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Collective writings on spirituality, ascension and evolution.


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About this blog

Systems of Spirit was set up in 2013 after my first clairvoyant experiences with angels like Archangel Michael and other divine beings, guides and deities I discovered, this enabled me to write about mystical experiences alongside my Kundalini awakening. In terms of influence, I’ve previously been interested in some of the esoteric work from other mystics such as Rudolph Steiner and the enlightened spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, however, what you will read on this blog is primarily my own synthesised works and writings about spiritual evolution, enlightenment and ascension with a focus on divine spirituality.

On the surface this blog might feel like a Christian blog, however, I don’t reference scripture or bible texts. I hoped this blog might become used as a sort of road map for uncovering some of the next stages of human evolution and reaching what is traditionally termed ‘Heaven’, somewhere that I actually know exists now based on going through ascension. Ascension lessons are based around the teachings given to me from Kundalini as well as the lived experience I have of going through a Kundalini awakening, which has given me beneficial insights and a higher perspective of why we’re here, the sort of problems we’re facing and the purpose of our world.

About me

I’m a British mystic from Nottingham, I receive and share higher knowledge derived through intuitions given or passed on to me from divine sources or God. A lot of my understanding of the world comes from spirituality and an evolutionary process known as Kundalini Awakening culminating in a mystical process called Ascension. This revealed and opened up to me a whole new level of understanding and knowledge about our own evolution including the purpose behind human suffering, disease and karma which all shapes human development.

My perspectives are influenced by Christianity, however, prior to this, I considered myself an atheist for most of my teenage and early adult life. Since Kundalini I’ve chosen an integrative form of spirituality that incorporates Christianity, however, it was practising the Power of Now in conjunction with Kundalini that I eventually reached an enlightened state of being. Regardless of anyone’s religious or spiritual beliefs and spiritual path of learning most of the information from Kundalini and this blog is relevant to our own human evolution and is applicable to all populations irrespective of how someone may identify spiritually.

In recent years I’ve spent a lot of time concentrating and learning about karma and consciousness, particularly as it relates to the processes of spiritual awakening, evolution and psycho-spiritual understanding of health.

What is a mystic?

It was during the conclusion of my spiritual awakening where I finally encountered our God and it was soon after where I was given my mystic archetype, soon certain bits of higher knowledge and information started to come to me, some of it is in the form of vivid dreams, visions, intuition and sometimes included prophecy and predictive events. I do my best to communicate what information is given to me from divinity in an effort to bring higher knowledge that is relevant to humanities spiritual development and spiritual evolution into everyday awareness, predominantly through my article writing. For example, I was told discovering oil in the arctic would be important to continuing our petroleum-based energy paradigm and most recently was information about the nature of coronavirus being connected to acts and instances of spiritual corruption, some of the most common ones seem to be seducing in the mind whilst linking to others energy, sexual perversions as well as the effects and consequences of excessive over-reactive anger and insecurity, all of these have terrible consequences.

I’ve been able to explore some aspects of higher worlds, this is essentially learning that there are multiple Earth worlds and realities, many similar to our own that is intended to allow more evolved and developed human beings to be separated and in order to allow for humanity and culture to be shaped differently on our world further allowing for more advanced and higher quality of human co-creation between man and divine spirit. We’re here to learn about the nature of good and evil, the relationships between predator and prey whilst experiencing a vast bio-diversity whilst evolving to a point where ascension can occur and we can safely interact with our intergalactic neighbours without jeopardising civilisation or causing harm to others.

I often write about the ascension process, something that can only occur through healing the ego, removing sources of evil, corruption and lower human impulses whilst working to achieve the goal of becoming the best possible version of oneself, this is part of a transition into an enlightened age of understanding. I don’t post channelling or channelled conversations, nor do I receive these, however, I often quote snippets from intuitive conversations I hear in my mind combined with my own wisdom and interpretations on these topics, much of which is based on direct experiences of going through Kundalini awakening.

Psycho-Spiritual Health

I experienced many health problems along the way including spiritual crisis, mystical states and bipolar disorder and this eventually motivated me to set up a separate blog as a space to write and share more exclusively about psycho-spiritual health topics, this information is particularly beneficial for anyone going through a spiritual awakening such as Kundalini or someone who might be suffering from health problems connected to or derived from the inner spiritual dimensions and aspects of the self. I’ve also been authoring a book on psycho-spiritual health and bipolar disorder, which I hope to complete someday.

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