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Collective writings on spirituality, ascension and evolution.


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David George was born at Nottingham City Hospital, on 24th September 1986, he is a British Mystic, something that was appointed to him during a mystical experience at the end of 2017, he still lives in the city to this day.


He went to Saint Alban’s infants, Roundwood juniors and Arnold Hill comprehensive and left school at 16 with a set of average GCSE grades. During this time he taught himself web design skills despite his parents saying a career in web design was likely a bad idea, due to the Internet crash in the 90s. He went on to study a diploma in multimedia with the South Nottingham College and then later a foundation degree in digital media with New College Nottingham.

Career History

In 2004 at 17 he briefly worked part-time for WH Smith before leaving and taking another part-time job with Sainsbury’s where he worked until 2009. He had a short career working in web development and Internet marketing between the years of 2010 and 2014 working for three separate companies in Nottinghamshire before becoming a self-employed freelancer doing the same for other small and medium businesses, this continued up until late 2018 before closing the business and moving into a new area of expertise. After he began providing help in the field of spiritual crisis, spirituality and psychospiritual health, his mysticism would focus on healing, evolution and ascension teachings.

The years between 2014 and 2017 were filled with difficult spiritual emergencies and he later took a volunteering role with the Spiritual Crisis Network responding to others going through personal spiritual crises. Through studying and practising tantra he was able to reveal that much of our diseases have underlying spiritual causes such as acts of sin and transgression, some of which are also responsible for many mental health problems.

Spiritual Awakening

Between the years 2009 and 2017, he went through a profound spiritual awakening known as Kundalini, which drastically changed the way in which he viewed the world. He took a keen interest in the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle and later a brief interest in the mystic Rudolf Steiner. Through a practice of meditation, yoga and surrender and working with Kundalini energy he was later able to become an enlightened and self-realised being. After suffering from problems including chronic anxiety, bipolar mania and depressions and schizophrenia; but realised each could be overcome in turn by understanding what their purpose was and realising they were not really biological problems but were derived from unresolved spiritual problems involving the mind, energy and chakras. For example, the hallucinations experienced by John Nash of the young girl as depicted in the movie A Beautiful Mind was intended to help him learn about love.


He became a Christian in the early part of 2017 and by the end of 2017 whilst in meditation(s) he had a series of mystical visions, the first showed himself walking down a long stone corridor with another person who was discussing what was about to transpire, this corridor joined onto a large hall where he was instructed to sit on a nearby wooden bench until called up, upon being called up he witnessed a paper document being signed that would cement him becoming a mystic officially, immediately after signing the document he awoke. During the second vision, a holy spirit entity revealed what European Christians’ would be doing in the future, the vision showed himself in third-person walking through an outdoor cloister and then peering around a door into a large internal room with a stained glass pillar at the end, within the room where young men and women on either side of the room changing yoga positions in quiet unison, yoga being something traditionally associated with India was also something meant to be used within Christian spirituality.

At the beginning of 2020, a dark shadowy being appeared next to his bedside whilst awaking and said to him “coronavirus only loves certain people”, this odd cryptic message was used to investigate how the topic of good and evil pertained to health and viral immunity. The most astonishing conclusion would be that viruses are not actually transmitted through saliva, mucus or water droplets as thought, but are instead directly manifested into the human body by various spiritual entities responsible for governing over human karma. One of the later visions he had appeared to show another earth world during both ancient and modern times witnessed from a birds-eye view, this also included what seemed to be an updated and modified version of the continents of our own world, representing a potential spiritual successor and the next stage of our own world if humanity is able to overcome various spiritual problems such as lust for power, addictions and sexual perversions, something he was able to identify and overcome himself through completing Kundalini and obtaining spiritual knowledge.


At the end of 2017, he started a new blog called Psychospiritual Support where he would write articles about Kundalini, spiritual healing and advice for overcoming trauma from spiritual causes, whilst continuing to write part-time for Systems of Spirit alongside another already started projecting, authoring a book about the spiritual causes of bipolar, but yet to be completed.

At the end of 2019, the coronavirus pandemic had already begun and by the middle of the Summer in 2020 he had concluded and been able to identify that coronaviruses were being caused by spiritual corruption, something closely aligned with ethics and morality. This was possible through close study, analysis and observations of virus victims as well as self-observation. He cites one of the most common causes appeared to be “seducing another person from the mind and the root chakra” as well as being over-reactive, overly aggressive or showing violent thoughts or impulses, but he would later conclude that some of the worst issues seemed to revolve around the topics of sexual predatory attitudes, sex trafficking and sexual perversions. He reasoned this would be difficult to pass on due to the risk of it being disbelieved or perceived as problematic “coronavirus misinformation” as well as possessing a strong aversion to media and shyness and fear of public speaking.