpose as a functioning power station, it wasn’t clear whether it was intended to serve as a reserve power station for the London area or whether it is now redundant, but the lack of redundancy to fallback on countrywide suggests bigger problems.

When it comes to things like energy production and steel, Britain isn’t on top of its game. For example, the Redcar Steel Foundry was also said to be situated in the perfect location for a steel foundry, steel, of course, being one of the most in-demand and essential resources we require for shipbuilding and something we’re at the mercy of importing from overseas from places like China, a hostile nation that essentially wants a third-world war with the west. The problem that was spoken out for me to hear was our engineers weren’t able to figure out how to set out and lay the train tracks that were required to import the necessary amounts of coal and iron ore to make it function, thus, it became unprofitable and it eventually failed, another mothballed piece of vital infrastructure we were and still are desperately in need of.

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