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Collective writings on spirituality, ascension and evolution.


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Psychospiritual Health Authoring

I’m currently authoring a psychospiritual health book that looks at the mental health condition labelled as Bipolar disorder and I focus on what I believe to be some of the main causes and I address the areas including causes of mania, depression and spiritual-psychosis. I believe that that it is connected to Kundalini and the phenomena that are being experienced by ever-increasing numbers of people as a spiritual awakening. I believe through acknowledgement of an inner being and consciousness that exists beyond the physical brain it is possible to better help people experiencing mental health problems and psychological distress. I hope this book will broaden the understanding of psychospiritual health and provide at least some anecdotal evidence of the links between spirituality and the spiritual dimensions of psychospiritual health by providing some of the main theory puzzle pieces that in time I believe can be empirically studied and scientifically validated and explored using existing research methods, observation and statistical analysis by any group of people with the desire, funding and resources to do so.

I hope to have this drafted for review by the Summer of 2020 with early chapter samples available before then. I’m currently considering my options for an appropriate publishing house that can offer me a suitable deal. If you are a publisher interested in working with me please contact me to register your interest. I am seeking someone who can provide an international outreach to English speaking and commonwealth countries including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and possibly Australia and New Zealand.

My main interest at the moment is in spiritual teaching and in the future, I expect to produce more material regarding Kundalini and Ascension.