Rising sea levels in the northern hemisphere are said to be a direct consequence of an 'Aryan Conspiracy'.
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Planet Earth

Dynamic Climate, Divine Influence and Global Conspiracy

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One of the perks of being a mystic is periodically receiving divine intuitions, revelations, and visions, some of which are related to providence. Every year, I receive a series of these intuitions and information, often associated with whatever I’m learning about or focusing on. This article is my effort to thread together some of these intuitive insights based upon the unifying topics of climate change, technology, terraforming, and global divine influence upon our world; I hope this will be interesting and enlightening. What I often bring forward that other writers can’t is unique divined information or enlightened information; some of this can seem very strange, especially when it is immediately compared to the existing paradigm, which is often built upon or derived from historical inaccuracies and false information or has become so distorted that it clouds and confounds belief systems; frequently, even religious truths and information are subject to the same problems, and so it’s more challenging to assimilate than other topics.


Climate Change Due to Global Conspiracies

Climate change, in one sense, is a financial scam being perpetrated against us by ‘greedy climate scientists’ according to one of the divine gods; they (without naming them) are making billions, possibly even trillions, at our expense. Saying that the global climate is changing and presents an existential threat has allowed scientists to scare us into handing over A LOT of money to companies and organisations sustaining this false version of the climate narrative, i.e. we need to cool down the earth and eliminate greenhouse gasses like C02. Whilst this is disingenuous, climate change and rising sea levels are accurate, even if the actual causes are misunderstood and have been distorted and hijacked by some to siphon away our money, perhaps in much the same way that income tax takes away from people’s hard-earned incomes. Aside from this, income taxation is also considered one of the most corrupt things in our world and must eventually be abolished. Who is behind this scam? It may be the European Union.

Rising sea levels in the northern hemisphere are said to be a direct consequence of an ‘Aryan Conspiracy’; they¬†flat out said that. They elaborated on this by claiming Aryan peoples were developing a new type of warfare that would render the current paradigm obsolete. These technological advances would most likely threaten to take us from one paradigm to another before its proper time. The technologies being spoken about are a collection of magnetic technologies. The modern railgun is an example of existing magnetic weaponry in development, but it does not appear to be considered much of a threat to our existing warfare.

Previously, I had been told that defence magnets (DMs) could be used to construct magnetic fields to shield a target from certain types of weapons similar to our planet’s magnetosphere; however, the central offending technology being developed by some of the Aryan nations was described as ‘force fields’, precisely how these differ from DMs, I don’t know, a scientist who knows about their existence would have to explain these technologies. However, one might say, for example, that DMs might protect from plasma, charged particles, or energy-based weapons and are destined to be used in constructing future deep space exploration starships. In contrast, the latter force fields might protect targets from ballistic weapons and block metal projectiles such as bullets or artillery/tank shells. However, the consensus amongst divinity was that certain groups are racing far too far ahead regarding their technological development of force fields; this fits under the spiritual teaching of not lusting for power; what is divinity’s answer to this problem? Raise the local sea levels and flood territories within the offending countries; these efforts focus on northern Scandinavia and parts of Western Europe, particularly Svalbard, where they’re probably conducting their military research and development in secret.

Apart from the intuited thought of “Aryan conspiracy”, I was also shown in my mind the image of two individuals, one woman with blonde hair and a second man with brown hair; they were both considered to be members of the Aryan race, I’ve never actually come across them before, but they do seem to exist, they’re also aware of who they are, they were not quite what I had imagined from Western propaganda materials that were either created or shared during World War 2. They could have almost looked like giant humans compared to ordinary Europeans; within the vision, their height did seem greatly exaggerated and accentuated; visual communication from dreams or psychic visions often features a degree of symbolic or exaggerated elements to get the point across. But anyway, this wasn’t wholly the stereotype of pure blonde hair and blue eyes I expected; they’re mixed, but their most distinguishing feature was their height.

Just as an aside note, the height of the average human being is significantly limited and suppressed through the karmic tightening and shortening of tendons in the legs and feet that result in the shortening and compression of the femur bones in the legs, limiting height growth; this is just one reason why yoga is good for physical health; yoga focuses on releasing body tension held in tendons through the sustained holding of specific poses over time, if followed correctly, people will be able to reverse and prevent such karmic tightening. They would likely grow taller; in a much earlier article, I mentioned a vision taken from an astral plane whereby yoga has already been integrated into future Christianity, so I think it needs to be taken seriously because people who do yoga will evolve and develop faster than those who don’t.

Another divined intuition stated in my mind that ‘climate isn’t supposed to be thought of as fixed’; that is to say, climate and temperature are dynamic and changing with the progression of life on Earth. One consequence of not understanding the nature of naturally changing temperatures in line with a planet’s evolution and evolving state is that we’re trying to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is said to be trapping heat. We’re even putting nano-sized metal materials into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight to prevent rising temperatures; this is where the idea of chemtrails comes from. When seeking answers, I also intuited from someone that the creation of C02 needs to be subject to ‘carbon balancing’, and we should not be attempting to eliminate its creation; capturing some of it is merely adequate, and all that is necessary, even for China, so eliminating atmospheric carbon will break this natural balance.

Subsequently, I believe we’ve been setting ourselves unachievable and inappropriate goals, and as a result, we’re limiting ourselves in harmful ways. We’re trying to deny ourselves the use of petroleum as an energy source for cars, for example, despite this being the paradigm upon which we’ve built our modern civilization; the British mind is rejecting electric vehicles, which means it will only happen if people are forced to buy them. While it is evident today that there is more than one way to power a car or to generate energy, some are more suitable than others for specific tasks. Some believe we don’t have an electrical infrastructure to cope with consumers’ mass charging of electric vehicles.

I do not believe the electric car paradigm they want us to use via battery-powered vehicles will have longevity on Earth. Just because a technology exists doesn’t make it suitable; for example, according to divinity, ‘solar panels are meant for powering spacecraft’, so they’re not meant to be used to create large solar farms; this may seem controversial because when used on your house, just a few of them, they’re super practical and provide energy independence. They were trying to get across that there are far better and more appropriate ways to generate energy. Coal was originally a proper way to generate energy, and still is. Still, after a specific time or epoch, we’re expected to transition out of coal and into something less polluting.

I’ve warned previously about the ill-conceived use of Nuclear Energy. Britain’s geography is not suitable as it doesn’t have any desserts like America and Australia does, so we should probably not be using widespread nuclear energy because it’s too dangerous/risky; the alternative could perhaps be wind and tidal for domestic consumer energy, particularly if they refine and improve the technology, which I’ve alluded to in another article about forest windmills, beyond this I think we’ll probably be waiting for the development of fusion reactors to mature, which utilise superheated plasma, the windmills may not be sufficient to power Britain’s defence grid, which demands a super amount of energy to keep switched on.


Climate Change Due to Divine Influences

The electric-blue and turquoise Earth is a vision and prophecy based on humanity’s present evolutionary direction along the lines of being an evil pathway we’re taking, and it’s said to be caused by the creation and mutation of reptilian DNA in the human population. Many people would scoff at the idea of reptilian DNA; however, like Downs Syndrome, it results from genetic mutations that cause subtle changes to the appearance of humans as a consequence of certain types of evil choices and behaviours; essentially, it’s how divinity can influence the evolution of people based upon their preferences.

Nobody should expect to see green skin, scales and tails for a long time… it already presents a subtle but noticeable shift in someone’s appearance that lends itself to further study through genetic research and physiognomy.¬†The earth, as seen from space in the vision, showed apparent changes in its colour. I summarised from this that plant vegetation had changed, and the atmosphere’s content had changed; scientists could probably extrapolate what conditions might be needed to change to produce such a strikingly different colour shift. I guess whatever conditions were depicted would be more favourable to supporting reptilian lifeforms.

One such vision given to me, which seemed to be a religious symbolic communication, showed a giant megalithic floodgate made of stone opening into the world’s oceans, from which new water flowed. Sea levels are rising; whether this is achieved by melting sea ice at the north pole or creating and manifesting new water has never been clarified. However, a group of consciousnesses discussed what the possible changes would include; one such vision showed part of the west coast of France being submerged underwater and being developed into an international marina, parts of southern and eastern Britain also appeared submerged, including London, and a lot of northern Scandinavia was submerged underwater. Western and central parts of Africa were also significantly flooded, but it was unclear why Africa should be flooded. One possible answer is that they’re creating their nuclear weapons and intend to invade Arab-held North Africa and then into Europe. There was no mention or telling of anything concerning Asia or the Middle East, but it does not mean they do not have their spiritual issues concerning lusting for power.

The Earthquake that impacted Turkey and northern Syria the previous year, I was told, was ‘punishment for (Turkey) having invaded Syria’, a conflict that the Western media paid little attention to, probably because it wanted to see the Asad regime destroyed on behalf of Zionism, the quake mainly affected Turkey and also seemed to level much of the war ruined city of Aleppo (that needed rebuilding anyway) occupied by terrorist militants suspected of working on behalf of Israel, or may be elements of the Israeli army disguised as Arab militants.

This is currently the only other example I’ve been given of a geological event being used to punish an evil government or population, and I wanted to include it as supporting context for what was said about rising sea levels; still, I could speculate that our history is probably full of such incidents. Incidentally, the great volcano under Yellowstone National Park primarily exists to prevent the United States from getting ideas about ever wholesale invading Europe to be able to monopolise global power; it’s an insurance policy that divinity hopes will never be needed. A cataclysm generated by this volcano would prevent America from launching or sustaining a cross-continental war.

There are often divine discussions about our wars; they occasionally feed me information relating to things like the potential for nuclear conflict; if there’s a present risk, they may, for example, increase the nitrogen content in the atmosphere to minimise the destructive yield of such weapons; if they were to go further, they could trigger ion storms, which controlled and generated from the sun, these storms can either damage or knock offline electrically powered technologies such as missiles and their guidance systems and even entire countries domestic electrical grids making modern warfare more analogue and limited once again. As already mentioned, certain technologies and inventions are outlawed, a bit like a spiritual Geneva Convention; for example, hypersonic missile technology is not allowed to be combined with nuclear weapons because, in their words, ‘there’s no possibility of shooting them down’, and a country can never be allowed to become ‘invincible’, a prospect of winning or losing scenario must occur, else it is already a foregone conclusion and deemed immoral or unfair.


Terraforming the Earth

I recently watched an Amazon documentary called “Is Genesis History?” It links biblical scripture and the floods mentioned during times in the Bible with the geography that can be seen and examined today in places like the Grand Canyon; I would encourage everyone to watch this. Noah’s arc and the great flood were said to have been part of a monumental terraforming effort; they transformed parts of the world by modifying sea levels; our world is not merely shaped by scientific processes. The sort of reasons I would expect to hear regarding why terraforming is desirable might include geographical or geopolitical reasons such as creating natural geographical boundaries between different continents or groups of people, creating new rivers, lakes, waterways, and reservoirs required for things like future agriculture, recreation or even drinking water, or possibly they’re transforming land for other purposes such as creating more habitable places for people to someday live. An entire Aztec city had to be wiped out because they, in their ignorance, built their city on top of a reservoir upon which southern lands entirely depended for clean drinking water; it probably seemed a cool thing to do at the time; the Venetians didn’t have to worry about this because they chose a swamp to found their city.

While watching a natural earth documentary on television, another consciousness briefly connected to my mind to explain that they were using a glacier to terraform the earth; essentially, they were carving out the land; they didn’t elaborate on why, but if one has investigated this topic enough, it’s possible to understand that some of the divine consciousnesses want to shape the land for various reasons, which I’ll elaborate on shortly, by intelligently controlling natural phenomena such as weather and temperature.

The divine consciousnesses think about planetary changes in ways our humanity does not easily see or appreciate; many of us, for example, may never even live to see the final results in our lifetime. They do these mental simulations like we might use a predictive computer model with graphical representations of changing events. They’ve already stated Mars will begin being colonised in roughly 100 years, and they’re already planning for this. Elon Musk is instrumental in this effort. Before this happens, our moon will be further colonised and must be subject to a licencing program to determine who can colonise which areas. Some groups of people are not permitted to colonise our moon, and I refer to the Indians; there are also strict limitations on any American colonisation due to Germans already being there, but I’ll elaborate on this later.

I was a big fan of Star Trek growing up; some of the content of Trek movies and other science fiction is often based on natural phenomena, concepts, and technologies known to exist. Divinity explained how we would someday be expected to construct our own Genesis Devices to spread life on new worlds; this involves scattering the biological materials, which might include things like plant seeds, bacteria, micro-organisms and tardigrades, among other valuable things, necessary to ‘seed life’ on a barren planet like Mars over a large area such as a valley or continent. Seeding of life in an intelligent way appears to be how life on our earth either started or progressed; whether this was done by a piece of technology or direct manifestation from the divine mind into the physical matter by the divine consciousness, I don’t know. Still, various early European tribes of people were manifested rather than being born; Europeans are not out of Africa, nor were we derived and evolved from Bonobo monkeys that cross-mated with Gorillas like the black Africans are. I hope this makes sense.

If previous visions are reliable, tardigrades, which I wrote about in my last evolution article, can be genetically engineered to transform into fully grown and mature animal species; for example, one vision showed a tardigrade turning into an adult elephant; in my opinion, this is likely the true purpose of tardigrades which are found all over the earth, this seems like a much more realistic prospect of animal life developing than imagining a dinosaur or a fish transitioning into a mammoth and then an elephant over hundreds or thousands of years. Without these genesis-type devices, spreading life would be limited to small domed ecospheres and would likely take a long time to form.

The last thing I wanted to mention on the technological front is that the Cybertruck, frequently lauded by its Tesla owner, Elon Musk, was supposed to be designed and developed for the Moon; it has taken a while for this idea to catch on as to its proper and intended purpose, presently there is no functional oxygen system, and those windows need to be capable of stopping the impact of small meteorites; the only place divinity seem to want this sort of minimal stylised cyberculture emerging is going to be the moon (and possibly Mars at a later time.) I don’t believe he will profit much from trying to sell cyber trucks to regular consumers on Earth, and that’s simply because people aren’t supposed to drive them around here. It’s feared that introducing cyberculture would damage Western culture, perhaps helping to turn it into a dystopian cyberpunk as per the fictional Detroit in RoboCop or the Night City featured in the Cyber Punk video game; we already have some American cities where lawless Africans drive around shooting whites with automatic weapons.

Something to ask is, has Tesla developed the cybertruck far too early in the game? I only really became interested in his cyber truck project after I was told a contingent of these trucks was meant to be delivered to German luar colonists, who were the first to be allowed to settle on part of the moon, possibly somewhere during or just after the Second World War, when it was feared the victorious allied forces might attempt to wipe out the German people completely. The only way I can foresee getting his cyber trucks there is for someone to invent a new spaceship engine (maybe they even already exist in some prototype engineering facility somewhere); there’s a need for a heavy cargo ship capable of transporting vehicles and equipment, perhaps think of a regular cargo plane outfitted for space travel and powered by Helium 3 engines; alternatively, the construction of a Space Elevator capable of transporting them to an orbital platform and from there, conventional NASA style shuttles could ferry them. However, the latter would probably take decades, much like other significant projects such as Cern’s Large Hadron Colliders (LHC). Still, certain countries are already said to be designing concepts for their future space elevators/orbital lifts; these are the only realistic way we’ll ever construct an appropriately sized space station.

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