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Collective writings on spirituality, ascension and evolution.


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About this blog

I set up Systems of Spirit in 2013 to document and write about spirituality and my first clairvoyant experiences with divine entities such as angels and other divine consciousnesses, one of which was a nature spirit after I became interested in gardening. I was still working full-time as a web developer at the time, but this blog enabled me to write about mystical experiences alongside my Kundalini awakening. Later on, at the end of 2017, someone on the other side decided to turn me into a mystic, thereafter I had several visionary dreams including one showing being touched by the divine hand of a heavenly father. In contrast, others delivered spiritual teachings on things like lust for power and lust for sexual energy. Previously I’ve been interested in some of the esoteric work from other mystics such as Rudolph Steiner as well as the enlightened spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, however, what you will read on this blog is primarily my own synthesised works and writings about spiritual evolution, enlightenment and ascension with a focus on divine spirituality and in later years topics on health such as coronavirus and how sexual perversion degenerates the human body in line with physigonmy.

I became Christian in 2017 after taking a local alpha course, but most of my earlier experiences whilst they were mystical and religious in nature, were not exclusively Christian. I rarely reference scripture or bible texts and I’ve never read the bible from cover to cover as I find it to be a convoluted mess written in old language and re-written so many times as to be mistranslated. I hoped that this blog might one day become part of some sort of future road map for undertaking ascension and uncovering more about human spiritual evolution.

I know what Christianity terms as ‘Heaven’, is another set of realities that exist elsewhere, accessed by one’s mind and consciousness in ways I can’t very easily put into scientific terms. Some of the ascension articles or lessons I write about are based around the teachings that were given to me from my own Kundalini awakening as well as the lived experience of having gone through Kundalini myself. I see myself as someone who has been gifted with numerous beneficial insights and I have a higher perspective and way of seeing things, including many of the shared problems many of us are facing, whilst navigating the general purpose of our world.

About me

David George is a British mystic, I periodically write for this blog (Systems of Spirit), as well as a spiritual health blog called Psychospiritual Support focusing on Kundalini and some aspects of mental health, I also work as a volunteer on a part-time basis for the Spiritual Crisis Network. My beliefs and perspectives are influenced by Christianity, however, I had previously considered myself an atheist for most of my teenage years and early adult life, so I try to consider and influence based on both perspectives. Since coming through Kundalini I chose an integrative form of spirituality that incorporates Christianity and a Kundalini path, however, before this, it was practising the Power of Now in conjunction with Kundalini that I eventually reached an enlightened and self-realised state of being, which is different to the dim awareness found within the average population. Regardless of anyone’s religious or spiritual beliefs and spiritual path of learning most of the information from Kundalini and this blog is relevant to our human evolution and applies to most human beings irrespective of how someone may identify spiritually and it covers many useful and beneficial Universal teachings.

In recent years I’ve spent a lot of time concentrating and learning about karma and consciousness, particularly as it relates to the processes of spiritual awakening, evolution and psycho-spiritual understandings of health. Some of the divine astral planes consider me to be a famous mystic, owning to knowing and having explained to them that COVID-19 was a serious disease caused by different types of spiritual corruption, it especially seems to afflict: sexual predators, paedophiles and sex traffickers and results in considerable bloating of the head and face. Others seem to want to attribute or credit me with understanding how spirituality is entwined with the mind and the process of evolution, which was otherwise seen as a series of random coincidences based on survival of the fittest rather than intelligent genetic mutations or an interceding divine consciousness.

After the age of 18, my life became plagued with chronic health problems, the most serious of which included muscular dystrophy and paraplegia of my limbs and others included a considerably weakened skeleton as a result of malnourishment as a young child due to not drinking milk from a cow and infant school lunches that consisted of treacle sandwiches.

What is a mystic?

A mystic receives higher or divine knowledge derived through spiritual intuitions given or passed on from God and other divine beings. A lot of my understanding of the world comes from spirituality and a yet, little-understood evolutionary process known as Kundalini Awakening which eventually culminated in a religious process called Ascension. This opened up a whole new level of understanding and knowledge about our evolution including the purpose behind human suffering, disease and karma which all shape human evolutionary development. One of my most fundamental findings is that disease is deliberately given to people to shape their choices and behaviours, especially when someone does something harmful to another or commits spiritual transgressions during one’s own life.

It was during the conclusion of my spiritual awakening that I finally encountered one of our Gods, soon after I was given a special mystic archetype in 2017 and higher knowledge and information from various people or beings in spirit started to come to me, some of it was in the form of vivid dreams, visions, intuitions and sometimes included prophecy and predictive events. I do my best to communicate what information is given to me from divinity to bring higher knowledge that is relevant to humanity’s spiritual development and spiritual evolution into everyday awareness, predominantly through my article writing and most important at this time has been spiritual corruption.

Examples included being told there is oil in the Arctic region waiting to be discovered and this would be important to prolonging our petroleum-based energy paradigm and that the electric car is something that really is not a great invention, they also complained that charcoal was never supposed to be invention because we wrongly cut down so much forest to create it, despite there being plentiful coal in the ground. Some of my most recent information was information about the nature of coronavirus being connected to different instances of spiritual corruption, some of the most common ones, for example, seem to include: immorally threatening or intimidating behaviour, sexually seducing someone in the mind, usually whilst linking to others’ root chakra energy, and partaking of sexual perversions such as homosexuality being the most common, such viruses are just some of the effects and consequences of excessive over-reactive anger, reactive-hostile thoughts or intentions, unwarranted violence and insecurity causing many sorts of coronavirus, which as one learns spiritual lessons, are avoided and one realises viruses don’t actually transmit through the air and our scientists were dead wrong about this.

Higher Worlds

I’ve been able to explore some aspects of higher worlds myself, along the way this meant learning that there are multiple Earth worlds and realities, even our own has been split off into different historical timelines, many are similar to our own but there are many that are also different. Our world was shaped by the industrial revolution and two world wars, the enlightenment of figures like Leonardo Da Vinci and his offering of sacred geometry and technological inventions such as the transistor.

Different realities are veiled and separated by dimensions of mind and consciousness, which are intended to allow for different levels of evolved humans to simultaneously exist apart to allow further spiritual development to take place and to maintain a particular quality of living for the souls taking part in it. Some of these higher worlds allow for humanity and culture to be shaped or arranged differently and for a higher quality of human co-creation and human experience between man and the divine spirit. We’re here to learn about biodiversity, such as the nature of good and evil and the relationships between predator and prey whilst experiencing degrees of challenge and hardship enabling us to evolve to a point where ascension can occur. Certain aspects of one’s life are deliberately manifested similar to the matrix movies to go through a particular challenge, some are negative learning lessons and some are fun and positive experiences.

I often write about the ascension process, something that seems to be accelerated through healing the ego, purifying oneself and removing sources of evil, corruption and controlling lower human impulses whilst working to achieve the goal of becoming the best possible version of oneself. This undertaking is part of a transition into an enlightened age of understanding. I rarely post channelling, but I know some of my thoughts are written for me to hear. I don’t risk the long and useless messages that are often attributed to and associated with schizophrenia, for this very reason, however, I often like to quote snippets from intuitive conversations I hear in my mind combined with my wisdom and interpretations on these topics, much of which is based on direct experiences of going through Kundalini.

Psycho-Spiritual Health

I experienced many health problems along the way during my awakening including spiritual crisis, mystical states and bipolar disorder and this eventually motivated me to set up a separate blog as a space to write and share articles about psycho-spiritual health topics, this information is particularly beneficial for anyone going through a spiritual awakening such as Kundalini or someone who might be suffering from health problems connected to or derived from the inner spiritual dimensions and aspects of the self. At one point I had also been authoring a book on bipolar disorder, which I would have hoped to complete someday. I also briefly volunteered as a responder for the Spiritual Crisis Network between 2018 and 2020.

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